American Idol Judges Don’t Pull Punches With Top 12 [VIDEO]


Last night, American Idol judges Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban seemed almost as frustrated as we were by the lackluster performances from the Top 12. We swear that we actually saw J-Lo wince several times when a contestant would hit an off-key note, and Harry looked like he just couldn’t even find the words to express his displeasure several times.

American Idol Judges

At this point in the competition, we should not be having half the singers off pitch or sounding like they are slightly tipsy in a karaoke bar. So we were glad to hear the American Idol 2014 judges getting down and dirty with their critiques last night and not pulling any punches.

Honestly, we think the American Idol judges could stand to get even more honest with the remaining finalists. Even the best singers on the show this season seem to be struggling and we need some truly wow moments to happen before the American Idol ratings sink past the point of no return.




  1. This is the judges fault. for kicking off 10 great singers before they even had a chance to perform.

    Jena & caleb in my opinion has no problems their perfect.

  2. Screw you harry! i like the competition i hate the judge panel bring back cowell for one more year! and then end it with the original judge panel.

  3. Does anyone else think the sound mix sounds wrong for the show this year? Something just doesn’t sound right.

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