American Idol Ratings: 2014 Season XIII Episode 4

American Idol XIII in Atlanta

Turns out a shorter night of American Idol XIII auditions didn’t give FOX what it needed to lift ratings. Instead the series dropped 1.1 million viewers from the night before to 12.1 million viewers and was down 13% in its ratings from last Thursday.

While Idol ratings were down the show did still manage to win the night for FOX, but that could change. Currently CBS is running repeats of Big Bang Theory and just barely losing to Idol in the share (overall managed to beat Idol in total viewers), so when BBT is back with new shows it doesn’t bode well.

What do you think American Idol and FOX need to do to boost ratings? The new season is so much better than last year and they’ve showcased some really great talent instead of wasting our time on the bogus auditions so what gives? We hope FOX figures it out soon and gets the audience back in front of American Idol!

Source: TV By The Numbers




  1. No bad auditions.. That’s the probem!! Seriously , it sounds crazy, but that’s what the majority tuned in for… Now all they show is the decent to good singers, and 80% if them go through to Hollywood

  2. I agree with Lisa A. The main reason why the ratings are falling is because of boring auditions. I know that’s the main reason I watch American Idol. Please bring back the funny auditions.
    Thank you.

    • Americans like to accept mediocrity and enjoy seeing judges belittle talentless delusional people. Of course they also like seeing people they think have it made cut down to size as well not really caring how hard someone works to get where they are.

  3. I gave up on AI till this year. I love all the judges! Nicky Minaj ruined the show for me but I’m back and really enjoying it.

  4. I noticed that they’ve been playing my favorite group “BASTILLE’s new song Pompeii during the episode. I wanted the X Factor’s Restless Road to perform this song (didn’t happen). I don’t know if a single person could perform this well. Maybe Randy Jackson will better know if applicable for AI.
    Note; Sat., Jan.25 (tonight) SNL (NBC) will be introducing Bastille.

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