Steven Tyler Talks About His Injuries

Steven Tyler injuries

Steven Tyler took a nasty fall on Tuesday during his Aerosmith tour in South America, but he seems to be doing alright after performing the following night and even joining the Today Show via phone to do an interview about the injuries.

Tyler explained that it was definitely not a drug induced injury but rather a result of passing out following food poisoning. Steven Tyler returned to rehab in 2009, before his debut as an American Idol judge, but insists he has been sober since.

No matter how it happened, this looks really painful. Tyler lost two teeth, one of them being his front right tooth. He also received several stitches above his eye.

Watch the video below for pictures and discussion from Tyler and Matt Lauer:




  1. Looks like he is having a speedy recovery…..I wish him well and for his sake I hope it was food poisoning.

  2. Steven, You have fallen before! Please baby be more careful!! You could break your hip!! And if that happens you could be in a position that you might not be able to get around again. Dude like me you are not 20 years old dude!! God bless you Steven! I don’t want to hear that you have fallen again. That looks really painful!! Stay healthy. Love you! Sherry K

  3. I’d like to taken Tyler at his word, but the location of the injuries just seems so illogical–I mean, for his nose to be untouched and his eye blackened so badly doesn’t seem to compute. I could see his tooth being knocked out in a fall–as well as abrasions to the face, but a black eye doesn’t make a lot of sense to me–unless he fell against a door handle or something inside the shower itself.

    I certainly hope he heals quickly. He has a great attitude about it–and how he looks, that’s for sure. So while I don’t quite swallow the story still (did he mention if anyone else was sick?), I do wish him well.

    • Hi Pup! And Phyllis G. too! I certainly hope it wasn’t any drugs. Darn him. He is trying to kick the habit! And I sure hope he has. Like I told him though ~ When you get his age you can break a hip easy! He had better be careful. I like Steven Tyler! He is awesome in concert. Take care Pup. And Phyllis too. Oh by the way I have been able to hear all of James album now! Cool. Have either one of you seen Josh Krajcik? He is really good. And Melanie Amaro? On X/Factor. Both of these two are really good. And OOOH Astro better watch his mouth. He will not win! Phyllis who are you picking? We are so much alike in our music. I picked the two above! What do you thing? I will check back later to see what you say. Luv You!
      Sherry K 🙂 Oh Happy days. LOL. They are pretty good.

      • Sherry K. Hi. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I love Melanie and Josh too. Matt has an X-Factor blog. Its fun, if you get a chance go to it. Have a great week, talk to you later. Love Ya, Phyllis

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