American Idol’s Jena Irene Says She ‘Just Knew’ Caleb Would Win

Jena Irene Shines in 'American Idol' Final Performance

American Idol 2014 runner-up Jena Irene says the season 13 finale is bittersweet, but not because she didn’t win. Although she is relieved the stress of the competition is over, she’s actually going to really miss all the great experiences and opportunities it gave her now that it is over.

In a post-American Idol finale press conference, Jena said the show being at an end is “a bittersweet moment, just because this show was amazing… I got to perform with my idols and do a duet with Caleb, which was awesome. I mean the fact that that all just happened and it’s over now. Right now I’m relieved, but I can tell you that tomorrow, I will miss it. Yeah.”

American Idol Winner Jena Irene Caleb Johnson

Jena said being put through by the American Idol judges as a wild card was “awesome,” and a big thanks goes to the fans. “Thank you to all the voters who voted for me… To come this far and to be so young, I’m so grateful. So thank you to everyone who voted and has been supporting me.”

As for coming in second, Jena said she “knew it” was going to happen. “I knew it. I did. I knew it in the bottom of my heart. I just knew he was going to win because he deserves it. He takes risks and I try to live up to that. And I’m really excited to see what comes next for me.”




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  1. Jena, write a song comparable to “CREEP”! Always go to the piano as your preferred choice-then the microphone only. Time to take a breath before the chaos starts all over again. Good Luck!

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