American Idol Judge Jennifer Lopez Dead? Just Another Death Hoax

Jennifer Lopez Victim of Death Hoax

We obviously keep a sharp eye out for any headlines or social media posts related to American Idol. So when we saw a screaming Twitter hashtag trending that Jennifer Lopez died, we had a momentary freak out. Before thinking, oh wait, that’s probably one of those fake death hoaxes.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what it turned out to be. There is no #RIPJenniferLopez going on, so if you happen to see it going around, it’s not real. The actress, singer, and American Idol 2014 judge is just fine and was actually just handed a very nice Vanguard Award at the GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday night.


Celebrity death hoaxes are a dime a dozen and we see one just about every week. Still, plenty of folks keep getting sucked into them. So just remember the next time you see a #RIP tag with a celebrity name attached on Twitter, or someone crying on Twitter over Justin Bieber or Zyn Malik getting killed, check with with a legit news service before lighting a candle.