American Idol Judge Steven Tyler Injured

Steven TylerAmerican Idol judge Steven Tyler was injured Tuesday in Paraguay when he took a nasty tumble in the shower.

Tyler sustained injuries to his face and teeth requiring four hours of medical attention (surgery) to fix facial cuts and two teeth knocked out (ouch!).

Aerosmith was forced to reschedule an event for the next night so things don’t seem to be too bad for Tyler. I wouldn’t worry about any impact on the upcoming American Idol 2012 season other than maybe a funny smile.

Source: MTV News




      • Or maybe some Paraguayan father of a young lady took him out after he made eyes at the underage girl.

      • with tyler anything is possible. like my true love, keith richards, tyler is lucky to still be alive!

    • Give him a break! He has been to rehab and is working VERY HARD not to relapse!! He has fallen before. The guy is 62, or 63 years old. People that age will fall unless they are very careful. I am just so thankful he is OK! Love you Steven! I have been a big fan for many years. I have even seen you in live concert at Little Rock, Arkansas! You were AWESOME. Please be careful and stay that way! Healthy!! God be with you Steven! Sherry K

      • @ pup.Because you don’t fall That is no reason to go right off the bat and say Steven was probably on dope! Damn, can’t you give him a break? Go to his web site and see what his true fans say about how hard he is trying to not relapse!! I try to give anyone I love the benefit of doubt. In other words just becausse you don’t fall pup that does not mean Steven was on drugs!! Love you Steven Tyler!!

      • Sherry, I hope you are right. Just doesn’t compute for me. Maybe TMZ can track down someone at the hospital or hotel and give us some substantiation, one way or the other.

  1. The caption under the photo of Tyler with his stitches/bruises and missing teeth should read “This Is Your Face On Drugs”. I will never understand why Idol signed him.

  2. i was saorry to hear an see the ijurey. i think he was the best of the best to join american idol. steven i hope you are doing are so funny an careing about the people who audition on the keep everyone on thier toes.

  3. Pup, I hope you are wrong and that it was indeed just an accident. Maybe you could get TMZ one of my favorate places to find the truth to get the truth! I am sorry to compute you! Sherry K

  4. Sorry about your injuries Steve, I hope you get better soon. Just a pity the murdered animals who’s skin Jennifer Lopez is wearing will never heal from their injuries, hey? I always used to adore her, until I found out the truth, cannot say how many people I know are extremely disappointed to the point that they and everybody we know will ever watch Idols again.

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