American Idol Ratings: 2014 Season 13 Auditions Week 3

American Idol Season 13 pressed on with its final week of auditions, but was the talent enough to bring in the ratings?

Harry Connick Jr and CJ Jones

Wednesday night’s trip to Salt Lake City for the American Idol judges drew in 12.7 million viewers and won the night for FOX. Overall the episode was down 0.2 in its adults ratings with 3.8 versus the previous week’s 4.0. Not bad overall really especially considering FOX won the night with American Idol drawing in a large crowd.

Thursday night was the bigger challenge as FOX and Idol faced off against CBS’s lineup. Back for regular season new episodes on CBS we were anticipating an impact. Well, it wasn’t too bad.

Idol pulled in 11.2 million viewers last night which isn’t bad but the show definitely did not win its timeslot. CBS whomped FOX with 18.8 million watching Big Bang (seriously?) and even losing out to The Millers with 11.7 million.

The show drew a 3.1 rating for adults versus last Thursday’s 3.4 rating. So there was a little bit of a drop off, but not terrible. Now that we’re past the auditions and on to the Hollywood Week action I’m anxious to see if more folks starting showing up!

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  1. I miss Randy Jackson (one of the original three). He has the experience and humor that is just right .Harry tries too hard to be humorous. As he himself often says ” you need too sing naturally” and not force it or sing like your favorite artist.

    • Anybody who misses Randy Jackson -you’re in it to win it–its dope–I luv y babe clichés needs help. Only benefit would be to replace him as mentor/advisor-which he is doing a terrible job at.

  2. The declining rating doesn’t surprise me. I watch strictly because I enjoy the judges. If you compare the contestant to those on the Voice, there is not comparison. They need Jimmy Lovine back to mentor!

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