American Idol 2014 Rankings: Top 8 II Week In Review

We’re down to just seven finalists left on American Idol 2014. It’s been a very entertaining ride since January as we’ve watched this artists grow, develop, and refine their performances. But as in most things, some seem to have taken charge of that change more strongly than others and it reflects in our weekly polls.

Caleb Johnson on American Idol 2014
Caleb Johnson on American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX

Now with so few Idol Hopefuls left the show has shifted to offering up just the Bottom 2 on the American Idol results shows. That’s how you really know we’re getting close to the end with the May season finale. We will change up our rankings review too and see who earned a spot in the Top 5 and Bottom 2 with your votes in our weekly poll.

Leading the top is no big surprise after last week’s killer show closing performance. Caleb Johnson tore it up with 32% of the poll’s votes. One singer taking home nearly a third of all the votes is an impressive feat. He’s got an incredible shot at pulling off the big win this year.

Don’t get too far ahead of yourself though, Caleb. There are several other Hopefuls not far behind. Sam Woolf had a big recovery on the show after his Save as well as in our poll. He came in second place last week with 17%.

Next up we’ve got a tie at 11% with Alex Preston and… the singer who was eliminated: Malaya Watson. It seems we had another ballot box stuffing group again this season for Malaya. She was doing well here on the site, but it didn’t translate for those doing the official voting.

Jena Irene came in fourth in your votes at 9% and Jessica Meuse kept her ground at 7%. Jena has had her ups and downs here in our polls as she’s done on the big stage. She’s got potential, but needs to crank it up this week. Jessica is a longshot to win this, but she’s still got some stragglers behind her as an elimination buffer.

Filling out our Bottom 2 from last week’s voting our poll here on the site are Dexter Roberts at 5% and CJ Harris at 4%. Both have struggled in our polls but have managed to stay in the race. Every week I feel like I’m saying this is likely CJ’s time to go, so I’ll skip that this time. Someone will have to go and I’d expect it to be one of these two if they don’t have a big, big night on Wednesday.

How would you rank the remaining Top 7 on American Idol 2014? Share your thoughts with us!




  1. I rank them according to what I perceive as their post Idol marketability. So, IMO Jessica, and Dexter as performers [not necessarily stars] and Sam and Alex as being involved in music behind the scenes. The rest; no future worth mentioning in the industry.

    • ummm Caleb! Caleb will be successful! Jena totally has the sound everyone is into

      • And your so mean, what did poor Jena or Caleb even do to you you can’t just say that, I won’t stand for it. I actually like them all, some have their strong points as well as weak ones. I know it’s just your opinion but my god…

      • You honestly think I care what you think? I could care less… Can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

      • Read the last sentence of the article. it asks for our opinions. Just because someone’s ideas don’t match yours doesn’t give you the right to silence them.

      • Whatever I can’t help to tell off people who are completely wrong. Even if it is your opinion. I guess if you were a little nicer to the contestants, maybe I would of been a little nicer and probably would of backed off. But you know what you piss me off, people like you don’t know what anyone is capable of so I suggest you shut your trap. Why can’t you just say the rest I don’t feel will market well in the industry? Why you gotta make it look like their terrible people? Think about that tonight.

  2. Most marketable post AI:
    1.) Jena
    2.) Sam
    3.) Alex
    6.) Dexter
    7.) CJ

  3. I believe caleb and sam will make it to the top 3 with jena following behind

    • I would love for Jena to make the top 3, or even the top 2 for that matter, it could be anyone’s spot at this point.

  4. I think Caleb is going to be very much like another Adam Lambert. It’s entirely possible that may be the case with Jena as well; although, i think if Jena keeps going the way she is – she has a great chance to take home the title. Personally, there’s something disingenuous about her that I do not like at all. I liked her at first but then something happened and around week 3 I couldn’t stand her all of a sudden. It was the way she responded to judges and stuff (I think). Anyway, I think Caleb, Jena and Jessica will be the top 3 and Jena will probably take the win.

    • my opinion, for what it’s worth…top 3 – caleb, jena, and Jessica. dexter is a solid fourth. sam and alex do nothing for me, and I still can’t figure out why cj is still there.

    • Please! Adam Labert has talent and was a showman. Caleb is not even close to Adam lol

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