American Idol Will Be Revamped

To no one’s surprise, American Idol 2013 might look a little different than American Idol 2012.

CKx, the company that owns the rights to American Idol, plans to retool the show. But only after the company itself gets its own retooling. The company will be reamed Core Media Group, according to The New York Times. The company has many plans in store for itself and one of them includes some changes at American Idol.

There aren’t any specific changes mentioned just yet. It’s too soon for that. But the company has recognized Idol’s dropping ratings and plans to do what they can to reverse that. And the company president Marc Graboff still has high hopes for its most prized possession.

“ ‘Idol’ is still the gold standard,” Graboff said. “It’s very viable, but it definitely needs to be refreshed and it will be.”

The only thing Graboff is immediately mentioning is a look at the voting system. He talks about the WGWG (White Guys With Guitars) phenomenon and says that the way the winners are decided might need to be looked at. Could this mean the judges will have more a say in who stays and who goes like other singing shows? Or could we see a male and a female winner like So You Think You Can Dance is planning for this season?

What kind of changes would you like to see made at American Idol?




  1. Limiting the voting to, say, 10 per device should be first priority.
    Get rid of any song that’s been performed 3 or more times in past seasons.
    Clean house at the judges’ desk.  Steven can stay, replace JLo with someone like Cher or Shania and replace Randy with Harry Connick Jr. or Richie Sambora.

    • I was disappointed with Steven this year.  He seemed bored or tired on alot of the live shows.  He was still great with the auditions though.  In fact all 3 were good during the auditions – but I think they got too caught up trying the sway the audience/viewers during the actual competitions. 
      They need musical personalities – key word:  personalities.  The judges are part of the entertainment factor of the show, but not to the extent of taking the spotlight from the contestants.  Cher might cast too large a light.   And, PLEASE!! – No Divas (like xtina on The Voice – she was truly annoying again during 2nd season.)

    • I agree with Templar 100%! I’m a grown woman with responsibilities and simply do not have the time to vote continuously for 2 hrs straight! I would feel like my vote counted if they limited the number of votes per person/device. Also, Randy Jackson is extremely annoying and narcissistic. Please get rid of him! Lol

    •  I’m in India, and last night Season 6 of Indian Idol premiered. It’s one
      of the top-rated shows, just like American Idol, and I would like to
      share what makes it such a relevant show after all these years:

      1. The judges care: They actually do. They give meaningful feedback, and
      even though right now they are acting crazy during the audition rounds,
      they were the same panel last season and really helped the kids, not
      taking sides. Ahem, JLo.

      2. The auditions are very good: Yes, we too have our share of crazy
      auditions, but Indian Idol does it different. May I share that American
      Idol started online auditions AFTER Indian Idol? But here’s what the do
      in India: some good contestants are shortlisted online, and a camera
      crew actually goes to their home to record them singing. But little do
      the contestants know that one of the judges has come too! After they
      sing for the camera, the judge enters the room, usually applauding,
      having been listening to the contestant sing in another secret room. Of
      course, the contestant is surprised and usually cries, with the judge
      handing the contestant a golden ticket. Pretty cool!

      3. American Idol has taken elements from Indian Idol: Remember Kris
      Allen getting the “Winner’s Trophy”? They did that on Indian Idol from
      the beginning. Also, things like online auditions, contestant video
      diaries and even duets! All were on Indian Idol before American Idol.

      What I’m saying is that Indian Idol is still gripping and very
      entertaining, while American Idol is running out of steam. They don’t
      have a judges save (yet) and there’s always shock eliminations,
      celebrity appearances, and good ol’ theme weeks (70s, 80s, specific
      singers etc.)

      However, out of the past 5 winners, 4 have been guys. Hmmm….

      •  It is so interesting how everyone else in the world, including India, follows (has full knowledge of) American Idol and very few, if any, Americans (other than Indian-Americans, of course) have any idea that there even was an Indian Idol, or even that you had electricity! Sadly, 75% of Americans couldn’t India on a map. Unlike most of my fellow Americans, I can find India on a map, and I know that most of your country has electricity- and running water, too!

      • I totally agree with the 4 guys winning! they are only winning becuase girls ages 13+ have the right to vote, but they only vote on looks, and that’s probably why we have had so many guys win.

  2. would love to see the voting system revamped – one vote per device.  the show needs new, impartial judges, and i also think they should raise the age limit.  male and female winners wouldn’t be a bad idea either. and i’d love to see more challenging theme nights.  if you’re good enough “to sing the phone book”, then prove it by using various musical genres, from broadway to bubblegum.  very few can do it. those who can are stars and remain stars.  in the long run the show will give future talent exposure, which is what they need.  the talent is out there.  they just need a break.

    • I agree with “more challenging theme nights”. Although many say they hate having the old songs … I like the challange of it. On X-Factor, I belive they can sing just about any song they want, most of the time. And I suspect that is one of the very reasons X-factor is not as popular as AI.

      I think a total change of the Judges would not hurt one bit. But, keep Jimmey. As he is the only reason I tune into the result night show. And keep Ryan Seacrest … As I have seen NO ONE as good as him o anyof the American Idol spin off’s.

      •  I really think Randy’s time is up.  His “can sing the yellow pages” is getting really old.

      •  On X-Factor, the judges/coaches picked the songs and even had a major say in how they sang it- remember poor Drew being forced to sit by her coach Simon while she sang Billy Jean? Did not like it compared to Idol (loved Drew though).

    •  One vote per device is not enough because when the top 10 are announced I might want to vote for 9 of them and leave one out.  I think a maximum of 5 votes for one candidate would be better.

  3. I think that when they get down to the Top 12 then the judges  should decide who goes home. There are to many good singers getting  voted off by the fans that are only judging on looks and not talent the way it should be judged.

    • I’m not sure Jlo would vote to keep the best entertainer.  She’d blackball a Kelly Clarkson and keep a Justin Guarini.  So we’d definitely need to have ethical judges.

    • Kimspoiledbrat – I’m amazed that you think you know why people vote the way they do – “only judging on looks and not talent”.  The only person you know who votes as they do is YOU.

      • Not that awesome
        Given the degree of difficulty with the songs given to the Finalist. As Melinda Doolittle mentions on Idology…Phil> easy song. Jessica> difficult ones.
        With Phil singing, you were actually just looking at his face. I think even if he just burps on the mic…you’ve still thinks it’s “awesome” Lol

      • Phillip’s song was hard for him, and you guys seem to forget Jessica and the phone book, I guess we found out she can’t sing it… As Randy said a good singer can sing anything. Phillip can and put his own Phillip Pihillip’s signature style to it.

    •  The judges had full say of who left BEFORE the final 12.  If you are saying that the judges should decide who should go home AFTER the final 12 as well, then America will not ever vote- and they will not watch either. Show destroyed.  I guess there are a percentage of people who will not be happy until a white guy does not win.

    • I know right! it’s so annoying! The guys are only winning becuase girls ages 13+ (who have a facebook account) are only voting on looks not talent. I think jessica should’ve won this year instead of Phillip. Phillip didn’t have much vocal talent. He had the looks though. that’s why he won.

      • Disagree…..Philip was the one to beat..and he WON!! America (I) got it right….picked him when he auditioned….especially fort his originality. He is a true artist….one who can sing, play, arrange AND write.

    • The favortisim/unfair criticism shown by the judges would create a problem with the viewing public, as shown on many comments I have seen in the past regarding this.  i.e., Josh Standing Ovations consistently when not that good, Haley Reinhart getting slammed consistently, etc.  It should come down to 10 votes per phone number and that would still give many votes for them to brag about but also create a more fair voting system.  also get rid of the judges and start new, too bad Simon won’t be back.

  4. I am happy to hear that the show will be revamped.  It is becoming quite predictable when choosing winners and that leads to boredom and hence drop in ratings.  I really feel that judges should play a much more significant role in the voting system.  I like the present panel of judges, they provide a great mix of comments.  I will continue to watch the show but hopefully next season will be much more entertaining with the changes planned.

    • I loved the show this year just as it was.  Winner predictable ? – – – I didn’t think so.  I think they’ve got  it right.

  5. I think when it should be judges vote only.  Get rid of Randy.  He is so predictable. Saying the same things to each contestant. Tired of “Dog” calling “dude” even the females. This person is “in it to win it.” The same thing over and over. He has became very boring. Kind of know what he is going to say before he even says it.

  6. I dont think the judges should have any say in who stays or goes once the voting goes out to the American public.  It is the American public that will make these winners stars not the judges…..

    •  If that would have been the case Jessica would be #10 on the list not #2 like she received.  I like the one time save the judges have.  I do think the judges are too easy and too sensitive.  Our former judge was way too critical, though, so there should be a happy middle somewhere.

  7. You, Branden, should be banished to other beats where you won’t be able to  ram down the throats of your readers your biases towards a singing contestant you hate. When you learn how to call a spade a spade, only then may you return to writing ‘critiques’ about the contestants in AI. Otherwise you’d be better off writing about watching how a paint dries on a wall! 

    • You, Angelo, should go elsewhere if you are unhappy with Branden’s blog.  Is this site your only option?  Are you legally compelled to post here?  Begone, sour grape!

    • Wow..I believe when someone is writing a’s just that! It’s their opinion of what they saw and heard. Just because you and Branden apparently disagreed does not mean he should be banished.

      • I agree with that whole heartedly. The only problem I have is when he takes the unnecessary and mean spirited little jabs at certain contestants. How ever craftily they are worded it is still insulting and that should not be permitted. That is acceptable in the comments by the readers but not in the general article that heads up the post topic. The author is in a position of influence and it should be a completely professional critique IMO. Even a professional critique will reflect the author’s opinion.

        Just sayin….

    • Wow, why do you go to this site if you are so unhappy.  I am reading all sorts of biases regarding Jessica vs. P2 and I am a P2 fan.  If I do not like it, guess what…I don’t sign on.  Pretty simple, don’t you think. 

  8. “Idol is still the gold standard,” said Marc, comparing the show to competitors like The Voice and The X Factor. 

    -Well, not anymore, with what happened to Jessica. 

    • Jessica should have been gone when she was voted off.  Banish the “Save”.

      • I believe the Producers realized the show was dragging…..didn’t hear Ryan announcing the number of votes for several shows prior to that.  That possibly meant they were ashamed of the low number of votes.  So to peak the interest, they purposely put Jessica on the bottom, knowing the judges would save her.  And she should have been saved due to being possibly the best voice this year.   Did it work?  Sure did.

  9. i think American idol/staffs and producers are now paying for their own mistakes picking their own “good looking winners”..not the “real talent”…people nowadays are not dumb and tone deaf to see and hear the real “idol”.
    Anyway,whatever changes you may have but still,we will never change our minds and definitely looking for a “real singing contest”…and i think,”The Voice” and “X-Factor” are most worth to watch.

    • these hopefuls are guided by the producers and judges in the wrong shape by giving them songs that they personally want to hear..but not giving them a chance to pick their own genre and make it their own.

  10. One thing they could do is have the public vote to build the bottom three, then have the judges pick who to send home from those, something like they do on The Voice. If they take away the public say altogether, I could see it being catastrophic for a show that was built on these lines.

    They could also have a more varied judges’ panel and choose judges with various musical talents to represent a particular part of the industry. A voice coach, a general entertainer, a producer, and a celebrity judge would make up a balanced panel. Each judge could then comment based on their area of expertise. The contestants are at a level of talent where they deserve more constructive criticism.

    I also like the idea of not repeating songs after they are sung a certain number of times.

    It will be interesting to see what they do.

    • IMO they need to stick to three judges rather than four.  Four judges could create ties about who leaves.  Three judges removes that possibility.  Also, four judges take too much air time listening to their opinions.

  11. There definitely should be more than one winner. A winner should be decided by genre of music – say one winner for pop, one winner for country, one winner for rock, etc. etc. The elimination of some really talented kids is heartbreaking to watch. The show should focus on the talent found – not just one idol – that way it doesn’t become a popularity contest but a true hunt for America’s top talent!

  12. i didn’t watch the AI coronation night simply because  a winner has already been chosen, as shown through the body language of the judges during the performance night although the votes have yet to be cast and counted. Although Jessica was obviously the better and more seasoned singer at 16, the judges chose to ignore her and gave her rival a standing ovation however insignificant the song was. At that point, I lost my interest in watching the show but still voted for Jessica who I believe was not given a fair fighting chance. And the rest, as they say, is history.

    • I think the judges knew because they know the percentage of votes cast the previous weeks…they knew there was no way Jessica would win. You might be right about that.  However, Phillip’s song was not insignificant. I have yet to read an article where the author didn’t love it.

      • Maybe that’s because the only people who care to write about are the ones that like it. 

        I know plenty of people who don’t like it. Not to mention it’s so short and requires no vocal range at all. Phillip even said he didn’t put in the ohhhs and ahhhs and without those the song would only last 90 seconds. And by the way, Phillip doesn’t even like the song so what does that tell you. 

        So my point is the fact that he doesn’t put in the ooohs and ahhhs and so that means he was just faking it and mouthing it on the stage in the live performance or at the most lowered his volume while the back up singers filled in. That to me was unfair and not a true display of him performing the song.

        So anyway it’s over and done and I’ve moved on but please don’t make it out to be this stellar performance that it was not.

      • It has already been determined by the producers that Phillip must win and judges are their puppets.

    • The judges should never have saved her in the first place.  The save should be eliminated.  Besides, the national exposure of just being top 10 on Idol has given many singers a career boost.  Ask Adam Lambert.  Winning isn’t everything.

      • Torrence, Phillips should not even have been given the chance to get qualified in the Idol. See, now AI realizes what travesty Idol has done for the millions who know what Music is all about.

      • Carlos, your post makes no sense to me.   Phillip had as much right to qualify as anyone.  The only travesty is the voting system.   And, what music is all about is in the ear of the listener.   There is a wonderful Hmong restaurant near my home.  The food is delicious, but the oriental music that plays constantly is extremely irritating to me.   So, we get take-out.  Don’t set yourself up as the arbiter of musical refinement.   I don’t “get” Bon Iver, who [Justin vernon] lives in my town, but millions love their music.

    •  I t does seem like the judges meet to decide who will go that nite and cut that singer down regardless of how he/she does.  I did think they were promoting Jessica a lot over Phillip.  Fortunately, for me, the American voters over rode their opinions.

      • I agree David, up till the last night I thought the judges were always overly biased toward Jessica.  In fact to me it was quite a shock on the final when they were praising Phillip and being a bit more negative towards jessica.  have to admit it crossed my mind that they knew Phillip was the frontrunner with the public votes.  I still believe that ultimately the judges favoured jessica as a winner.  I don’t think the judges should ever get to choose the winner.  It should be the music paying public who decide and thats why the voting needs to be limited to 10 (or less)  per device as an earlier post suggested. Also if it was a judges pick Deandre would have most likely been in the finals ……. Quite frankly I don’t always think the judges are the best people to decide, some of their comments/feed back to some contestants leaves me absolutely baffled.      

  13. Change the voting system, 1 per device.  Change ALL of the judges and do not allow the new judges to perform on stage or use AI as a platform to promote their upcoming tours, music videos, etc.  Raise the age limit and getrid of the  save.

    • Jimmy can’t be a judge as he heads up the record company that gives them a contract.  Ethics violation.

  14. I think they need new judges.  I think limiting the number of votes would be a good idea also. However, I do not want the judges to have any say in who stays or who goes. It wouldn’t be American Idol any longer if it wasn’t up to the people who wins.

    • I agree the judges shouldn’t decide or have any say in who wins.  And it goes without saying the number one priority is to lower the voting per device.

  15. If it were up to me…I would like to see the judges absolutely have more say in the outcome.because of they would of,I can almost guarantee that the outcomes of the last several years would be different. Personally I’m tired of the same kind of “singer boy” winnning every single year… clean it up I would change the voting,replace j-lo(although in all fairness I know she’s leaving anyhow and I do like her)….but most of all is like to start seeing more newer and hip songs for the idol younger crowd especially….. For me I got tired of listening to 30-40 year old songs over and over ALL year long. Come on IDOL! Even at the finale the majority of the music guests were all old time singers that the majority of the viewers don’t even know who they are…its one thing to be fair to all genres its another to be outdated. Something to consider. Anyhow.It’s just my opinion. Top priority though Should be keeping Steven.

    • I think coming up with newer and more hip songs is tough. Half of the artists today can’t sing without the help of a synthesizer and most of the songs suck.  No to the judges having more say. The whole premise of the show is that the viewers pick the winner.

      • I agree with you about the music today.   Many of the better songwriters have migrated to Nashville because songs that tell stories are still selling there.  Top 40 today is musical kleenex.  I still love R&B and soul, but rely on country music to make me think and feel because it’s still real.

      • @Templar, yeah, every now and then someone like Adele will come along to shake things up with the new crowd but they’re few and far between! I love Maroon5’s music but I also love a lot of country artists. I’m actually going to see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney at the Brothers under the Sun tour.

  16. 1. Freshen the show format. It has become predictable and boring. The format has been talk, sing, judge; talk, sing, judge. Do some surprises every now and then. Always keep the format fresh. The show needs better production. Humor and fun in presenting the show will also help. When a judge uses a buzz word like “dawg” or “goosies”, run away with those words and do something fun with it like you did with the “phone book”.
    2. Make the pay for the top 10 a little more interesting before they even go on tour–the longer a contestant stay, the higher pay they get. You may even use that as part of the show, similar to other competition shows offering money for prizes.
    3. The judges don’t have to be stars but people who really know talent when they see or hear one. The judges need to be impartial and should be capable of giving good advice on how to improve the contestant’s performance. Just saying “wrong choice of song” or “best performance ever” don’t help. Saying “pitchy” is ok because that is a problem that needs to be improved. Frankly, in this area I think Jennifer Lopez does a good job of saying where the problem lies in a very positive way. Steven needs to be more critical and analytical in this area. Randy needs to be more articulate. If he wants to be cool, he still can use cool words but he should freshen them up not “in it to win it” (all the time, like duh, no one is there to lose it).
    4. Limit the voting system to so many votes per device. If there are 10 contestants, 10 votes; 9 contestants, 9 votes and so on until the finals where you can have two per device.
    5. It will not harm if the female and male contestants will have their own winner. The female vocal ranges are classified differently from the male vocal ranges. So, they are not really comparable.
    6. Changes should not just be copies of other shows. Any improvements or ideas should be originals. Otherwise, they will still end up being boring.
    7. Don’t ever change Ryan Seacrest because his face has become synonymous with AI.

  17. If they are going to retain the name “American Idol” they definitely don’t need to lend anymore power to the judges than they already possess.

    The voting needs to be done on a scale IMO. We should be able to go online or call in and grade each performance based on technicalities, delivery and stage presence. A simple 1 – 5 grade would be an easy way to do it.

    A whole new judging panel would also be a great way to freshen up things. Plus entry level judges would surely not need to be paid as much and would save the company money in an ever growing market where the competition is as fierce as it has ever been.

    They could also eliminate the idea that there has to be an equal number of female and male singers. They should just pick the best vocalists regardless of gender IMO. They should also eliminate the instruments. That would enable the viewers to focus on the voice and delivery of the song. 

    When they started allowing the contestants to use instruments is when the WGWG phenomena started. I have actually read comments that a certain contestant deserved to win because they could play certain musical instruments and the other contestant should not. It should be about singing and nothing else. Lose the instruments is my suggestion.

    The judges should be assigned contestants to mentor and be a part of creating the on stage production as well as song selection and arrangements. There would be shared blame if the performance went wrong and would lend more credibility to the judges comments because their own neck would be on the line. If these judges do indeed know what they are doing and are worthy to judge these contestants this is where their expertise would show up. 

    But at the end of the day we will probably not get all that we want but I hope at least some of these suggestions will be implemented. 

  18. Get a Simon like British guy who will tear people to shreds.
    Put at least 1 bad (or nowhere near up to par) singer with the other singers and let him go fairly far before he gets voted off.  (this increases ratings, when Sanjaya was around people would tune in on voting nights just to see if he got kicked off or not.  People hated him but he boosted ratings)
    Don’t limit the voting system

  19. Each judeg should chose 1 singer that they think should be in the bottom three that week (3 contestants up for possible elimination) … Thos e three are the only three that America can vote for. So the judges, who should recognoze the talent, chose the botom three but America would ultimatly chose who THEY want to save ewach week. I have been hoping for this change since season 3 or 4 …. PLEASE AI listen to us

  20. Judge’s comments should not be heard by fellow judges.  One judge can influence another judge’s opinion.   In the case of Hollywood week where contestants are asked to find their own group, I think it should be done by the judges themselves to group the contestants.  Or remove the grouping altogether because one bossy contestant will try manipulate another’s performance by putting the spotlight on her/him and giving the other smaller part.  On the finale, I suggest the contestant/s should be given the same song. No judge should give a comment.  The public will hear their comment after the voting. 

  21. I have to agree, the judges save must go. The people vote & who ever is voted off should go. Its just not fair to any other contestant. I was a Skylar & Elise fan this season & a Haley & Stephano fan last season.Steven Tyler must stay, he is the reason I started watching American Idol again.

  22. 1. Change the name without “American” in it. Mexico is part of “America,” and so are Canada and other countries which belong to a continent whose name has America in it.  Change it to the Songbird of US or the US Guitarist or what have you.
    2. There should be some type of a JURY aside from the judges. And these must have a say in confirming or bypassing the “will” of the voting population. 
    3. Guitars should be banned. Let contestants just sing to highlight their voice. 
    4. There should be a “decibel” detector that can be seen by the public eye, a device that will tell the audience if the contestant is going sharp or flat or growling or lip-syncing. Phillips looked like he was only lip-syncing the OOO OO OO towards the end of Home.

    • Mexicans don’t refer to themselves as Americans.  Canadians don’t refer to themselves as Americans.   No one in the Americas calls themselves Americans except citizens of the United States of America.  
      You may be the sorest loser of them all.  Pick up your trophy on your way to somewhere else.

      • We are US citizens. Not “Americans”. America does definitely include all of North, Central and South America. If it’s “American Idol” then anyone in those three locations should be eligible to compete. 

        It should be “US Idol”. 

        Can you hear Ryan saying, “This….is US Idol!” LOL 

      • We are from the United States of American. All of us call ourselves American.  While yes, Mexico and Canada are part of North America, they do not call themselves American.  Just like people from Brazil call themselves Brazilian and not American.

    • Grow up Carlos. People in Mexico and Canada do NOT call themselves Americans.  I like the instrument thing in Idol. It’s called IDOL..not singer. Go watch the Voice if you’re just listening to the voice. Idol is about the WHOLE package.

      • Mexicans are ashamed to call themselves “Americans.” But almost one-third of present US territory was part of Mexico.  American is an infamous term as the US has so many enemies. “American”  is a derogatory term in Europe and other countries with a sense of culture. Get rid of “American” in the Idol as it makes the program look cheap, very cheap, and shallow as many US citizens are.

      • So many US-Americans like you Pally45 do not know history and geography, not to mention spelling. Shame, shame, shame. Go back to Grade School pal!

      • Carlos..I know my geography..and I know how to spell. If anything was misspelled, it was a typo not a spelling error. I realize that Mexico and Canada are part of North America. Do you know a single citizen of Canada or Mexico that call themselves Americans? Didn’t think so.

      • Poor, pathetic Carlos.  So hungry for attention and agitating on an entertainment web site is your only resource.  You are like a child who misbehaves because at least then your parents will have to acknowledge your existence.  Congratulations, you’ve made yourself just as obnoxious to us as you have to your family.   We regard you as an unfortunate nuisance.  

  23.  Get rid of the word “IDOL” since that is where the conflict starts. This will stop defining a singer and or  singers that looks good and or  singers/artists that has the WGWG composition, etc.  Therefore  focus more on the strength of their skill vocally and style regardless of how they look .

    Make it more interesting and focus on singers and songwriters that will truly
    become the future recording artists and performers.  Even better put more emphasis and importance to those who can perform their own compositions.

    Eliminate the song themes that limits the performers to a  genre that may not be suitable for the contestant’s style or vocal range.  Now they can concentrate  and showcase the genre that will eventually leads them to the type of music they will produce in the future.  This will eliminate the “Karaoeke” and or monotonous sounding music  that is so much present
    in the many seasons of AI.

    Finally no more “Yo” , “Goosies” , and “Beautiful” alowed to be said in any
    Idol competition evah.  And the first judge or coach that will say “In It
    To Win It” , will be hanged by the toe nails upside down until they promise
    not to say it again, seriously……………………….heh heh

    Just a few things………………………………………………….

    • You’re describing a lot of thing in The Voice. American Idol has always been the whole package.

      •  yeah, right pally45 that is why the show is winning a lot of viewers,
        yeah and that’s  why the producers are making big changes this season.
        They wanted to maintain this so called “whole package” right, I got ya.

      • Ed, almost any show will lose viewers after 11 years. People move on. I was a Grey’s Anatomy freak for the first few seasons and then I got bored and moved on. It happens. Idol is still the number 2 show, only behind Sunday night football.  Changes DO need to be made but not about the whole guitar, piano, drums..whatever  thing. I think changes should be made with the judges, change up the theme weeks, bring in some different songs, but the premise of the show should stay the same. 

      •  Hi Pally45,

        The format was ok then,  Idol did not have any competition and sits alone among copetitive shows.  Not anymore , there are a lot of singing competitions that rivals idol and , just my opinion, for pure entertainment, I prefer the other shows.

      • @Ed, I’ve watched The Voice a few times…it’s okay. I really don’t like looking at Christina’s boobs all the time. I love the other judges though. I don’t think their singers were all that great this year and the guy that one? Another screaming singer who always over-sang. JMO

      •  Hi Pally45,

        Check out out Duets.  It was on last night.  Kelly Clarkson is involved in the show.  It is very interesting.   Yeah you are right  about Christina and her “equipment” revelations, but just the same I like the way they look after and mentor  their chosen singers.  And not as much conflict and drama in sending them home.  Unlike idol, after choosing them and telling them they are the future American Idol, they will turn around and embarrass them after , instead of giving them the support.

        I know none of the shows will be perfect but Idol’s format need to change, from the panel of judges right down to the way it provides available music because the music they have provided in season 11 is very stale and downright boring.  I was bored this year, it was more fun
        reading and arguing here than watching.  LOL

      • Hey Ed..I actually thought this year’s group of singers was pretty good. However, I have to agree. Coming on here and arguing provided hours of entertainment! lol! I was going to watch Duets because I love Kelly but I’m not a big fan of Jennifer Nettles. 

      •   @Pally45  Yes I agree too, the talent was actually better this year but the song selection were not so good and no one took any big risks in selecting a real good song except for Elise and Philip.  I took more fridge break this year than any other year and it shows on me  🙁

      • They definitely need to do to something about making more songs available.  I hear ya..I was fast forwarding a lot.

  24. voting should stay the same, the problem is that people have a favorite but they are not willing to spend the time voting for that person, then they make excuses why their favorite went home. I would agree to a male and female AI winner.I heard a judge on X Factor once tell a contestant, that stardom was never just about singing but loveability. Very true, people buy music because they love it and have a connection with the singer.

    • I couldn’t disagree more strenuously.  The voting is Idol’s biggest problem.  People who can’t or won’t vote maniacally lose heart about the show when they know they have no influence.  Viewership drops, ratings decline.  Those people who vote thousands of times are not going to purchase thousands of Ford cars, CDs, or concert tickets.  So, there is no point in unlimited voting.

    • Voting should definitely be limited….just like dancing with the stars…so many per each phone. The judges should not have the final say…the people should.

    • I buy music because of the sound of music. Depressed and emotional people need special connection to the singer.

  25. A male and female winner would be nice and more say so from judges not only

  26. I would like to see the same America Voting, but I think the 2 with the lowest America voting should then be decided by the judges as who stays and who goes.. It is too much of a popularity contest as it is now.

  27. I’d like to see the number of votes per person/phone/internet, etc., limited to a specific amount.   These 100,000,000+ “votes” are ridiculous … many of which are cast by pre-teen and teen girls just because some guy performer is “cute” … bring this back to a talent contest, as opposed to a popularity contest.

    • Stop with the sour grapes. Ever heard of being a gracious loser? Everyone I know (that watches)  voted for Phillip and not a single one of them is a teen or pre-teen girl.

      • Pally45 you are hopelessly devoted to Phillips. I hope he feels the same for you. Don’t build yourself around volcanoes…volcanoes melt you down. I can sing Volcano much better than Phil and so do a billion other people on the face of the earth.  Your Idol’s voice box is nothing but AVERAGE, if not worse.

      • I am not hopelessly devoted to him. Gawd…such drama. You have to have the worst case of sour grapes I have ever seen.

  28. Let’s hope they change the rules too, on how many times you can vote. It will keep these little 13 year old girls from staying up all night voting for the cute boy. It’s getting a little out of hand. 

    • or ppl urgin all Mex & Pinoys to vote or admittedly voting 3000 times himself 
      It’s getting a little absurd

    • Yeah CJ, agree. The younger you are the better you are in calling or texting. Voting must be limited to those over 18 yrs old who have at least taken Music 101 & 102 courses one way or the other.

      • Now that’s ridiculous. Just give us a vocal expert to tell us and the contestant what was wrong with the performance. No need for everyone to go back to school in order to vote on the show.

      • @Tay  Please just ignore Carlos.  He is a relentless troll with no purpose in life other than stirring s**t.

  29. I think the number of votes per each phone line should be limited just it is online voting. I do NOT think the judges need more say..its American Idol, its what we the people want. I would definitely get rid of Randy and JLo…..they seem spent, especially Randy. Other than that, I think it is an awesome show.

  30. I forgot….do away with the “Save” if the country does not want them, then the judges should not save them. They are voted out for a reason….

  31. Limit voting. Maybe vote against instead of for someone until we get to the top 3. Just an idea. If we must have theme nights, make them “songs by one artists” and more songs by genre such as country, rock, 1960’s rock, etc… Have the judges actually judge the talent, not the audience and don’t allow them to put a personal spin on who their favorite is. I really missed the feeling of “getting to know” the contestants this year. Fewer guest stars and more about the contestants. Scrap mentors – they were irrelivant.

    • Voting against a singer won’t work.   The fanatics just figure out who is the biggest competition against their favorite and text like crazy to get them eliminated.

  32. Demographics of the voters? I say alot of tiny boppers who are not even musically talented are voting with their hearts instead of their ears!!!  Select a male and female catagory definately.

    • Yeah..well. Look it up. It’s 18-49 with the average age being in the 40s. There goes your theory, sport.

      • @pally, even if you were right about the demographics, if 1 or 2 teeny boppers cast their vote several million times, they will still outnumber you if u only vote 1 or twice per contestant. So, the demographics is not a good basis for who the majority of the voters are.

  33. It would be nice if there were a male and female idol. I know that some believe that the teenagers are the ones who put them in. I am 61 years old and those who are the winners I voted for. When I saw Scotty last year at the very beginning, I wanted him to win.  The problem this year was that their were so many good candidates that it was hard to decide. I liked Denise and the feisty country singer, but they were voted off. I voted Jessica off only because I did not like her final song. She was amasing. Maybe they could take the best body of work that has been given and make a show using that and then let use vote on that.

    I have only one problem with the voting this year and in past years, even in the beginning there are some nights that when you call in there is never an answer and the line is always busy. You can call anytime when it is like that even the next day and you still get the busy signal. Also, I wish they would take text messages from someone besides just AT&T. should take them from anyone. I just learned how to vote online this year. I don’t think that should be the only form though that will stop a lot of people from voting. 

    • To have more than one winner would dilute the honor and prestige of winning altogether. They should just simply not always choose the same number of each gender and let the best win without trying to manipulate the public or mess with the votes or pick their own winner. Which ever you choose to believe is going on. Cause it’s definitely not a straight forward and honest contest.

  34. I think you’re missing the boat. The reason people aren’t watching is because you showed kids vomiting over and over at the beginning. I was thinking about not watching any more. It was disgusting. Not fun to say the least. The right people have been winning. Scotty has done well and Phillip will do great as soon as he can get out there. Jessica didn’t win because she wasn’t the best. She has a good voice, but nobody is buying her stuff right now. She’s not sellable. Rather than have the judges vote, just stop the use of guitars. Phillip could have won without it. It’s not the guitar that gives him star quality. It’s that gift from God that he shines so brightly. Joshua may have done better if he didn’t scream so much.

  35. I think one phone should have a maximum of 5 votes for an idol candidate.  That will take the maximum number of 5 zillion to a more realistic 50 mil but will be more realistic.  I think the top 3 vote getters should be given some type of contract and some amount of money, or at least the top 2 finalists.

    • If we had voted like that Phillip would have still won, changing the vote won’t change the winner.

      • yeah right gail u have no idea if pp would have still won if the number of votes was limited,  no one knows unless it was actually used

  36. The voting definitely needs changing..The judges? How about Bonjovi and Alisha Keys … Tired of hearing how great Simon was ..Voting needs to be by America,but limited.Can’t always trust judges either.Sometimes I like to vote for more than one contestant but rarely more than two.Keep voting limit to 4 per device.Just my thoughts!!!

    • Jon Bon Jovi won’t do a west coast show that goes on for months.  He’s raising 4 kids on the east coast.  But, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora lives in Cal. and he’d be great.

    • also, don’t forget finding talent that is new and unique (even though there will only be ONE adam) and not cookie cutter.  we’re tired of looking at and hearing the same old same old

  37. Revamp the voting system to a format similar to the one used on DWTS – where the judges votes count and the public votes are limited to so many per media device.  I also hope the rumors are true that Jennifer Lopez will not be returning as a judge next season. Steven Tyler is great, the other two… not so much.

    • No to the judges having anything to do with the voting. Yes, to changing the amount of votes a person can submit.

  38. Change up the judges…Keep Ryan , coaching,  musical and stage support staff. You need music industry knowledgable  judges that are truly neutral, without such obvious personal prejudices and most importantly not so self promoting.  The judges and coaches all make their preferences clearly known.  I believe the WGWG scenario reflects the will of the TV viewers and voters when comparing contestant stage presence and musical ability and nothing more.   I’d personally like to see you allow more contestant orginal songs.

  39. It was obvious that the judges this year, especially Randy & Jennifer, were trying to hype up the show during the last several weeks.  Their enthusiasm was noticeably phony.  Steven was the best & should be kept.  And judges, quit pushing contestants so they think they have to scream a song instead of sing it.
     I also got really tired of listening to Jimmy’s comments – way overdone.  As to the voting, people should not be allowed to vote more than 3 times on any device.

  40. Changes for AI.
    1. New judges. No more clowns who are only there to help promote their floundering careers.
    2. New or limited themes. All rap.
    3. If this is not a singing competition, as some have stated, have them do stand up comedy or just play an instrument without lyrics.
    4. Lock Nigel up in a closet from Feb to June.
    5. Allow power voting. Great promo when they say after 132 billion votes….like they matter
    6. Have top ten be all WGWG.

      •  Ah come on peter….do you know what levity is? Maybe you should change your name, so peeps don’t get confused what you really are.

  41. Another suggestion that I missed in my earlier post, each week’s result show should show us a barometer on who’s hot and who’s not–based on the votes received for each contestant (limited voting system to be a true barometer). This will show the audience how their favorite contestant is trending.

  42. I agree the voting has to be changed. Unlike other shows the limit of voting is way to high on American Idol. Other shows ex: Dancing with the Stars only limits you to 10 votes total, The Voice limits you to only 10 votes per contestant.
    There systems are much fairer systems than American Idol.
    American Idol’s system lets you vote on line, text or ph calls up to 50 votes each time, per contestant. As you can see from the pass 3 years the young kids & young adults ( mostly girls) will vote up too the 150 times for the cutest guy, who wasn’t actually the most talented contestant. One even bragged on FB that she voted 200 times!!!! They have nothing to do but sit there and vote for a few hours, unlike your average 25 year old to 50+ year old home viewers.
    This is suppost to be a singing talent contest not a whose’s the cutest guy contest!!!
    Please correct this for the new season or you will loose many more viewers.

  43. I definitely believe that they voting should be revamped.  1 vote per however many contestants there are (this was you can vote for each constestant once or all your votes for one contestant.  But that is all you can vote.  Or vot who you want off.  Or for the bottom 3 then allow the judges to  let one go but allow them to sign for their life (kind of like SYTYCD).  Judges do need to be schooled on the judging.  I understand it can be difficult to tell someone they suck but to tell everyone I love your voice and they are in it to win it is getting old.  Everyone doesn’t do a great job everytime.  I like Jimmy & Ryan to stay.  I love the judges but think they need to be honest with themselves and with the contestants.  There needs to be some tweaking/changing done.  AI wa a leader inhe field for this and they need to continue to do so in order to remain on top.

  44. I don`t think you`ll ever be able to make everyone here happy. I really believe that Joshua should have won this year and Holly did`nt deserve to make the top 10 but between the two finalists that were chosen…..i`m happy that PP won because he had a style not just karaioke……I think that if Simon was still a judge she probably would`nt have made the top 10. Maybe she`ll get better maybe not…but who can say that she was better than Skylar??? I  don`t think so….maybe they should have a country idol , a pop idol , a soul idol. I don`t understand why everybody wants JLo gone……….Randy is looking a little faded, I agree. The day Ryan leaves the show will be over as far aas I`m concerned………..he really does hold the whole thing together.

    • Why do people like Ryan? I am not arguing with you and get the impression the vast majority of people agree with you. I’ve been overseas for many years and this is the first season I’ve watched Idol and been introduced to the famous Ryan Seacrest on my tube. To me he comes across as shallow, smarmy and a real brown noser. Also feel he would demand the same of his subordinates. I find the show would improve by simply not having to look or listen to him each week as I have no interest in anything that he says. Not here to convince you to think different but just wonder what the attraction that you and so many others on this board at least feel.

      • IMO Ryan has the smooth sophistication and gracious charm that sets the tone for a family show.  He’s polished and so suave he could tell you to go to H**l and make you look forward to the trip.  No one does it better.  Take a look at Carson Kressley, Nick Cannon etc.  Clumsy amateurs in comparison to Ryan.

      • I have to agree. The only other host I really care for is Tom Bergeron on Dancing With The Stars.

      • @Templar:  Actually Nick Cannon is my favorite, he is charming, cute and makes me laugh.

    • Although I do  not agree, I think your post is very nice.  I loved Hollie and thought she was amazing.  I will purchase her music.  I did not like Joshua, he was too gospel for me.  I am very happy that P2 won, I believe he is a true artist. I think Ryan is part of the show and it would die without him.  I believe the rating are down because Simon left.  I think all 3 judges should leave, they are very biased, and if they like someone or dislike someone we all know it.  I do believe the save  should go along with the judges.

  45. Limited the voting! Don’t have a girl and guy winner! Hell to the No on letting the judges have MORE say!!!! Take away the judges save! Don’t have 6 guys and 6 girls. It doesn’t have to be even! Get rid of Jlo! Cheryl Cole would be awesome!!!! But the main revamping should be limit the voting! Try THAT main thing and I believe you just might have s female winner!!!

  46. let this american Idol be a real singing competition…not literally whom the producers likes to win.  be clear with your criteria of contestants….if American IDOL is  really and solely for pure bloodied americans or is truly and actually open to americans by birth….and have equal chances of winning not by race nor culture regardless of pure Americans or americans by birth BUT should be based on merit..the best and the best!
    JLO and Steven can stay and let the viewing public limit their votes online to 10x and vote thru fone to 10x only.

    • Actually, I don’t think the producers wanted Phillip to win. Why do you think there was all the pimping of Joshua and Jessica?

  47. Jimmy IOVINE and Ryan Seacrest are truly good and honest to tell the real thing to each and every contestant.  keep them. and agian limit votes to 10x per device is a good one!

    • Boy, Jimmy really had you drinking the Kool-Aid didn’t he? Wow, you mean you actually don’t realize that he knew the results before he made his comments? Puhleese!

  48. My suggestions

    Limit the number of times a person can vote per device. The Voice you can only vote ten times for any contestant per device. On DWTS you can only vote for only the  number of contestants that are still competing. Like say if there is 10 contestants then you can only vote 10 times.

    Fire the judges and get a new judging panel. The current judges need to be replaced. They offer nothing in the way of constructive criticism.  They overpraise their favorites. Like the constant standing ovations for Joshua(which I think is fair to say that might have done Joshua in).

    Raise the age limit on both ends. Make the minimum age 18 with a requirement of at least having a high school education. Also make the max age limit to 35 at the very least. There are some people who just don’t discover their talents until later in life.

    Clear better songs.

    No themes that are just focused on one artist. Sorry I hate those themes. This past season the weeks I hated where the Whitney/Stevie Wonder theme and the Billy Joel theme weeks. In season 10 the weeks I hated where Elton John and Carole King, so don’t do weeks where you restrict the themes to one or two artists.

    Well that’s all I have for now.

    • I agree about the music.  I wouldn’t mind if the theme weeks were the Billboard to 100 from a given year.  The top 100 songs from, say, 1958 would offer plenty to pick from.  Or any other year they chose,  let them pick from that year’s top 100 songs.

      • My only concern with that idea is that a lot of music remembered over time was not necessarily popular at the time of its release. As an example 1969 the year of Woodstock and a group named Led Zepplin  who released Whole Lotta Love did not make the top 100. In fact the No.1 selling song that year was Sugar Sugar by the Archies. Guess quite a few good songs would be on the list but Pop Music sucking is not exactly a recent phenomenon and using that method would eliminate a lot if not most of the good music. I’m not a huge Zepplin fan but would take them over the Archies any day of the week.

      • Not being a LZ fan, I can do without Whole Lotta Love.  But, if memory serves, 1969 also had some songs that would better showcase a good voice.  How about some Blood Sweat & Tears [Spinning Wheel], 3 Dog Night [Easy To Be Hard], Neil Diamond [Sweet Caroline], Oliver [Good Morning Starshine]?   Any year would have an adequate selection.

      • Fan of Blood Sweat & Tears just not sure how well known they are with todays audience. I found listening to AI this season if there was one song a week I liked it was a pretty special week. Found the Voice better for music choices but they also have a lot of crap. Mind you if most of the songs sung were of interest to me, most of the audience would be thinking they are listening to original music every week so probably not a good idea. Think a lot of the problem is that they are pushing for too young a contestants. Sure they might have the talent, think we saw that with Jessica this season, but maybe they don’t get the close guidance like on the Voice so they end up making many poor song choices.

  49. 1…invite artists single or band that havent there before in the show,  there are millions out there to think about…2… the voting system must be taken into considerartion…..3…remove the judges save

  50. I think if audience decision is lessened and the decisions to entirely to the judges, the ratings will drop considerably more.

  51. Love Cher…but her age I wouldn’t worry about her having the “Diva” stigma!  Limit the number of votes…per device…that is a good idea.  I don’t think you need a male/female winner…and I do think the judges should have some say…sort of like DWTS.  I pulled for Jessica all season and I still think she should have one.  I honestly think a great deal rides on the last song…of which Philip’s seemed to have the upper hand.  And, let’s face it, more young girls watch than young men…so naturally, the WGWG has the upper edge.  I think a guest judge each week would be nice…and let them vote as well.  Whatever, I like the show…I like the fact that many of the contestants begin a fantastic career whether they win or not.

    • Yes, new judges !!  Randy hasn’t had an origional thought in years !!  I was surprised at Jlo, it was nice to see someone show a little emotion I could see she really cared.  I’d like them to get into the real show earlier, not so many auditions, although I get a kick out of the ones that think they have a great voice and sound like a squealing pig.  

  52. Changing the vote won’t help it’s not gonna make a difference. Talent is talent, it’s not just voice. I don’t think anyone under 18 should be allowed on the show, they tried too push Jesica on us because of her age and we didn’t buy into it. I stil believe Candice sang better and might have won if she were given a chance. I heard her and she can sing with out screaming. I love Steven, but Jlo has to go and if Randy stays, because what is American Idol without Randy? He needs to keep his favorite singer to himself.

    • Hi Gail,

      Talent is talent, agreed.  But if this is a singing competition and you say it is not just the voice, and most seem to think no WGWG either, what is left then???

      And Randy? Keep Randy?  the” in it to win it” Randy? the “you can sing the phone book” Randy? the Mr. YO man Randy, the one that said to almost all of them that they are winning this year’s Idol Randy? 

      Why not? at least we will have one person we can direct our frustration to each time things do not go our way. Sure make him the “patsy”.
      Then again why not just keep all of them, it is not the same if you don’t have “the yo, goosies and the beautiful” hey, that can be a good movie title.   Yeah, keep it the same this way season 12 surely will go down the drain faster . Just kidding Gail, I hope you are not serious about this.

      Just saying……………………………….

      • I don’t think most say no WGWG. Just not 5 in a row…LOL And at least let them be able to sing as well as play guitar. That’s not asking for too much is it.

        And Randy definitely needs to go. Afraid it aint gonna happen though since Ryan told him to get some new material for next year. And Steven probably isnt going because he was trying to talk JLo into staying for next year. So I guess it will just be JLo that is replaced.

        Jessica was the best of the two left. If the votes actually count I would agree that people didn’t buy into it. But first I have to buy into the vote thing.

        But the voting rules do need to be revamped and the votes have to actually count and not just the producer’s pick.

        Just sayin………….

      • I like Steven and Randy has been  there forever…. I do think they need a country singer as a judge. Also, in truth, Phillip, Deandre, Hollie and Joshua had the best vocals. I listen to the whole voice and not who can hit the high notes. I believe Johnny Keyser who has a new cd out btw (love it) should have not been sent home nor Candice Glover. They are both excellent singers and I believe Redd Grimm should have stayed as well as David Leathers Jr

  53. When AI took 100 people (I think it was that many) to Las Vegas, I saw this year’s winner. He had been with a rather klonky group of other contestants (I think that awful, bossy cowboy was in his group) and as a potential winner at that early moment, our winner certainly didn’t stand out. However, they all took to the swimming pool and they showed P2 with his hairy chest and big toothy smile and I said right then and there he was this year’s winner. And it happened. I was sure I was right because on the last four programs, there was P2 making his hairy chest visible. AND HE WON. But, hey, if they didn’t have some sexy guy on AI, the program wouldn’t exist. So, they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    The judges are all flakes. They think screeching (skinning a live cat sort of singing) is what it is all about. Jessica could sing but she didn’t win because she did too much screeching. And Joshua, not only was he a little fey, but he was the crowned prince of screechers. And  Jennifer said he was the best singer ever on AI. That’s because she’s Dean of  the School of Screech. Randy is a tired act and screeching to him is mother’s milk.  Steven looks and acts as though he is a electronic zombie.  So, get new judges but don’t touch the voting system. America for right or wrong wants to be the ultimate judge and that is what makes AI what it is. 

  54. Ok this is for Brandicole and Pally45

    I didn’t word that exactly right. Yes you are Americans and so am I but what I was saying is that the US is in America….thus US of A. 

    But Mexico, Canada and Chile are also in America. That’s all I’m saying. 

    Technically it should be US Idol unless you are going to include those other countries.

    • Taymaro don’t stoop to their level of stupidity.  They don’t know history and geography any better than a five year old kid.

      • Taymaro:  You say you are a born and bred American….you sure don’t talk one, maybe it’s a Southern thing.  Like Rita Moreno and George Chakiris sang in West Side Story, “I Want To Live In America.”  Or…as the truckers and bikers say:  America..Love It or Leave It.   I am ranting on here bc of the bs I’m hearing about my country.  Sorry you are the recipient of my fury, but it got me how you almost seem insulted to be called an American.  And Carlos and all the others that make light of this country, they are so blessed to be here.  I’m proud to be an American…excuse me, another song.

    • But no one else calls themselves Americans. I bet no one in the world is confused by where the American Idol comes from. We have always called ourselves Americans. We have Miss America…Captain America…America, The Beautiful…God Bless America…

      • LOL @ Captain America! All of the Western countries were colonized as a result of Christopher Columbus’ initial exploration so in that way we are all related and we are all Americans. Why can’t America The Beautiful be about the entire Western hemisphere? As far as Miss America goes. The first pageant was in 1921 and they should call it Miss USA too if you ask me. All of our presidents usually say “God Bless the United States of America”. God Bless America is a song and the title is misused in it too if they are strictly talking about the USA. Lee Greenwood got it right with God Bless the USA.

        I know the word America is generally used to describe the USA by some but it doesn’t make it correct. It’s just accepted. I hear a lot of people say Carolina when referring to my neck of the woods. But I don’t know where Carolina is. I know where North Carolina is and I know where South Carolina is. You cannot write an address using the word Carolina or America. You have to distinguish whether it is north or south and you have to use USA. 

      • I was kidding about Captain American. I get what you are saying but I still think American Idol is sufficient. I live on the other side of the river from Minneapolis and I hate when people assume that Minneapolis is the capital of Minnesota because it’s so big! St. hometown is the capital!

      • Tay thats’ a poor generalization.  You can’t address a letter to the UK either.  The United Kingdom is too broad a field.  But, I’ll bet if you address a letter to a specific person and street address  in New York city, America, it’ll get there.  And the Americas are named for Amerigo Vespucci, not Columbus.

      • know you said Lee Greenwood got ti right with God Bless the USA? Listen to the lyrics. He says..and I’m proud to be an AMERICAN where at least I know I’m free. He does say God Bless the in talking about the land but when he refers to himself, he calls himself an American

  55. I would like limiting the votes as well. I think the contestants should sing different types of songs not keep singing ballads every time as done this season. I’m happy with judges except some of Randy’s comments are getting old. I will probably keep watching.

  56. Rosanne Simunovic would make an excellent judge on American Idol. Her reviews are master class. Here is an example of a review of a contestant in season 7 of American Idol. This is a written version, I am sure she could deliver a shorter version on the spot. Read this review and then I will post an example of critique for a contestant on this season:

    “Your first number, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me was a brilliant performance, overflowing with style and substance. I have heard this song performed many times and performed well, I might add! However, your interpretation was, for me, the pinnacle of all past performances of this number. It left me in tears – first time all season!

    I loved the opening ambience of this number, a sole spotlight on you seated at center stage on the stairs. It not only created a relaxed mood, but also the measured and unhurried pace allowed you to ease into this song. By doing so, you were conserving your adrenaline for the dynamic vocals that were to follow and, boy, did they ever!

    However, before we move there, I should applaud you on your excellent posture while seated on stage. Your elevated rib cage provided consistent support to your resounding baritone vocals.You even had one foot ahead of the other – one foot on one stair and the other on the stair above it -which all singers should freely adopt, particularly while standing. This allowed you to establish a forward position with your body, thus assisting you to generate a forward momentum within your phrase lines. Additionally, you were primed to move easily off the stairs when you changed positions and walked to the front of the stage.

    Additionally, your hands and arms were relaxed and free – no tension there whatsoever. You were primed and ready to hit a home run and so you did as the song moved effortlessly and with astonishing artistry to home plate.I loved that determined walk to center stage, as your pitch perfect vocals started their crescendo toward the climactic end of this song. You added some exciting new soulful elements to this song, gently but distinctly bending the melodic line with passionate artistry and sensitivity.”

    Critique: Jessica – your first number was just beautiful. I found little to fault in this number. It was the perfect complement to your district style and substance.I did, however, have problems with your second song, “The Prayer”. It really exposed your poorly controlled vibrato – which was a problem throughout this song. You need to work on supporting your vocal sound via your diaphragm, particularly when sustaining at a quieter dynamic level and/or through the lower recesses of your vocal range. This will add control to your vibrato.

    And, as the song moved forward, your lack of proper diaphragmatic support carried through to your upper range. You were pushing the vocal forward rather than letting the vocals project freely via an unconstricted throat.

    I was missing the head tone clarity in your voice. It was chest voice all the way and this song, in particular, requires a more classical bel canto approach.

    Your third number, “Change Nothing” was lovely – although I could hear the fatigue in your voice. Once again, you must be careful not to push your vocals from your throat. Chest voice was too prominent in your vocal mix and your voice sounded very strained. Remember, head voice adds clarity and center to your voice.

    Wouldn’t something like that be better than Yo Yo Yo, or Goosies or Beautiful?

    • Critique Philip: Your third number is not original. Your voice sounds like that of Dave Matthews, though a very inferior one than his, with a poor mixture of Greg Holden’s who actually sang that song for the first time in his concert in Germany last January. You must be careful not to strain your voice because you tend to go flat as you reach the climax of the song.  You have no chest voice at all and you sound very throaty throughout. But the girls love you, never mind, I’m sure you will be the winner.

      • Okay you asked for it: This is what Rosanne Simunovic had to say about Phillip:

        Critique: Phillip – during your first song, your vocals weren’t perfect but, that’s okay because you truly worked within the limitations of your vocal ability. And I mean this in a good way. Sometimes the mouth was round, sometimes not. But, what I did appreciate is that you never over sang.That being said, you must work on maintaining that circular position to your mouth, keeping that jaw relaxed and free. There is incredible tension in your facial muscles and this tension is inhibiting the resonators located in your vocal masque. I think you would be surprised at the depth and focus of your voice once you make these changes and apply stronger diaphragmatic support.

        Your second number,  was a little sleepy for me. It wasn’t challenging enough for you and I question this choice of yours. Was this really your first and only choice or was this a last-minute switcheroo made at the whim of the producer?I felt your vocals and performing style looked and sounded so one-dimensional. And yet again, all that tension in your face really impeded the full complement of your vocal strength. It makes me wonder, given your health problems, how well you can support your voice. Hopefully, once you regain some strength via rest and medical attention, you will work on enhancing the diaphragmatic support for your voice.

        During your third number, I was aching for you to become more inventive with your phrasing. Your breathing was very square and block-like. I was hoping to hear a couple of phrases carried through in one breath.In a song like this, it was very important not to repeatedly breathe after the same number of bars. By making this change, the momentum and intensity would have increased, adding excitement to this numberYou need to be more creative in this respect, especially with the slower numbers where, obviously, your phrasing is very exposed. This is what keeps the song moving forward with a fluid and cohesive sound.

    • Just so we all really get a grasp of where you are coming from can you do one for Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti, and Lady Gaga. You pick the songs to critique. I think it could be beneficial in allowing us to come up with better rounded suggestions for the AI people to change this show. Appreciate the effort you are putting into this.

      • I didn’t write these. I was just suggesting an alternate judge. Either Rosanne or someone else who knows what they are talking about and who can identify the weaknesses and strengths in a vocal performance and then be able to articulate that to the contestant to help them improve. 

        I can recognize it but I don’t have the training nor the vocabulary to put it in words. The current judges can neither recognize nor articulate it and that is a problem as I see it. 

  57. 1. Contestants should not be allowed to use any instruments (esp. the guitar har har har) to make the playing field level and fair. 2. Spread the votes as follows: 33% public, 33% judges and 34% record producers. 3. Limit the votes to 1 per device or ip address. 4. Disallow standing ovations by judges to avoid being accused of favoritism. 5. Top two should sing only one song, not to give one unfair advantage. 6. Judges should limit comments to the technical and artistic issues and not to name contestants as winners during the competition (like leading the public). My 2 cents worth.

    •  well than they will need to change the name because it will no longer be American Idol I disagree with the voting it should be up to us and NO  one else

      • How about naming it W hite American Idol? or Sout hern US Idol? Would that be ok if you insist in popular voting? Coz most of the voters anyway come from that part of the country. The dwindling number of AI’s viewership reflects the departure of other “Americans” who are not of the so-called Cauc asi an r ace.

      • To Poor Pitiful Carlos the uninformed.  In 11 seasons of Idol 3 winners have been african/american.  That’s roughly 27%.  The overall a/a pop of the US is less than 14%.  So, your statement is a lame as you yourself.  Don’t you have anyone around you that you could bore instead of living on this blog?  Sucks to be you.

    • Coolahbear….what do you think would have happened if Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Billy Joel,  etc  were told they couldn’t play an instrument while auditioning.  It’s the whole package!  Did Phillip Phillips hide behind the guitar?  Most likely, because his voice has much to be desired.  He’ll probably lose his voice if he tries to do a 2-hr concert due to having to strain so much to get the notes out.   He’s a great guy, though.  I wouldn’t want to put him down personally, but there were several other great singers that should have been in the top 4.

      • Deejay, I think only Billy Joel of the 4 would have won the Idol. Elton John? Look at Adam Lambert; did he win? Stevie Wonder; did Joshua win? Alicia Keys; did Jennifer Hudson win? Do ya know wha i’m sayin? Idol’s wgwg must be revamped. Billy Joel would have topped it all. Have you seen him sing the Piano Man with a guitar? Dude, that’s original… singing the PIANO man with a GUITAR. Would the young girls have voted for Alicia Keys?

  58. Resonance, Pitch, and Tone–the three main components of vocal quality. 

    (1) RESONANCE is the state of balancing one’s breathing in equilibrium in such a way that the singer does not miss a note or 2 nor goes flat or sharp while singing. Breathing can be enhanced and balanced if the singer breathes from the stomach to the lungs then to the diaphragm. Grades of Contestants in Resonance: 
    De Andre (A), Elise (A), Jessica (A), Joshua (A), Colton (B+), Hollie (B+), Skylar (B+), and Philip (B).

    (2) PITCH is the singer’s ability to maintain the “note-steps,” that is, if you go from mi to la, for example, there should be no misstep or mishap of singing half-step of la (la flat or so sharp). When you don’t reach the proper note or step, you’re called to be “pitchy.” Grades: Colton (A), De Andre (A), Jessica (A), Joshua (A), Elise (B+), Skylar (B+), Hollie (B), and Philip (B).

    (3) TONE is that aspect of singing that transports the combination of support, modulation, and mouth-palette-tongue manipulation or vacillation into the singer’s voice box such that a powerful or phenomenal vocal prowess can be projected or evoked.  This aspect determines the type of music–be it pop or belt or classical or samba or country or ballad–the singer’s voice is up to. The singer who can sing as many types of “tone” is called to be versatile. Grades: De Andre (A: pop, samba, country, ballad); Elise (A: pop, samba, country, ballad); Jessica (A: pop, belt, classical, ballad); Joshua (A: pop, belt, samba, ballad); Skylar (A: pop, samba, country, ballad); Colton (B+: pop, country, ballad); Hollie (B+: pop, classical, ballad); and Philip (B: country, ballad).

    For AI to be reckoned as a veritable and credible singing/voice competition, the judges and the jury must have a say in determining the deserving winner. Apparently, many people have been turned off because of AI’s seeming infidelity to  what constitute as the criteria of the IDEAL of vocal ability–criteria passed from generation to generation–so the people have left AI and AI now ends up in the watershed of irrelevance and impending doom.  

    •  It’s just not a “voice competition” and never will be, get over it

      • Never will be? So, what’s the need for “auditions?” Do you know what the term, AUDItions, means? Audi–you are gonna HEAR  somethingAmerican Idol, titled American Idol: The Search for a Superstar for the first season, is a reality televisionsinging competition created by Simon Fuller and produced by FremantleMedia North America and 19 Entertainment. It began airing on Fox on June 11, 2002, as an addition to the Idol franchise based on the UK show Pop Idol, and became one of the most popular shows in the history of American television. As of 2011, it was the most watched TV series in the Nielsen ratings and the only program to have been number one for seven consecutive seasons.[

  59.  I would love to see new judges and I really hope they keep letting us pick the winner not the judges they need to get rid of the judges save. The judges need to tell the truth and how about when you have a 16 yr old singer let him/her sing songs in their age group young singers need to sing hip and fun songs not old songs they have not lived yet so they can not feel the pain in some of the songs and who is picking out the clothes omg STOP you make these young girls look like they are playing dress up in mom closet I would be happy to come to the show and help them out I would never put some of these kids in those gross looking things you need to put your girls in cool looking clothes and age appropriate  omg and don’t let no one wear a suit that is to small even if he says thats what I like omg jut say NO. I love your show and I have watch each year since the start but after this season I no longer look forward to the show. I really hope they make good changes and most of all I hope it stays American Idol and doesn’t become judges idol. It would be nice to have 2 winners 1 male n 1 female. Well I will wait to hear what will change GOOD LUCK 

    • American Idol is currently the biggest money maker in television history. And was still the second mosst watched show last season. Ya, must be time to call it the last season. LOL.

  60. remove JLO and Randy!!! songs like GEORGIA and New York State of Mind should be BANNED!!!

  61. Voting system, Songs choices, Better themes every week~ 🙂

    Songs that were sung over and over must not be repeated again. 🙂

  62. Yes, the Idol needs revamping.  The voting system is a joke- People with nothing better to do can put in 1000 votes- does that make their contestant better?
    Also Randy and Jalo have to go- neither one can pick singing talent and they zero in on some contestants and criticize them just because there is no fire or stripping
    or dancing-to produce an album you don’t need bright lights or a good show that will come later as long as they have the singing talent.
    I.m voting for Stevie Nix-she may not be beautiful or wear tight silver dresses,
    but she knows singing and talent and can judge.

  63. I forget what show it’s from but some show they do one vote for each contestant per device… (like if it was top13 then they’d get 13votez total.) also I want them 2 replace jlo with lady gaga that would be so cool also they shud have a boy and girl winner and judges pick anonymously who the winner is

    • I disagree about Gaga.  She’d be another Kara [“It’s all about me”].  The last thing we need is another ego-centric witch.  Shania Twain would be great, as would Cher, Stevie Nicks, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Alicia Keyes, or Vanessa Williams.

      • I agree with u because I think having a idol champ Carrie underwood because she knows what it’s like.

      • @869b268f779cd329b0c7f3dfdd02fa75:disqus Because wearing a meat dress isn’t a desperate cry for attention?  Please.  She’s as egotistical as Madonna.

      • @Grace

        Lady Gaga just wants to be who she is. She does not dress that way because she wants attention. She dresses in a meat dress because that is who she is. Does that mean she didn’t get attention for it? No, of course not. But that doesn’t mean she wore a meat dress for nothing but attention. Lady Gaga is just trying to show that you can wear whatever you want and still be loved. I rest my case.

      • Please. The woman is an attention ho if I ever saw one.  It’s sad, really..because she does have talent.  There is no need for to dress like she does.

  64. I am not sure why some bloggers on this site are insisting to raise the age to 18. They never insisted on that during David Archulleta’s season. 
    They also don’t have any qualms about singers/actors who started young in show business with the likes of Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Dakota Fanning…oh and while you’re at it Shirley Temple Black (she’s still alive and she started singing when she was a toddler).
    This only leads me to think that there is only one reason why some people want the age minimum raised to 18.
    In legal parlance, that is the “but for” reason for discrimination.

    • These entertainers did not have to go on a reality talent show to be discovered either. 

      • Can you really call it discovery when they came to you. I could see it if you went out into a club or bar or something like that and found them but they promoted themselves not the other way around.

      • We heard Randy say if he had heard Phillip sing Volcano outside of IAmercan dol he would have signed him to a contract. He never said that about the rest of them.

    • That just proves that the door is wide open for some and yet shut like Fort Knox for some.

  65. Singers never place where they really deserve,the winners are literally UNWORTHY
                          Winner                         REAL Winner   
    Season 7    David Cook                David Archuleta
    Season 8    Kris Allen                   Adam Lambert
    Season 9    Lee DeWyze               Siobhan Magnus(6th.REALLY?)
    Season10  Scotty McCreery     Pia Toscano(9th.REALLY?)
    Season 11  Phillip Phillips          ANYBODY BUT PHILLIP

    • Very good Armond! Whew, finally I found a support in my belief that De Andre should have won the Idol. Anybody but Philip (only 1 L dude, and Phillips 2 L’s). I thought it was gonna be De Andre, then he was voted off. Then I thought it was gonna be Colton, then Elise, then Skylar, but all were voted off. Finally there were 3 and I said: for sure Jessica & Joshua, but Josh was voted off. Then I said to myself: I guess the worst will win, given the pattern of how voters have voted out the best or better singers.

      • I support you on DeAndre, Carlos.

        DeAndre was the best of season 11. Too bad TPTB are so out of touch with the citizens.

      • Okay, you’re the expert! I think you are HORRIBLE for saying that. But that’s just my opinion and you have yours …that doesn’t make either of us 100% right.

      • He just wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m not a big fan of the whole falsetto thing.  I hated when Justin Timberlake did it and I can only listen to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack for so long.

    • Music is a matter of taste!  If they placed 1st or 10th that is where AMERICA thought they should be placed.  Therefore the majority says that is where they deserve to be.

    • Yes it is all a matter of taste. And my taste would have been VERY offended if David Archeltta won over David Cook. Along with Pia winning over Scotty (though in my viewpoint it is girl who took 3rd who should have won over any of them). The rest, I am in agreement with. Especially Adam and Siobhan.

      • I agree that Lee never should have won and I loved Adam over Kris Allen.  The rest though? I liked the winners. David Archuletta was the very definition of boring. I love David Cook.  The year Lee won though? Crystal should have won..not Siobhan.

  66.  Hi Taymaro,

    Why don’t we suggest to Ryan each time he brings out the contestants
    at the start of the show to say:

    Music playing  (American Idol standard) and here is your  “Idols from the Americas” ……….music playing again.  And Ryan should announce
    it in several languages , English, Spanish and Canadian , hah hah hah

    Just having fun , I’m working today 🙁

    • Is Canadian a language?  Is there a Canadian culture?  Do you ever go out for Canadian food?  Many other countries have their own Idol type shows, and good for them.  This is American Idol.  Some desperate people are trying to co-opt American Idol because they lack the originality to produce their own hits.  And finding themselves unable to make any headway in that direction, they begin to denigrate American Idol and the choices of the American people.   Phil won, case closed.  Insulting our intelligence, our lack of culture or our worthiness to exist at all belittles them, not us.

      • Well put except for the fact American Idol is borrowed from the U.K. where it is called  Pop Idol. Bit like the America’s got talent which is also British, and they had the audacity to get judges from England, and Canada. Thank the lord Howard joined the group this year. While the Voice is taken from Holland, at least there’s X factor. Ooop thats British too.

        By the way I supported P2 in the final so have no gripes with the final results. I assume from your post that you feel Taymaro is Canadian. I never ever got that impression.

      •  Hi Trentwilliams,

        It is too bad you have no clue of what I was trying to say or the humor in it so I would not waste my time explaining it to you.

        You obviously have not been in Canada to know English is very much the language spoken there . So it’s too late you already openned your mouth (fingers).  Lighten up will you?

      • Canadian as a language would refer to both English and French. I thought Ed meant Spanish, English, and French.
        Guesty, yeah Pop Idol from Britain, and not only the US took it. There are a lot of programs like Pop Idol that got their inspiration from the original, to wit, Australian Idol, Arab Idol, Latin American Idol, Pinoy Idol (Philippines), etc.  In most, if not all countries, the “Idol” is strictly a SINGING competition. I guess in the US where a lot of premium is given to outward manifestation of personal appearance (looks, in short), AI has veered into a different direction other than singing.

      • @250b45137f079a7ad95066c1939b7e61:disqus That’s acceptable.  England is our mother country and Canada and Australia/NZ are our sibs.  So we’re just doing what mother taught us.  I’m OK with that.

    • Hello Ed,

      So you admit there is more than one place that can be called “America”? If there is more than one America then the show should include those places or adjust it’s title IMO.

      I am white and I am an American from the USA. Born and raised. I am from the southern state of North Carolina. Some people, when talking about people from our region, also say “The Carolinas” or simply “Carolina”. We resent that. We want to be distinguished from our more southerly counter parts, the South Carolinians.

      I guess that’s why I like to distinguish that I am from the USA and not just America in general as well.

    • Oh yeah, I wouldn’t like it if they had to make announcements in more than one language. Most other countries also adopt English as a second language. It is taught in their schools and they are required to learn it. We should have a national language and that language should be English. I know that is not a popular thing to say but the more intelligent people from other countries do learn the language and are quite fluent at it. If you are too lazy to put forth the effort or lack the intellect to learn the English language then you shouldn’t be able to #1 become a citizen and #2 vote in anything that is strictly related to the USA. That’s just my opinion. 

      Boy am I going to get bashed for this one!!!! Carlos used to half way agree with me. Sorry Carlos!  

      However the time spent saying it in other languages would eliminate some of the gawd awful filler so maybe I should rethink my standing on this issue…LOL

      • Hi Taymaro and Carlos

        I promise I will try to cut back on acidic and sarcastic jokes on this blog, It seems I always get you into a pickle somehow and people seem to take it too seriously.  Maybe I should just take a break myself and
        come back later when things gets lighter and more sensible.  I can’t believe this blog has gone from fun to serious in hurry.  This has become a crying post for frustrated people. 

        Nobody wants to have fun anymore, if its not racism , its gender identity crisis.  Let”s get back to bashing  the 3 stooges , that is more fun to do.  Okay?

        Just saying…………………………..

      • I am having fun Ed. You know that! I don’t care what they say. As long as Matt or Branden don’t kick me out I’ll be fine. I’ve got thick skin and I can take it…LOL

        Yes, let’s please get back to bashing the three stooges. I can deal with that! I thought I was by posting my more appropriate critiques with the absence of words like “goosies”, “beautiful”, and “Yo, Yo, Yo, dawg this one’s in it to win it Ryan! He’s gotta have it!!!”.

      • I totally agree with you on this one. My grandparents immigrated from Ireland. My grampa wouldn’t even let his children speak Gaelic until they were adults! He didn’t even teach it to them. He said you are Americans, you will speak English!

  67. Why are most bloggers here against JLo? IMO, she is the best example of the “whole package” that everyone in AI is looking for–she can sing, dance, act, speak, judge and she is a lot respectful to contestants than that grumpy British guy that was there before.
    Now, Steven is there for entertainment value not for judging the contestants. Heaven knows he doesn’t say anything but gibberish gabs.
    Last but not least, Randy. Ah Randy–take that phone book away from him and give him a thesaurus. He needs some new words.

    • gibberish gabs, wow, takethat, so literary and yet so true. but lemme ask you: does JLo play the guitar though? i think in ai u have to play the guitar to qualify for the whole package stuff. and only that, not to mention the wgwg factor.

    • Steven made the most sense in his remarks of all 3 judges.  Also, he was able to offer more genuine remarks, rather than continually repeating himself.  I realize it’s got to be difficult to come up with something fresh everytime you make a comment, but Steven proved to be the master.  Very refreshing and funny.  He may look like a clown, but he’s the real deal.

      • Really, how many times did I hear Steven say “simply beautiful” or “that was over the top”. But yes, It would be hard to come up with different things to say each and every week. That is why a complete revamp of the judges (with the exception of Jimmy Iovine) is in order.

      • You can’t be serious! Steven just said..that was just beautiful..for almost every song!

  68. Hey guys, the need for an AI revamp. Read this from People TV yesterday

    The rumor mill coming out right now is Jessica Sanchez actually got less votes but from MORE separate sources. She received more votes than Phillip via calls and texts from DIFFERENT phones,and IP addresses from DIFFERENT computers. If the voting had been limited to ONE vote per phone call, text, or IP address, Jessica would have won the Idol Final. And that is also eliminating many (but not all) the Magic Jack calls,etc. from the Philippines. Her main fan-base, in reality, is a much larger fan-base than Phillip’s. It has it’s greatest numbers in the Adult Contemporary crowd, which would include those above 30 and into their seniors. Unfortunately, many in this crowd, especially the older fans have never voted. When Jessica was first eliminated then saved, that “woke up” this crowd. In the Finals these multitudes now voted for her, but
    the consensus is that their votes were limited to 1 or a just a few votes.
    This is where the Idol voting falls flat on it’s face! It does not truly
    represent the actual winner. Phillip’s fan base consists mainly of the under 25,
    mostly teens and preteens, (and their mothers) who are very tech savvy and
    that spent the entire 4 hours texting with their unlimited bandwidth each
    voting thousands of times. So even though Phillip received “more
    votes” they were from FAR LESS individual people. MORE people voted for
    Jessica but cast fewer votes because of their tech limitations. Unless the
    UNFAIR Idol voting is changed to ONE call/text vote per phone and ONE vote
    per IP address, the winner will always be chosen by those who are tech savvy.
    But Idol and the Music Industry are not interested in a fair vote. It is who
    will be buying the CDs and going to the concerts. And that crowd is the under
    30, teens, preteens, who have plenty of their parent’s money and have
    lightning fast fingers, and can stay up and spend hours voting while their
    parents can only vote once and off to bed for their jobs to keep their kids
    equipped with those latest gadgets. As long as Idol voting remains this way,
    it will be tough to win for contestants like Joshua and Jessica with their
    more adult soulful style of music that attracts the older crowd. The
    “Phillip Phillips” will continue to win via less people who can
    vote more times.  (From People
    Magazine TV times June 1, 2012.)

    • Might have to check this magazine out more often. Didn’t realize that magazine did so much research for their articles.

      • There’s a way to find this out, very easily, if AI will allow itself to be transparent. In fairness to the author of the article, he says, “rumor.” I will not be surprised though if this “rumor” will be found authentic and veritable.

      • Carlos: As long as it’s not an hypothesis thats o.k.. Most certainly there’s a few rumours swirling about regarding the rumour of this article being written in People Magazine but it at least gets people talking and hopefully sprouting more rumours.

      • Well, whether the rumor is true or not, it doesn’t alter the fact that Phil, the 11th American Idol, can’t even sing the right pitch in more than 7 incidents and millions of people boycotted the finale, and now AI is in trouble because there was a systemic failure in choosing the deserving winner, and hence the need for a REVAMP. Why would AI feel the need for a revamp if there’s nothing wrong with it? Certainly 1 Carlos is trouble enough as I can read from a few people’s replies to me; now you’re talking of 8 million Carloses 🙂 

        But Guesty, if you like Phil’s type of singing, I have no problem with that. I’m just saying that, compared to other contestants, Phil is inferior (relatively) in the three components of vocal ability, namely, resonance, pitch, and tone.  But the AI has had other criteria about which 8 million Carloses have something negative to say, and so now they feel that they must do something to alter or change the image or criteria of the competition in order to allure the hard-to-please Carloses who do not have a taste or gravitas towards cute young boys.

    • Carlos:  If not all of the Phillipines votes were eliminated then her vote count is not correct as well as illegal.  I really think you should get over the fact that Jessica did not win.  Since you seem to be so informed about Idol and how it works I have a great idea.  Form your own show in Mexico “Mexican Idol” or Canada “Canadian Idol” and you can have it your way and I can promise you very few Americans if any would concern themselves about who won. 

      • It’s hard to accept the hard truth that Phil is not deserving at all, isn’t it Sandi? I’m not Mexican Sandi, neither am I Filipino nor Canadian. 

      •  lol..better yet “Carlos Idol” and Carlos leaves the US to found a new country, “Carlosland”.

        lol bet even his dogs wouldn’t watch.

      • Hey CalvinRecline, yeah my dogs watch the Idol and they like Phillips. See my dogs have doggy music taste. I’m sure you got a doggy… never mind, it’s censored dawg…

      • Sandi, No estoy de las Islas Filipinas. No mas me la dijiste. (Sandi I am not from the Philippnes. Don’t say that again.) Yeah, there are Idol programs in many parts of the globe. Didn’t you know that? I wanna produce an Idol program though: It will be called: Sandi-Sanda-Sizboomba!

    • iTunes sells 57% of all music in the world
      Phillip’s album #4 on iTunes album chart
      Jess’s album #165 on iTunes album chart
      In 2 weeks, Jess will be off the charts completely

      • CalvinRecline, read the Wikipedia before commenting about Itunes. Itunes accounts for 14-23 % of US (not world) sales. Itunes is a droplet in the bucket of music industry.
        Jess is #1 in Billboard’s Heatseekers. Phil is # 1 in your heart of hearts. I have no problem with that. Love him, support him and buy a million songs of his for all I care, but it does not alter the fact that he’s the worst of the Top 7 contestants voice-wise. He won not by voice but by choice of those enamored by his charisma, which is fine, only that now AI feels the need for a revamp. A revamp? Would you fix something which is not broken?

      • Carloser,

        Something you wouldn’t understand is that you can always make something good, better. That’s why brand new sports cars are further customized by the more affluent.

        Wiki is very unreliable, I go with vetted sources:
         iTunes gains market share, as does Amazon, Rhapsody. According to a
        new study by Ipsos’ TEMPO Digital Music Brandscape, despite the
        emergence of Amazon, Apple’s iTunes platform still managed to gain
        market share in the increasingly crowded world music store crowd.iTunes moved to 57 percent market share, up from 50 percent last year at this time, and Amazon’s DRM-free store moved into second place with 9 percent share, a large number considering the store has not been open for even a year yet. Rhapsody, which recently turned DRM-free, jumped up in market share as well, from 4 percent last year to 7 percent now. Each continues to expand and is expected to take more market share, but at whose expense? It appears everyone but iTunes.

        Other stores such as Napster, Yahoo Music and Walmart have taken a hit in market share, at the expense of the now clear leaders.

        The reason phillip is not on the Heatseekers Songs chart is because
        he is not eligible to be on that chart since he has achieved the status
        that disqualifies one from being included on that chart.
        artist’s song is no longer eligible for Heatseekers Songs when the
        artist has had a song place in the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100”
        is on the Heatseekers Songs chart because she has not achieved “a song
        in the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100” yet; the Heatseekers Songs chart
        is only for the wannabes, not those who do.

        Hahahahaha…Once again Carloser, you misinformation is proven and you are discredited.

    •  Carloser,

      You are the biggest loser and liar on this site, You dream up so much crap.

  69. I really enjoy the show. I live in Canada and I have watched American Idol since it started. Only bad thing is I cannot vote because I do not live in the states. We  Canadians watch all the time and buy all the music from these American singers but are not allowed to vote. This is one of the changes that should be made. Other than that the show is great.

    • Allow Mexicans to vote as well and it will become North American Idol. At present, we can call it “Southern American Idol,” since most of the voters and winners come from that region in the US. Or maybe we can call it Republican American Idol?

      • Carlos, you just can’t let it go on race, country of origin and now politics.  Stop whining!  People will vote for whoever they like.  You can’t dial all of your prejudices into trying to control how people should vote.

      • Deejay Republican America is not the whole of America. It’s just a suggestion that since most of the viewers of the Idol are whit e and re publicans then let it be called the right way, and I have no problem with that.

      • @Carlos  We?  There is no “We”  You are not one of us.  You are merely an insufferable prig.  

  70. American Idol In Big Trouble, from Los Angeles-Japanese Times:

    “American Idol” became television’s No. 1 most-watched show in
    its third season (2004) and remained the top program until this 11th season
    when it fell to No. 2 behind “Sunday Night Football.” Whereas last year’s
    finale was watched by 29.29 million people, this year’s fell to 21.49 million
    (an all-time low), or a drop of 25%. The season was down 23% in overall viewers
    (19.8 million, the first time it fell below the 20 million mark since the first
    season) and down 30% in the all-so-important 18-49-year-old demographic. It’s
    in biiiiggg trouble.

    • Wow, down from 29 million last year to 21 million watchers of the Finale this year. 8 million people could have decided to boycott the show? I thought I was the only one. I thought Philip’s impending win, by the way judges had given their verdict and the process of choosing the contestant’s winning song, was an ultimate and blatant manifestation of travesty of music and an arrogant display of TBTP (powers that be) in the Industry. So, I boycotted for I saw no excitement of a Phillips’ win. And I thought I was the only crazy one.  Now American Idol has finally awakened. Its management didn’t see the writings on the wall: A 5th wgwg would bring the Idol down. Now it is in big trouble and I doubt if it is salvageable. The harm has been done. Now Phillips’ fans, save it and declare victory over the whole US that you have the truth, the power, and the MONEY.

      • Since you seem convinced that idol is a sinking ship, why don’t you be the first rat to desert it?  Get out of your mother’s basement and take a walk.  Maybe back over the border if it’s close enough.  If the USA is such a bad place why do you wetbacks risk so much to come here?  It’s not like you’re invited.

      • Greencard, are you coping with the defense mechanism, called Projection? Are you living in your mother’s basement? I am not from Mexico; maybe you are? 

  71. The voting definitely needs changes. Maybe a limit to only voting 2 times per person per show. I like the idea of bringing Cher in as a judge, not sure about keeping Randy but he’s part of the original crew so might be wise to keep him around. I also like the idea of having both a female and male winner. That seems more fair.

    • Cher is way too old and out of touch with real life. When did she last have a hit? Maybe if it was a show about plastic surgery….Americas ‘ Plastic Idol….contestants are given plastic surgery and the winner is the best plastic makeover

  72. Bong

    they should reduce the salary of the judges and allocate it to the contestant.
    The AI contestant are the one giving profit to the show and not the judges. Besides let the contestant choose their song. As much as possible give them all the nice song for all of them so that the rating of AI will go up if all the song are nice and beautiful. The truth is we don’t need judges. It’s only irritatingthe fans when they comment negative and some are bias. so let the american people do the judges.  

  73. I have said a lot of things that need to be changed about American Idol on this site but I would just like to take a moment to accentuate the positive as well.

    If not for American Idol I would have never been introduced to great artists such as David Archuleta, who oddly seemed to avoid all of the race issues that having surrounded this season despite have a mother who was from Honduras. David was the absolute best person and artist to ever grace the American Idol stage!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Other greats that I am glad I got to meet for the first time by way of watching American Idol are: Siobhan Magnus, Michael Lynch, Melinda Doolittle, Frenchie Davis, Kimberly Locke, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, DeAndre Brackensick, Lauren Gray, Candice Glover, Chris Daughtry, Jason Castro, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lauren Elaina,  Crystal Bowersox, Skylar Laine, Hollie Cavanaugh, Elise Testone, Jessica Sanchez, Richie Law, David Leathers and many, many more!!

  74. Hey Greencard, below, peace to you. Just to clarify some things before things get out of hand:
    (1) I do not live in my mother’s basement; even worse because I live in my mother-in-law’s basement.  I hope that’s fine with you. But I don’t mind living in the basement as long as I can give a comfortable lodging to my 3 dogs who would rather wanna sleep upstairs. Damned dogs, the basement is anathema to them.
    (2) There’s nothing wrong with living in the basement for as long as you have a few thousands of dollars in your bank account for a daily balance. I used to live in an upscale 1 bedroom condominium in Manhattan when I was studying in Columbia in the 1980’s. But i was always broke as my money would just go mainly to pay rent.
    (3) I am very far from the Mexican border; I am closer to the Canadian border. My mother was of Filipino-Spanish descent (was: she died a few years ago) and my father Britisn. Pero yo hablo espanol solamente y mi Tagalog es insuficiente para escribir o hablar. (I speak Spanish but my ability to speak the Tagalog-Filipino language is insufficient for me to write or speak). 
    (4) I do not disdain your pal, Philip Phillips. He is a personable and likable man and with his looks to boot I can see a bright future for him more in the Movie industry rather than in Music.  He’ll also be good for Broadway musicals. What I’m saying is that music-wise he is the least of all, compared to De Andre, Jessica, Joshua, Elise, etc. Well he has won the Idol, and after 5 wgwg’s as winners, now AI is planning to alter the program. It is my opinion that going beyond the criteria of the components of music has somehow hurt the show as there are millions of others like me who watch the Idol from the point of view of the vocal talents of contestants rather than other criteria superficial to the core of what msuic should be as passed from generation to generation.

    •  blah, blah, blah….Carlos has no life: no friends, no wife, no kids, no taste in music…..We don’t give a frog’s fat *ss what you have to say because you are a Jess stalker (she should get a restraining order against you) obsessed with being a loser who can’t accept the truth:

      Phillip won AI and is outselling Jess by huge amounts on iTunes (which sells 57% of all music sold). Haha, Jess not even on iTunes song chart at all now. Jess is yesterday’s used up video anorexic sleaze girl with sawtooth beaver teeth who will disappear from the music scene just like Pia Toscano; both are snore wannabe divas

      • Jess is # 1 in Jango Music Chart where Phil can’t be found. Itunes is only a droplet in the bucket of the Music industry. You write like an uneducated person, what a shame if you’re American, indeed!

      • 1

        Carly Rae Jepsen

        Call Me Maybe



        Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra)


        Maroon 5

        Payphone (feat. Wiz Khalifa)



        Back In Time (From “Men In Black III”)


        Justin Bieber




        Where Have You Been



        We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)


        One Direction

        What Makes You Beautiful


        Justin Bieber

        Die In Your Arms


        Flo Rida

        Wild Ones (feat. Sia)

      •  BTW we don’t care about itunes…wer’re waiting for her first cd to be released!!!!!!!!

      •  Yo Know, you still have that disease you were talking about the other day, you know the one you went the clinic about?

      •  AI will do things in its power to “show” that their winner is indeed a winner…so the media slant will always be in Philip’s favor…they cant afford an embarassment

      •   Carloser,

         iTunes gains market share, as does Amazon, Rhapsody. According to a new study by Ipsos’ TEMPO Digital Music Brandscape, despite the emergence of Amazon, Apple’s iTunes platform still managed to gain market share in the increasingly crowded world music store crowd.
        iTunes moved to 57 percent market share, up from 50 percent last year
        at this time, and Amazon’s DRM-free store moved into second place with 9
        percent share, a large number considering the store has not been open
        for even a year yet. Rhapsody, which recently turned
        DRM-free, jumped up in market share as well, from 4 percent last year to
        7 percent now. Each continues to expand and is expected to take more
        market share, but at whose expense? It appears everyone but iTunes.

        Other stores such as Napster, Yahoo Music and Walmart have taken a hit in market share, at the expense of the now clear leaders.

        go to iTunes (let me guess, you don’t have…lol),

        All genre song chart

        All genre album chart

        Phillip is also way ahead of Jess on Billboard chart.

      •  Carloser,
        The reason phillip is not on the Heatseekers Songs chart is because he is not eligible to be on that chart since he has achieved the status that disqualifies one from being included on that chart.
        “An artist’s song is no longer eligible for Heatseekers Songs when the artist has had a song place in the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100”
        Hahaha…Jess is on the Heatseekers Songs chart because she has not achieved “a song in the top 50 of the Billboard Hot 100” yet; the Heatseekers Songs chart is only for the wannabes, not those who do.

        Hahahahaha…Once again Carloser, you misinformation is proven and you are discredited.

      • Helene13so AI is buying Phillip’s songs?LMAO, You people are crazy.So why didn’t AI buy Kris Allen’s album to put it  on top?  LOL

    • I have some advice for you, Carlos and take this with a positive attitude:
      1. Get a job. Judging from the number of posts you have on this site, I can tell that you don’t have one.
      2. When you get a job, don’t act in the workplace using the same character that you displayed on this site. For sure, you will get fired the first day.
      3. If you can’t get a job, volunteer your hours in a hospital, a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter.
      4. Please stop saying you have some Filipino blood in you–you are a disgrace to the country.

      • Takethat, speak for yourself. I don’t need a job to survive. In fact I’m giving people jobs in case you need one. Merong pinoy blood ako konti, not much but it’s none of your damned business, my dear.

      • Hey Takethat, did it ever occur in your bloody stu pid brain that I could be writing here for a jagged-edged job of fending off friendlily the ignobly ignorant ignoramus infesting the internet with ludicrous lamentations way beyond the civilly crafted clemency that a fellow human being must treat his or her kind?

    • Not sure why you felt the need to disclose your background but cheers all the same. Nothing too surprising. I  have found myself back on the continent looking after my mother for a time. Looking forward to my next adventure in the next month or so, so will probably not be watching AI next season. This was my first season in fact so proably a little less jaded than yourself. Doesn’t seem like you appeased KnowEverything, but doubt you would lose much sleep over it. Can see your father had some influence over your outlook on life something I kind of inferred in an earlier post although not sure you got it. Never cared for pop music since about the age of 9, and after looking over your top 10 list don’t think things are going to change now. I have found it interresting the past month or so reading all the comments on these amazing artists from past seasons, and the fact I live overseas, and don’t subject myself to pop music only one name was even vaguely familiar out of the entire list.

      • Okay Guesty, good for you. Enjoy the continent, so lovely, so green, so cultured, albeit so wet, so bloody wet at times…as father used to say. I just watched the movie, “The Most Exotic Marigold Hotel.” Lovely English movie; you should check it out. It touched me with sentiments. One of the old characters there reminded me of Idol’s Philip in his old age. How I wished Phil would consider the movie world; he fits in there like clockwork.

      • My Mother is off to see the movie on Tuesday. Think I personally will put it off a bit, but I’m sure I will enjoy it when I get around to seeing it.

    •  i think carlos you need to have a break first because peple here are going to have a nervous breakdown or suffer from a heart attack reading your views…..hahaha…they’re going gaga over you………….

  75. The audience needs to be instructed in terms of voting as to what are the criteria to vote for:

    voice (which is what I thought it should be but obviously is not.

    it seems like it has become a popularity contest – there needs to be some boundaries – limits set.

    I love the program.

    • Lanavt, do you really believe people will vote according to a set of “rules” set by AI?  People will ALWAYS vote for whoever they “like”, regardless of talent or the other criteria you mentioned.  Justin Bieber has a very good voice…but….do you think teeny boppers would be so gaga over him if he were (pardon me) fat and ugly?

      • Michael Jackson in his teenage years was not as good looking as Justin Bieber. Deejay, you love Phil, take it easy, it is quite alright. Phil is a very nice guy, but sorry he can’t sing like Bieber, much less like Jackson.

      • Carlos, you haven’t paid attention.  I have been saying that Phillip doesn’t have a very good voice.  He has to strain very hard to get many of the notes out.  If he ever has to do a 2 hr concert, he may lose his voice.   I do think he is a good guy as a person, but that’s not what this contest is about.  In my opinion, Phillip shouldn’t have even been in the top 5.   The girls had way much more talent that the guys this season.   

      • That is why there has to be a mechanism to see to it that the winner to be proclaimed is truly deserving as seen from many aspects of facets of the competition, to wit, people’s choice, judges’ choice, professional musicians’ choice, voice lesson teachers’ choice, producers’ choice and so on and so forth. AI need not be determined by the so-called popular vote, much less the teenage girls’ vote. In this country, the President is not elected by popular vote but by an electoral process where different segments of the voting population are heard.  Hopefully, AI would follow a process in such a way that no One Group determine the outcome of the contest.

    • I love the program too and I judge contestants by these criteria: Resonance 30%, Pitch 30 %, Tone Versatility 20 %, Stage Presence 10 %, Over-all Impact 10%.  Based on these criteria my top 5 would have been…. dim the lights… (in alphabetical order)… Colton, De Andre, Elise, Jessica, Joshua.

      • Hey Carloser, when is “Carlos Idol” going to premiere? I assume your show will be on the loser network, what time?

  76. too late the hero..but better late than never; so if ever a male and a female could win the singing contest..season 11’s winners jessica and philip could have won it , well they are already winners..hope the 2013 AI edition is the solution to the voting system :((

    • I will cope with the judges next season if they limit the voting and eliminate the “Save”.  If the voting stays the same, I won’t bother to watch.

  77. I’d like to have a male and a female winner. I have looked at the previous winners and we’ve had 5 guys win, in a row!! i think it is very unfair to the girls that guys only win cause they’re cute.

    • Julianavitoffi, the girls have won for the past five years. Their votes have brought those 5 guys to victory. Hence, the Idol revamp. Perhaps we can adopt the electoral system we have in our voting system to elect our President, so that in AI the choice of the Idol is not only reflected by one type of majority.

      • Yes, I agree with your observation, Carlos. I hope Branden will be able to come up with an article on the research of the Idol’s voting population. 

  78. My suggestion for the American Idol Finale…  The two finalist should sing the same songs. If its 3 songs so be it.   But both finalist must sing the 3 songs to be
    able to determine who is really the best singer. 

    • But what if one cannot play the guitar, and the other cannot sing? Maybe a duet will do.  The contestant with a better voice sings accompanied by the one that plays the guitar. This will be an awesome entertainment, and then the voters will cast their vote according to their taste: song or guitar? voice or looks, etc. etc.

      • Did we not just have a finale of a girl who could not play guitar and a guy who could not sing (well)? Do you really think a duet would have changed the minds of the pre-teen who vote 1000 times a night, based on who the cutest is?

      • Yes, Foxstar42 we just did and I’m in agreement with you. I think Christopher is just being ironic and satirical. 

  79. I thing paying $amount for the judges is too much. Why  not cut their salary and give or allocate some share to the AI contstant instead. Anyway the contestant are the total substance that give profit to the show and not the judges. Also give the freedom of choice for the contestant of song they want. As much as possible give all the nice and beautiful song for them so that rating for AI will go up and it is good for the show. As a matter of fact we don’t need the judges, some of their critisicm is biased especially Randy. Just let the american people decides.


  80. The voting system needs to be changed!!……The judges should have more weight and partiipate in the voting throughout the show……..Most Americans vote according to looks and personality over true talent…..some just don’t know what true talent is!!

  81. Definitely voting sysems needs to be changed only a certain amount of votes per phone line.  Also both finalist should sing the SAME song.  Let the contestant choose their songs with help from the professionals – do not give them a theme (like rock n roll, country, year they were born).  The first week of American Idol (24 singers) only eliminate 4 (2 girls and 2 guy) keep that format until they reach the top 12.  The first week too many are sent home and they go through all that work for one week.  Once they reach top 12 then continue to eliminate 1 girl and 1 guy until the top 2 to guarantee one girl and one guy in finale.

  82. I agree with a lot of comments here that the voting system should be changed. We need to get the ” real majority winner” by limiting one vote per person just like in elections we only vote once.

    At present AI has this format. For example we have singer A and singer B and there are only 10 people in America who will vote. Let’s say 8 people voted once for singer A while the remaining 2 people voted for singer B but they voted 100 times each. Therefore, singer A gets 8 votes while singer B gets 200 votes and  the winner is singer B but is she/he what the majority of America like? NO.

    It’s been 11 years now and times have changed. People are getting busier and busier with their lives and they don’t have time to vote as many times for their favorite especially the working adults out there. Only the teenagers have the luxury of time to spend voting and voting for their favorites. So, if the voting system will not be changed we will not have a true ” majority winner.”


    • Seriously. Just stop. Phillip won because more people liked him. Period. It wasn’t  young girls doing all the voting.

      •  Stop what? See, the problem with Philip’s fans are they are so defensive. Seriously.  I’m not even talking about Philip here that is why for purposes of discussion I even used singer A and singer B as an example. I was SO careful not to use any contestant’s name in my post to avoid this. The topic I was talking about here is the voting system and how to have a TRUE majority winner.

  83. WFT…how old are you people? still in high school?

    You people and your obsessions with sexism…I guess the way to really solve it is change the show to American hermaphrodite Idol and only allow hermaphrodites to be contestants. Will you big cry babies grow up….the winners are a reflection of what music is most popular across the entire population. It’s not the “F”ing constitution where minority rights need to be protected…It’s a “F”ing TV show…

    Good lord, I wish you people would care this much about politics and get involved with the real world

    • We weren’t discussing politics or the real world here. This is an American Idol website. Please stay on topic!

      •  yeah her username fits her well…as if she …..KnowsEverything…hahahaha…

  84. One vote per person! Enough. It’s like when you vote for president ONE VOTE PER EACH ONE. The one with most fans will win!

    • Ferjp, this is actually the main concern of Marc Graboff as said by other Entertainment papers. Wetpaint for one has its title for Branden’s similar articles as : American Idol Voting Procedure May Be Revamped.  According to Wetpaint’s author: 

      Marc said that he
      and Idol creator Simon Fuller have teamed up to address the voting
      process issues, saying that the show’s recent winners are “being called
      W.G.W.G.’s – white guys with guitars,” and that it might have a little
      something to do with the fact that young girls are voting for the contestant
      they’re crushing on the most.

The company also plans to take a look at what
      some of the international versions of the show have done with their formats,
      which may help bolster the American version. “Idol is still the gold
      standard,” said Marc, comparing the show to competitors like The Voice and The X Factor…

  85. Hey guys, please help. I can’t understand this.  According to Billboard Chart based on Sales, this is the ranking:
    1.Call Me Maybe: Jepsen
    2. Home: Philiips  
    3. Payphone: Maroon 5
    4. Somebody that I Used to Know: 
    5. Starships
    6. We are Young
    7. Back In Time: Pitbull
    8. Where have you been: Rihana
    9. Boyfriend: Bieber
    10. Wild Ones: Florida

    Now, if you go to the Chart based “On Demand,” A ranking of the top on-demand play request and plays from unlimited listener-controlled radio channels on leading music subscription…”  the # 2 song “Home” can’t be found, not even in the top 50, whereas the rest of the above are still there within the top range, although some would be 1 or 2  ranks lower or higher. Call Me Maybe, for example, is in # 2; We are young in # 4, Boyfriend in # 5.  

    From this observation, it would seem that so many people bought “Home,” or a few people bought a lot of copies of “Home?” AI claims and so does Branden in his previous article that “Home” is a success and Phillips has reaped a big success. If the AI winner was very successful, then why does AI think of the need for the show’s revamp?
    Now, please tell me why is the # 2 song ,”Home,” not “On Demand?”

    •  Billboard doesn’t matter…almost 60% of all world music sales is done by iTunes. Phillip’s album was #2 and at one time had 10 singles on the iTunes song charts, including “Home” at #2 Song.
      AI needs for a revamp has nothing to do with Phillip. It is because the show now has many competators and the format is getting stale like all shows that have been for on 11 years. The judges are boring and song choices repetative. Viewers not happy about voting system.  Als0, ratings are down and that is likely due to the boring diva singers like Jess.

      • Sorry buddy, you haven’t answered my question. Please try again.

      •  maybe due to your idol who seems to be out of tune most of the time.LOL!!!

      •  ACCEPT  it knows everything AI ‘s rating is going down down down  bec. of this WGWG syndrome…get it!!!!!!!!needs to be corrected ASAP!!!!!!

      •  Christopher Greene
        I did answer your question, you didn’t like it. Billboard is not a measure of sales, iTunes is. Sales are what ultimately matters. Any chart that isn’t based on sales, like Billboard On Demand is subject to manipulation by many.

        Money (sales) are a real and a true measure of a song’s or artist’s  popularity and not easily manipulated…so why not use iTunes sales that does almost 60% of the world’s music sales.

        Don’t act so stupid, we know what you are trying to imply.

    •  Christopher Greene
      The other part of the answer was already answered before:
      Phillip does show up on “buy” charts because his fans are much more likely to buy where Jess fans are more foreign and cheapos not willing to buy her music, otherwise, she would be on the iTunes charts.

      • Dude, my concern is for Phil and why he’s not “On Demand.” Can it be also because Phil’s fans like you are capable or willing to buy a thousand or a million of his songs just to make it appear that “Home” will make it to the news and hence to save the Idol’s face in case Jess goes past him if the fields were even? You can’t even download Jess’ songs in Itunes, so how can you buy them?

  86. I serve as a judge in many contest and unless I am provided something else, I always use the following and it works very fairly and I always seems to be asked back. I even use this use in watching AI.

    Judging will be based on the following criteria (100 point maximum):

    Overall Impact of Performance (0-40pts)
    (quantity the overall emotional experience/response to the performance)

    Live Audience Response (0-10pts)
    (level and depth of response across entire audience)

    Voice Quality (0-20pts)

    Voice Techniques (0-10pts)

    Stage Appearance (0-10pts)

    Originality (0-10pts)

    Personality (0-10pts)

    Divide this total by 10 and each judge reports a score 0.00-10.00 (use 2 decimal places)

    Obviously one can get more technical under each category, but I think if AI would adopt some kind of general/basic format it would help in making judging fairer and help the audience understand judges feed back better. It creates a framework  and the criteria to analyze.

    • That is why AI needs a revamp because there are “judges” and “voters” who view the competition with the criteria you just presented. Voice quality only 20%? You must be kidding, unless it’s a beauty pageant of which you’re an expert in judging–yeah in there 40 % is given to the over-all impact.

      • That’s why they need to disclose what I suggest because thick heads like you don’t get it. It’s a talent show, not a voice competition….arg!

  87. And now Jess is even a sore loser. I knew it, you could tell from early on, she thought she deserved it. God taught her a good lesson in humility, lets hope it sticks.

    American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez has played it cool since finishing in second place in this year’s competition. But now she’s speaking out about one big reason she wishes she’d snagged the Idol crown instead of current winner Phillip Phillips.

    The 16-year-old singer told US Weekly, “Being the last girl standing, that was really one disappointment for me throughout the finale just because I was like, ‘Okay, you know, I’m not going to be mad if I don’t win because I think Phillip deserves it, but I gotta do this for my girls.’” Despite her initial dismay, she praised her victorious co-contestant, saying, “I think he deserved it and I made it pretty far, so I’m happy with everything.”

    • Hey bud, don’t declare victory until your last enemy is dead before your very eyes. You will lose in a real war if this is the way you see this “battle” between Jess & Phil. The finale of AI was a beginning not an end. 

      Anyway, the topic at hand is about AI’s revamp. Why fix if it ain’t broke? If you think Phil was the rightful winner as were the 4 wgwg’s before him, then why does AI look in trouble and appear to be scampering to look for a solution to save the show? (This is the 2nd part of my question). And you said elsewhere that it was because of Jess and other singers like her? But that is the kernel of the matter of this article and Macc Garboff; the issue is about the manner or procedure of voting that has catapulted wgwg’s to victory.

      As to the 1st part of my question, Billboard’s rating is based on Nielsen’s findings, most of which especially as fas as sales go are based on Itunes sales. So, why won’t Billboard matter? Its scope is bigger than Itunes.  Anyhow, buddy, if you can’t answer pointedly, that is fine. I will find it elsewhere. And dude, stay focus on the issue and don’t deviate your attention to the peripherals that are of no consequence.

  88. Maybe Randy J can be changed by someone who really can be more upbeat. . .I think its about time that his Yoos, Dude, “Ita who U Are” and others, etc. will be heard no more. . . It getting to be boring & mostly BS week by week. . 

    They should list down the Number of Votes that each Top 13 gets as they get eliminated. . .After all, AMERICA is voting. . . .Then, we really know if the Numbers really count. .

    Lastly, once the Top 13 has been selected, they should not be allowed to use any Instrument, Guitar or Piano since, we are looking for a Talent who can sing and not play an instrument+sing. .  If they insist  singing with instrument, then, they should not join AI. . . .AI is a musical Talent Show, not a Band Show. . . .

    • Playing a music instrument is a talent and therefor it is part of AI since day one.
      My opinion of Jess went way down when she showed in the mentoring session that she knew they little about music.

    • Winn, that’s a bogus idea.  Bob Dylan, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney etc.  all singers with instruments.  American Idol is about finding a singing entertainer not just a singer.  

    • Huh? That makes absolutely no sense! Come on now, playing an instrument is a plus…to show talent and ability to be a performer. There’s a mixture of those who do play and those who don’t in the real singing world. KEEP THE INSTRUMENTS IF THEY CHOOSE TO PLAY. And those who have played an instrument in the past didn’t always part for every performance.

  89. Congratulations, Branden, you have elicited a total of 353 comments, excluding mine now, from about 100 commentators of your article. It is noteworthy to point out that 5 % of these commentators are clearly for Phil and 20 % for Jessica. The majority of the commentators (commenters), 75% of them, have tried not to veer from the topic at hand, although one can see from their suggestions for a revamp that they thought that Jessica could have won if the voting system were fair. It also worth mentioning that a few have written at length, not to mention, frequently, and are even more exciting and interesting than, pardon me, your article itself–to cite a few: Taymaro, Carlos, Ed, Guesty. Except for the 5% who are “rabidly” pro-Phillips and hence wouldn’t want an AI revamp, everyone who has written here is clamoring for a change in (a) the voting system, (b) the criteria and manner by which AI judges give their comments, (c) the criteria of what good music is, and (d) in the type or genre of songs the contestants are required to sing. Hopefully, Branden and TPTB of Americanidolnet would venture more into these topics in the future. 

    •  Lol….I finally figure out that you and Carlos are lovers…hope you boys are happy doing each other…explains your comments…but hey I’m ok with making room or all types. Are you boys getting married? Maybe you can get Jess as the wedding singer.

      • No, it’s not Carlos dude, it’s Taymaro. Obama is fine with that, right? Peace Taymaro, and thanks, Knoweverything, at least now you sound “sober.”

  90. A definite change should be that the judges critique performance but STOP being asked by ryan OR randy who they think should win, and NOT try to persuade AMERICA who to vote for. Also, NO SAVE! Otherwise change the name of the show. I’m okay with changing the voting system (although I’m one to vote hundreds of times using 2-3 phones…lol). Oh, and another thing…give all who make the top 24 air time …meaning show their auditions getting golden ticket instead of stupid, off the wall auditions that I don’t understand how they get past that very first audition that pours them through to the actual judges. I hasn’t never understood that! To me, that is SIP UNFAIR to some who CAN sing who get turned away…makes no sense.

  91. The voting is the problem.  In elections, each voter can cast one vote.  Why is Idol different?  Because they aren’t interested in the true aggregate opinions of the viewers — they only are interested in talking about how many tens of millions votes are received.  I enjoy the show, but now, after watching two seasons, it’s clear to me that the winners are not the best performers — they are the most popular ones among US teenage girls.

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