Jessica Sanchez Talks To RollingStone About Who She Really Is

Jessica Sanchez RollingStone

American Idol 2012 runner-up Jessica Sanchez recently sat down to talk to RollingStone about her experience on American Idol, her alter-ego “BB Chez” and her musical influences.

“I want people to know that the person I was in the competition is kinda different from who I want to be as an artist,” Jessica tells RollingStone in the video shared after the jump. She says that she’s not a pop singer and when she sang  her single during the finale, a lot of people could tell that. Did it cost her the title? No one will ever know that answer.

Jessica also reveals a kind-of surprising idol of hers. And no, it’s not Beyonce.

“I love Eminem,” she revealed. “It’s crazy how much I love him. I would cry if he walked into this room right now.”




  1. i wish those of you who didn’t care for jessica all season would finally lay off!!  she’s a sweet little girl with a brilliant voice who has a great future ahead of her.  if you don’t like a singer, THEN DON’T LISTEN.  but there’s no need to get bitchy about him or her.  change the station, don’t buy the record or concert tickets, and grow up.

    • Totally agree with you, Pr63…  This girl is destined for greatness.  Music industry executives, artists, celebrity entertainers, AI alumni and winners have spoken favorably of Jessica throughout AI season 11.  I can’t wait for her album here in Canada.  It is a truism that the greater a person is the more people will be critical of that person….  All you haters and trolls only serve to confirm this.

      •  Hi Luis,

        I wish you stop this “haters and trolls” thing you have in your small brain.

        Accept the fact that you cannot expect 100% of the people to like Jessica 100% of the time.  That is foolish.  And to call people that like other singers “haters and trolls” is really way too much.

        I like Jessica as much as I like Philip and actually I like  all 12 of the finalists.

        Now that the competition is over, stop this “haters and trolls” thing and buy her album and enjoy………………………and move on!

      •  Unfortunately, Ed – “haters and trolls” do exist. Your insulting Luis by attributing a “small brain” to him makes you one yourself.

      •  Hi Bbqchx,

        You are right “it takes one to know one” my point is just stop it now and move on.  Let it be.

      • Hahahahah
        Too bad she doesn’t sell. You think the industry is going to support  no sales, anorexic, beaver tooth kid…NOT!

      •  knowEverything, you know nothing apparently!  you’re just a green toothed smalltown, usa bimbo who wouldn’t appreciate true music if it slapped you!  go back to your timbuktoo town and listen to the likes of run-of-the-mill talent where phil will be playing soon!  oh…the county fair is his next gig, you might as well enter the grease the pig contest and the biggest potato head bonanza!

      • guest
         “greased pig at the county fair”, Jess is playing at my local county fair….wow she is big time!!

      • knoweverything, thought your name describes who you are but you’re not. check walmart site and see who is on best seller. uh hu!!!

      •  They have no brain, you know. And I bet a half of them don’t even know Eminem songs. Just say like they don’t know nothing.

      • Luis, check the Wal Mart website. Jessica is in Top 2 of the Pre-order section. 

    • to ed, is it me or did you find this the nastiest season to date???  i can’t figure out why.  any ideas??

      • Hi Pr63,
        Yes I find it to.  Ever since season 11 started.It got worst and worst as
        the competition developed right up to the finale and even after that.
        I don’t think  I remember seeing that word  “haters and trolls” as much
        as in any other season and or any other singing competition”EVAH” lol

        I know that Jessica’s supporters are very passionate in showing their support, but some went too far to a point that I believe they were partly responsible for the  loss of support from possible idol fans who could have transfer their votes to Jessica once their favourite was eliminated.  My guess is instead of moving to Jessica’s camp they move
        to either Joshua’s and Philip’s camp just because the were turned completely off from very poor attitude with lack of regard and respect to other posters. The thing was if you like Philip, Joshua, Elise and others you are automatically branded a Hater or worst a Racist.

         I have seen a few of those statements here and have spoken to them.  It is a shame since it is not Jessica’s doing and I do like her a lot and wish her the best and I know she will succeed very well in this industry.

        But these hardliners are too stubborn to heed and to stop and to let it go,   A) they are bored out of their minds    B) They are fanatical  and
        C)   refer to  A and B.  LOL

        Ohter than that I am still wondering what happenned?????

      • @Ed..exactly.. just because you’re not rooting for a person doesn’t mean disrespect or racism or hatred..all of the above I have been accused of this past season.   I naively didn’t realize the international fan base this site has.  I truly thought Jessica would walk away with it simply due to the responses and polling on here.  In the end, I was wrong, and my fav won it all!

      • I’m not sure if this was the nastiest season, but it would be a close call.  It got pretty bad last time with the pro/con on Pia and Haley, and bad with the Crystal bashing during season 9.  IMO limiting the voting would do a lot to alleviate people’s frustration.

      •  i think the david cook and david archuleta “duel” in 08 also elicited some not-so-nice comments from both camps but not as intense as this season’s. well, at least at that time it was really a close fight as david cook had a voice to boot. but  this season, phil is really an inferior voice compared to jessica’s powerful one only to be edged out by phil’s good looks which should not have  been part of the criteria of the so-called SINGING competition.

    •  Jess is insignificant, she doesn’t sell. No one speaks about here on here until someone like you jumps on here and spews your sour grapes…

      •  Listen “here” Truthsquad do you mean here or her? ha ha ha go back to school, stop playing hookie.  I’ll text your home room teach and tell him where you are. LOL

      •  lol….Ed is right you’re a truant teenage bimbo!  go hit the books instead of the bong… your brain cells are all rotting and eaten up!  you can’t even buy a brain and even if you did….it would be lonely! lololol!!!!

      • Hi Guest
         You too guest.  But don’t go back to school. go directly to your nearest
        mental hospital and check your self in and tell the guards to throw away the key, right?  I repeat no keys!  you are much too good for us here on the outside.  And be careful don’t cut your self too much ok?

      • go to walmart site and come back here and tell us what you see. you dont know nothing.

      •  I SUGGEST YOU TRUTHSQUAD just go to your Idol’s site and say something good about him….GET OUT OF HERE…OUT OUT OUT…..

      • you are not yet done with jessica fever yet? wow…you really must love her so…admit it!!! hahahha…move on guyz…she’s already out there conquering the world by leaps and bounds and you are still down in your misery…poor guyz…

      • you certainly have an un-tamed tongue, knoweverything and you’re the reason why sites like this become heated at times but exciting. this is democracy at its zenith which can be curtailed a bit by one’s cordiality. evidently it is your style, knoweverything, and i admire you for your audacity though not your flair…

      • She’s definitely selling in Wal Mart. Check out the website under Music Pre-orders for yourself. She’s listed as a Topseller in the site.  In case you don’t know, Jessica is also # 1 in Billboard’s heatseekers and she’s everywhere in Jango Music chart. 

    • very true, pr63. she’s a very sweet and gracious girl. i can’t wait myself to listen to her very first cd album. it will be history in the making as it was when michael jackson split from the jackson 5 and sang BEN in his first album.

    • Hey Dianne, go to the Wal Mart website and Jessica is a pre-order Topseller there. The Cd will be released this coming July 3rd. The website has details on how you can secure her album safely.

  2. so down to earth person… keep it up girl… waiting for your album… hope u do some rap song…

    • @Bubbly buzz.  stop thinking so negatively and that everything is a huge plan to make Jessica Sanchez fail.  Are you serious, AI wants all of their contestants to succeed, it makes them look good, like they can pick talent.  It’s sad to me that so many people on this site think there is a conspiracy against JS,  Why would the judges have “saved” her if they didn’t think she could win.   It makes zero sense.   Think about it Bubbly.

      • Vanessa, why are you so dense?
        AI wanted Jess to be in the finale for sure.  But they didnt want her to win. She had to lose to either Joshua or P2.  Even Jessica knew that beforehand.  She was given a terrible song to sing in the final competition, and they didnt change the song to the way she asked.  In other words, Jessica was denied originality.   Yet AI did everything to accommodate P2.
        One mistake that Jessica made in the competition was being too naive and followed the “advice” of the producers to the tee.  P2 didnt.
        But thats a good lesson for her to learn and prepare her for the real world… to know who are her real friends.

    • Very interesting, indeed. I can’t wait to buy Jessica’s debut CD album, much more so because I can’t buy her songs in Itunes for which reason I dunno. I was able to buy Ledet’s songs though and Hollie’s and Phil’s Volcano, but I can’t download to purchase any of Jessica’s songs. Any advice guys & gals in this regard? I already emailed Itunes but I was told to wait for 72 hours but it’s been more than 72 hrs already.

      • Because AI scared that she sell more album than the rest. Because they want to prove that she cant be an American idol and she can’t hit the top sellers. In short, they are very manipulative and im not surprise anymore.

      • @Bubblybuzz..American Idol has nothing to do with Itunes. Itunes or Apple does not care whose record your long as you buy. American Idol cannot manipulate Itunes.

      •  My advice is for you to shut you lying pie hole. If you can’t download it’s because you suck and the world knows it. I’m so sick of you Jess fans trying to make up crap to cover why her music doesn’t sell. It’s too bad her fans are too cheap to support her except for on free Jocko radio..hahaahah
        You people are so pathetic, if she you you existed, she would be so embarrassed you are fans.

      •  TruthSquad you’d better start lining up with your cohorts at the county fair where phil will be playing…. you are the pathetic smalltown dingy who can’t spell worth sh*t… hmmm…typical p2 fan, bimbo’s (teenyboppers and cougars) in some remote town population 10, cows-1000.  the only music you hear is the moooos!

      • @Guest..don’t know how you got your information on P2’s fanbase.  I, for one, live in NYC and have never seen a cow, close up that is.  I am not a teenypopper or a cougar.  You can bash away at the new American Idol all you want and it still won’t change the fact that JS lost, twice!  I am not maligning this girl, just some of the ridiculous comments made by some of her more zealous fans..which I’m positive she wouldn’t appreciate.

      •  @vanessa, with a name like yours it’s a dead give away….you are somewhere in between a teenybopper and will soon grow up to be a desperate cougar! lol….you live in nyc? hmmmm…..i guess they have bad taste there too, oh well…. try the bars at tribeca or chelsea or even gramercy….maybe phil will be there….i bet he won’t last a few night gigs….

      • @guest1…I want to respond to your pathetic response to me but just can’t, you are such an a-hole and loser   Gee go see Phil as you call him at Tribeca, go see Jessica at the unemployment line, for you not her.

      • But I don’t think that I will subscribe as much to her rapping as to her singing. She should sing and rap and warp and belt, something which I can’t find Phil doing. Phil is a nice man and can sing, but how I wished he’d sing something more fitting to his voice and something that he could call his own. His rendition of Volcano was nothing but a mimic (not bad but could have been better) of Damien Rice. His winning song was similar to Greg Holden’s although Holden’s rendition is, of course, much better. I can say the same to Jessica’s mimicking of original singers, only that at times she sounded to me better than Mariah or even Whitney and Celine Dion. 

      • reading almost all your comments,I can tell you don’t and will never like her,your are just steering all the topics when its come to Jessica.I am not having a got at you,just stop it….please.Thanks.

      • Did you see my first comment about her? I said she seems like a nice grounded kid. AND..I said as talented as she is..she can’t rap. For God’s sake..she even admits it in the one video!!

      • @Pally45.   Ignore the masses on this site.  You saw how they all bashed Phillip during and after his victory.   She seems like a nice girl but she was eliminated twice, and a lot of her fans just can’t accept it.  All the wishing and hoping and screaming and hollering isn’t going to change that fact.  BTW, I agree with almost all of your posts…for a long time!

      •  oh vanessa it’s you again…may i ask why are you here again….just go back to your idol’s site ….gogogo

      •  @ vanessa who you calling the masses on this site..i think you’re one of them……

      •  @vanessa not my real name though…i just made it for this site it?

  3. Branden, is it me or you are learning to like Jessica? I think you’re kind to her (much more than when she was in the competition). 

    I actually like you a bit more. LOL.

    •  Its entirely you…he doesn’t give a frog’s fat *ss about you or her

      •  HEY TRUTHSQUAD what seems to be your problem.i suggest you go see a doctor bec. you might have a heart  attack…you sound so mad all the time….take it easy…….

  4. Good job, Branden. Finally, something about Jessica ( I mean Jessica alone without Phil or AI, etc). I wished you could include Jessica’s other “triumphs,” too in the field of post-Idol achievement, like her fame in Jango Radio and elsewhere. 

    Everyone in the Entertainment Media seems to focus only on the Sales in Itunes, which is important, but I think the US entertainment authors should go beyond the confines of their observation of Jessica in the mainland US and venture on other places like the Spanish-speaking Music world or Asia, especially Asian countries or nearby which adopted English also as their language, such as India, Philippines, Malaysia, Hongkong, Australia,  (yes, it is close to Asia), Dubai, Israel, Guam, Hawaii, etc. Jessica can sing both in English and Spanish (search in Youtube), and I’m sure she can Tagalog too, eventually. There is a market out there waiting for her CD’s. Not all can download Itunes (even I can’t and I’m an Apple fan–I can download Phil’s songs but not Jess’ and Itunes said the problem would be solved soon but there’s still a problem there). Itunes only accounts for about 20 % of the US market (US, not world market). The 80% US Music market is still untapped, much less the World, as far as this Jess-Phil sales-saga, as it were, is concerned. 

    • The problem with ITunes has been going on since after the AI finale. I still can’t complete JS Journey album nor individually download those songs in that album that I have not bought before it was released. It keeps saying “currently modified” and” not available”.

    • Only one reason if you can’t use iTunes……is you have no money.
      iTunes is world wide

      “According to a
      new study by Ipsos’ TEMPO Digital Music Brandscape, despite the
      emergence of Amazon, Apple’s iTunes platform still managed to gain
      market share in the increasingly crowded world music store crowd.
      iTunes moved to 57 percent market share, up from 50 percent last year
      at this time, and Amazon’s DRM-free store moved into second place with 9
      percent share, a large number considering the store has not been open
      for even a year yet. Rhapsody, which recently turned
      DRM-free, jumped up in market share as well, from 4 percent last year to
      7 percent now. Each continues to expand and is expected to take more
      market share, but at whose expense? It appears everyone but iTunes.

      Other stores such as Napster, Yahoo Music and Walmart have taken a hit in market share, at the expense of the now clear leaders.”

      • Hmmmmm… Lmao
        In the past two weeks, I have been to 3 different countries (Austria, Amsterdam & Bengal) and from those places I can’t figure it out the reason why I can’t purchase “All” of Jessica Sanchez songs on itunes (especially “change nothing”)….
        If it’s about money just what you suggested, I can easily spend thousands $$$ if I choose to but the problem is the current “system software program” of itunes is written with certain restrictions when it comes to Jessica’s singles…. By the way I’m back in Seattle at this moment and still no luck purchasing some of her singles… Lol

      • Crazy Looks like you might have a bit of jet lag going on as youv’e referred to a country, city and a region. 😉

      • @guesty you are totally right!!! lmao you got me there & like that one 😀
        Anyway with those new territories i’ve went to still no luck up to this very moment but nevertheless already pre-order her CD at walmart

      • here is the truth @truthsquad, we can’t buy songs from itunes in my country, only apps and games and itunes u are available. itunes card for US is also not available in apple stores.

    • go to walmart site to pre order her journey cd. ypu can see the truth in
      there. 🙂

      • Hey, is it already in Wal Mart? Maybe I can try to purchase Jessica’s songs from W’s website coz I can’t purchase Jess’ songs from Itunes.

  5. She seems like a grounded kid.  She went up a few notches in my respect for her because of her love of Eminem!

    • if you can’t say nice thing about Jessica,the shut up please!!!we don’t need your kind of comments,it makes some of jessica fans stand up for their idol and bash you and afterwards accused them of being so nasty!!!Even they said something horrid to jess’s mom and that’s just below the belt!!!!

      •  @0e5c7b3c4fec7a8b684be7e474ceb5b7:disqus,

        Either you have blinders on or just simply not reading posts properly.

        I don’t get it, what did Pally45 said ? read again, I thought it was a
        compliment.  I think it is time for you to pack it up, you are loosing it.

      • Yes. you know…like she has feet planted firmly on the ground? She seems like a nice kid. Not snotty.

    • sorry pally45….miss read your comment,please accept my apologies..

  6. Jessica is a prodigy,she was born with beautiful talent,good luck to her.I will buy her album.

  7. I’ve been following JS on youtube for few years and I know she is going to be a superstar.  I’ve downloaded all her songs and will continue to support her. 

    •  Hmmmm….after Justin Beiber was on Youtube just a few months, he got a record contract and became a huge star. I guess Jess just isn’t good enough to get the same….she’s been on youtube for years and she still has no record contract and no fame….poor girl. Wonder why, oh yeah, she’s just not that good and kind of boring…

      Sanchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, the all natural sleep aid!

      • Truthsquad May I ask what brought you to search this article online of someone you appear neither to care for or respect, then to take the time to type out and post a comment to demonstrate this? There are many artists and celebrities that I do not care for and I do not spend time searching news articles on them? May I ask what your great motivation is in this specific case?

      • She can hit the hight notes but her lower voice isn’t that good. The judges knew it. Remember Eternal Flame 

      • You really are a kill joy. Stop bashing Jessica okay? If you dont like her just shut yr trap

      • at least she can help you asleep, lol!!! see, although you hate her much she still have a positive effect on you. by the way, is PP still #1 in itunes?

    •  and that is very clear…she’s has the personality of a teen girl and we all know what that is

      • do we? Will you please enlighten us since you seems to be the wiz of the wizards lol…
        For a 16 yes old girl, I’m more impressed by her compared to you lmao «(o_O)»

  8. Such a nice girl. Already trying to rid herself of the AI stigma I see. I think she is on the right track. Sometimes it takes years to put enough distance between yourself and the humiliation of being on American Idol and get your career going. Some people never live it down. 

    •  ha ha ha Taymaro,
      you make it sound like she was in prison and now getting a parole
      ha ha ha.

      I read a while back that she did like hip hop and soul.  I think pop music was the ticket to get it in.  Smart move for Jessica , and now the sky is the limit.

      • Ed, May I ask if your statement above is serious? You read Jessica Sanchez  did not like Hip Hop? Jessica’s original material IS Hip Hop.
        Can you clarify your statement please?

      • Evidently you don’t understand the challenges of making a career after being involved with American Idol. I have read books by previous finalists. I have followed the careers of the successful of whom there are a few but the vast majority don’t ever make it in the business. Some have ended up on drugs, homeless and even some were institutionalized. The success stories are in spite of being on American Idol as opposed to being a result of it. 

        I think Jessica is making the right move to get out there this early and explain that she was forced to be someone she wasn’t on the show. She can’t say a whole lot at this point because she is still under contract with AI but I think she got her point across without doing anything to jeopardize her legal obligations. 

        The show is good to get your name out into the public domain but you have to be very smart in the immediate aftermath to maintain your dignity and self respect and keep others from sweeping you under the rug as just another AI finalist. 

        She is doing a good job so far. Keep it up Jessica!

      • ED  Jessica is only 16.. How old are you? 
        maybe your one of the looser  AI contestant didn’t make it.

      •  Hi Taymaro,

        You are right I don’t know and understand all the things that goes on with ex-idol winners and contestants.

        However I do know how difficult it is  to enter into and be successful in the music business.  I am sure you do to.  I have seen and heard musicians and singer/songwriters in my lifetime who are equally as good if not better than the singers that have come and gone on Idol,
        yet they remain stagnant, unemployed and doing something else not related to their chosen career.

        Although, people’s taste in music changes constantly and from time to time artists will show up, fresh and exciting and will dominate the music market for a while.  I used to think at one time the Beatles , the Stones, the Bee-gees and so many more of my favorites will never fade, but they did and so it goes on.

        What am I saying, this business is not for everyone and that includes the people we have seen during the eleven years of Idol.  Only a few
        and very lucky artists will make it, and that is fact and that’s the music industry.

        Just saying……………………………..

      • Marco, can you please read Ed’s post again. Then reread your earlier post  and then can you please clarify your statement.

        Nila you might want to read Ed’s post again then put it in context with Taymaro’s post. Think you come off a bit rude there. You seem to be jumping at Ed’s throat for no real apparent reason.

      • Marco Paul Anthony,
        Are you blind ? look at my post again and read it once more and check what I said.  Then just go away please. Did I used the word ” did not” or the word “did”      ???????????
        This is the problem of this blog, people are so much in hurry to yap and
         so anxious to respond and blast people but they do not read the post
        completely, result miscommunication.

        I’m sorry Marco you are jus the t latest to be guilty on this.

        I will repeat the statement for you

        I like Jessica, no reason for me to talk negatively about her, got it?

      • to Nila,

        Go away Nila, but before you do read my post again and tell me if you cannot understand plain and simple english, after that go away , I do not wish to have any conversation with you at all.  Thank you.

      • Ed,

        I posted a link a while back to a site where there were over 100 interviews of past Idol finalists. I wish I could find that link again to post it here. I do not say things without some sort of knowledge base on which I am basing my remarks.

        I do completely understand that there are absolutely great singers out there who never get “discovered” and who are perfectly at peace with it. They continue to entertain the people they come into contact with and that is good enough for them. There are all levels of fame and local fame can be just as rewarding as super stardom though never as lucrative. I know some of these people. They would never risk what they have for a remote chance at being accepted after appearing on one of these dog and pony shows.

        All American Idol contestants have to under go psycho analysis or see a shrink after they are eliminated. The show employees their own to make sure that each contestant is okay and doesn’t need any counseling to help them deal with the pressures and disappointment of the competition. That alone should make people weary of letting themselves be exploited for the sake of entertainment. 

        In the past, the public always heard the song first on the radio and then we started asking who the singer was. That is exactly the opposite with talent shows like this. That is a much more difficult way to enter the industry. That is the whole idea behind the format of “The Voice”. Someone should come up with a format where we only hear the voice and we vote based on that and never get to see the singer until they are eliminated and that is when they reveal their appearance to the public for their swan song performance. I personally would absolutely watch something like that. The directors would have to be very creative but it could be done and I think it would go over really well. You could focus on the sounds you hear and it would be like a visually impaired person. Because you can’t see the singer your sense of hearing would be amplified and you would hear every little defect or perfection in the voice. It would also work to improve ratings on results night. Results night might actually surpass performance night…LOL

        Just sayin…..

    • Hi Taymaro,
      You are spot on my friend.  That is one more reason why it is difficult to introduce new artists in these very saturated industry.  We got too much information,too much selection and not enough time to stop and listen.  we also have so much technology developed to a point it is difficult to know what is pure sound and what is manufactured.

      Today all you need is to operate sound equipment and mix them like crazy and you became an artist whether or not you can sing or play an instrument.  I think you can guess who I am reffering to.

      That’s why only a handful of artists last for a long time in this industry.
      And those that do are above them all since you can easily define, understand and determine who they are by their unique style.  This is
      whyI seldom listen to mainstream pop since I really can not tell who is singing anymore and after a while it all sounds the same.  Maybe I am getting too old for this. LOL

    • AI stigma? At 16 I was in sophomore year of high school with nothing going on with my life aside from mother’s talking me out of seeing this or that particular girl. Jessica at 16 has accomplished much more than more than a billion teenagers in the whole world. 

      We’ve got to see the bright side of Jess’ AI’s past and of her even brighter tomorrow in the Music industry. True, as Ed has commented below, the industry is saturated, but Jess can sing well, and really well, and there are not that many in the industry who can sing in the likes of Barbra Streissand, Carpenters, Houston, Holliday to whose singing caliber Jessica is on a par.  Jessica will rise to stardom in the level of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, not to mention that Jess is in a better position since she also has non-American following like for whom she can sing in non-English languages.

      •  You so delusional. Hahaha, she’s not even showing up on iTunes charts like Phillip does.

      • Kliner, Jessica is #1 in one of Billboard charts. Google it yourself to find out. Jessica can also be found in Jango Music chart where Phillips cannot be found. You and your Itunes are biased against Jessica. But let it be told: many people cannot download nor purchase Jessica’s songs from Itunes. 

      • Hi Christopher Greene,

        Ok let us confirm this , As you know and I know there so many Billboard Charts out there for just about every category and genre in the music business, that is why Billboard Charts exist.  Is it Hot 100?
        Billboard 200? Radio Songs? Digital Songs , On Demand Songs? Social 50? , Uncharted? , Heatseekers Songs? , Heatseekers Album? etc, etc etc, etc etc,……………………………?

        I don’t have to name  all the charts since we will run out of space, so specifically which category Jessica on the Billboard Charts she is number 1 ?  Really I do need to know since I did try to check it out.

        Thank you in advance.

  9. I just read through this thread, and most AI related news threads there seems to be a commonality. There are some bloggers praising the contestant and others that appear a result of systematically searching out articles on the contestant they did not favor to post the most creatively offensive statements they can come up with. The latter probably need some sort of psychological help. This isnt unusual really if you calculate 20M viewers, that a percentage will have an emotional disturbance of some sort When these people come online  it becomes transparent. So rather then fight back and forth it may be better to bypass these comments for what they are and hope that they get help of some sort.

    • Marco Paul Anthony is a lingual psychologist. Just wondering where you got the degree Marco. I studied philosophy and philology of language. I hear you…

      • Yeah Christopher , Marco may require to wear glasses as well, perhaps he needs to see a Dr in Optamology but first he should make sure that  he has been seen and reffered by a person who studied optometry.

        or perhaps all that is required is a little time to read everything carefully before starting to get the fingers fired up!!

        I think you know what I mean Marco , just a little clarification.

      • Ed:  You clearly wish to appear educated, so, let me help you.  The word is Opthalmology.  Either you are uneducated or sloppy with your many misspelled words.  Neither trait adds to your credibility.

      • Hi Lyle,

        I see we have another genius in our site.  Come.come share your knowledge and debate all this non-sense with us and start having some fun.

        Unless of course you have nothing more to add or share in relation to the topic we are talking about then just go away.   But of course your job is to be the resident  spell check police.  Let me know if you want to be promoted to a more useful position of” Blog Irritator” , that will be a more challenging position  and will definitely dig up a lot of hate in this blog and will make your day worth while.

        Oh, thank you for the correction, I did fail spelling back in school, wait a minute , I don’t remember going to school, oooops 🙂 

  10. Oh please hater, stop bashing Jessica Sanchez, all she does is sing to people and they love it.  If you don’t like her, then leave her alone.   I like her a lot and first time I cast votes on American Idol, but still I’m happy for her because I know she will have a good future as an artist.   God bless her.

  11. I hope that Jessica is aware that her songs in Itunes are difficult, if not impossible, to purchase. I have read at least from 10 people in the different blogs of this site saying that they can’t purchase Jess’ songs from Itunes. I myself have tried to purchase her Journey 11 album but to no avail. If anyone has connections to bring this Itunes problem to the fore in mainstream media or to Jessica’s mentor or manager, I would appreciate it. I’d really would like to buy her songs but I couldn’t. I know that there is nothing wrong on my end coz I was successful in purchasing Hollie’s and Joshua’s songs recently.

    •  I work for iTunes and you are a complete liar.
      The only time something is unavailable is if it isn’t licensed for the area the IP address indicates.
      Trust me, iTunes keeps track of sale fullfillment errors and my bonus is based on those, so I know. I checked the errors on Jessica’s songs and albums and they are lower than NORMAL.

      • @dfc9055d71568e6896a86e956233b6d4:disqus Don’t waste time with this.   Several sites are getting posters complaining about this, when in fact it is a ploy to get people to see for themselves if it’s broken by buying her music.  They go to see and hit buy now and it works, so they’ve been duped into buying music they didn’t want.

      • Dude, I can forward the email of Itunes if you want. I emailed Itunes already. I don’t need your unsolicited remark.

      • You have to open your eyes: there could be some errors; maybe of viral nature, maybe foul play laden. Itunes is aware of this already and so are some media outlets I have contacted. This is an issue that some people of repute are now investigating or analyzing. 

      • Corky, please stop spreading lies. I cannot download nor purchase Jessica’s songs from Itunes. I have emailed Itunes and I have an email copy of Itunes’ reply in which Itunes has acknowledged that there is such a problem.

      • hey, i can’t purchase jessica’s songs either from itunes. i have a mac book and i have an acct for apple and i was able to buy de andre’s songs without any problem. i also bought josh’s songs without a glitch, but i can’t understand why i can’t purchase jessica’s. 

      • Since you work at itunes as what you claim to be, will you also check the encoding(module program) under Jessica’s tunes if you are one of their software programmer and while you’re into take all three restrictions out on Jessica’s songs so people over the world can able to purchase them unless of course it is “memo” not to…

        If it will help you, I can give you the parameter or syntax I get every time I try to purchase her song “change nothing”, you want???

      • Not all songs are licensed for all areas, this is controlled by contracts and depends upon the regions that are being purchased from as indicated by IP address. iTunes will not allow you to buy if you’re not allowed to.
        We run diagnostic programs from remote locations, just like a customer and none of the diagnostics are showing a problem for all licensed areas.

      • Thank you wondering for the heads up. I went to the Walmart web site and, yeah, there are 5 pre-orders of Jessica there, some of which are from out of the country. Phil has 2 pre-orders from the US only. Josh has 1 and Hollie has 1. I’m very happy that, finally, I can have Jess’ copy of her Journey 11 CD, and you bet I will pre-order not only 1 but a bit more.  The pre-orders will arrive first week of July.

  12. Phil’s fans should just admit it. They keep complaining about how mean-spirited fans are this year, how Jessica fans are so rabid, how they can’t understand why all these things are happening this season.
    But you know what? They can’t get enough of it. Sometimes Phil’s fans will even post something to provoke Jessica’s fans and when no one replies they contradict the statements themselves just to get the fight going. To the end that they are really fighting with themselves.
    I am so entertained watching this. 
    I have been trying to ignore what’s going on, but this comedy is so rich, I just have to go for it.

    • Takethat, your usage of pronouns “they” betray a syntax yielding to run-on sentences. It’s hard to know to which antecedents “they” refer to.  You’re such a comic yourself. But it’s cool dude, take it easy.

      • You must not be from the US. I am using conversational English not formal English. We don’t usually use formal English when we are just chatting. You would know that if you live here in the US. Using formal English here will be like wearing tuxedo to a basketball game.

      • Takethat, I’ve lived in the US for more than 50 years. Don’t be stubborn my child; be humble to accept corrections. Your sentences are dangling.

    • “Fans” comes from the word FANATIC. Don’t be surprised if they are “rabid.” But this is a free country, take it easy. Argue and hold your ground. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Don’t hit below the belt by supporting your arguments ab hominem, that is, when you try to insult a person as being from elsewhere and not from the US. I am not attacking your personal life Takethat; I am giving a feedback on your sentences as you can give feedback to mine too. But please don’t include my mother or my mother-in-law (lol) in your response to me. Peace buddy…

  13. See, TRSquad, you are the type that like to fan the fire against Jessica and get her supporters defensive.  Then come idiots complaining about how JS supporters are being too defensive.

  14. Chris Greene,
    Your assessment of Jessica’s singing ability is correct.  But your prediction of her singing career may not be.
    I am afraid young generation of music fans dont appreciate the type of singing by Streissand, Carpenters, Houston and even Holliday anymore. They adore visual impacts of Gaga, Madonna or JLo more than any good vocal singing.  Heck, thats why P2 won.

    • There are 7 billion people in the whole planet. There are only 300 million people in America. I’m talking way past beyond the Idol crowd.

      • PP had no visual impact on you? Phil’s impact has always been more visual than auditory.

  15. I wonder if I can ever get Jessica’s album here in Brunei that fast? I’m really looking forward and eagerly waiting for it. :p

  16. @Taymaro. I love your idea of a competition where we never see the singer. Could be interesting.

    • Pally45, isn’t it the usual or natural case that when we listen to music we don’t see the singer? We see movies; we listen to songs; we smell flowers; we touch bodies; we taste food. Are these not the senses all about? We judge the quality of the voice by our ears and not by our eyes as we do movies with our eyes and not by our ears. 

      • Not always…a lot of bands put on fantastic light shows at their concerts. It’s about the whole experience. Also..movies? That’s silly. Let’s just throw out any award for screen writing because the dialog doesn’t matter.

      • Hi Christopher Greene,

        Do you go out much?  Have you not attended a musical event that the following morning you could not stop talking about it with your co-workers.  Or just mellow out watching a nice video concert?

        I know listening to an album while driving, or listening to an album inside your entertainment room to one of your expensive Tube Amp System with speakers that is out of this world is also nice.

        MTV came to rise because we became highly visual and the need to see your favourite artist at play is now the thing to do if you can afford the concert tickets, LOL.  Just imagine listening to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” without actually seeing the Video, you would not have a clue
        how good it is until you connect the two together.  Lady Gaga’s forte in her music presentations are her outfits and her dancers, take that all away and you have bubble gum music.

        Just saying……………………………………….

      • Ed, I said the “usual” or “natural” case. You can still hear the music even if you close your eyes in a concert and still appreciate the music. In fact in concerts, some people close their eyes to really relish the beauty and richness of the song. But, you cannot do that in watching a movie. Just sayin……

      • Hi Christopher,

        I hear ya, but if I am going to pay any where from $200.00 – $1000.00
        to see an artist that I like, preferably in a small venue, by golly gee Iwill make sure my eyes, ears , nose, mouth and mind will be open, LOL

        But I hear ya alright…………………………………………

      • such profundity, christopher greene! too sad though that nowadays “music” at times can only be appreciated if mixed with props and other stuff like synthesizers, voice enhancers, etc. gone were the days when music was raw and natural and beautiful. jessica’s rendition of “you are beautiful” in the season’s top 5 or 6 was truly amazing, one that gave a glimmer of hope for music to get back to what it should be.

  17. @Andy Sleeter, comparing Phillip to Gaga, Madonna, and JLo is ridiculous. They sing completely different styles of music. Also..the only one that you mentioned that doesn’t have talent is JLO. Gaga and Madonna actually have talent.  If you want to talk about people liking artists for the visual aspect, you have to bring up Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Now those two..untalented studio made hacks.

    • I thought JLo was better than Madonna. Rihanna’s voice is fantastic.

      • JLO cannot sing without a synthesizer and have you heard Rihanna live? She is flatter than flat. She sucks. Madonna is 100 times better than both of them in singing ability.

    • madonna is cool and jlo is pretty. both can sing in their own unique way. phil is cool and jessica is cute and both can sing in their own unique way. i buy phil’s songs as i would have liked to buy jessica’s songs (i can’t purchase them). but i go more for females’ albums rather than males’, so if given only one choice i’d buy jessica’s.  i like rihanna’s voice and performance but i can’t say yet of nicki’s. one of my favorites is mariah carey and jessica is her better version. i really like jessica but i also like phil, but i’m a man so i’m not really comfortable “enjoying” phil’s songs, but my sister loves him very much. it’s all a matter of taste. thank heavens we don’t live under a dictatorial rule where we can actually be forced whom to like or whom to dislike.

      • A man can’t enjoy another guy’s songs? I would venture a guess and say that 85 percent of Metallica fans are guys.

    • like i said, it’s a matter of taste. i was citing a case of only one choice between a man and a woman. between jess & phil i’d choose jess. i enjoy the backstreet boys’ and i enjoy britney’s performances. between the 2, i’d prefer britney. let’s not belabor the point; de gustebus non disputantum est–when it’s a matter of taste, no debate is possible. take it easy.

      • She cannot sing without a synthesizer and she ALWAYS lip syncs.  She is beautiful and is a much better actress than a singer. She should stick to acting.

  18. Itunesdeveloper below, if you indeed are the developer you claim you are, please contact the president or manager of this website to allow you to contact me via email or by any means and we can arrange for an actual session where I can show you that I can’t purchase Jessica’s songs. We can do it via Skype or if you’re not very far from the Midwest, I can go to your place or you to mine, so you can help me solve this problem. I will go to Itunes site again today and see if Itunes has already fixed the peoblem. I will email Itunes again as instructed. I have a copy of the Itunes representative telling me to wait for 72 hours as Itunes is trying to solve the problem.  There is a problem here. I want Jessica’s songs but I can’t buy the Journey 11 album due to an error message on Itunes. I have bought some songs of Phil, Josh, Hollie, Colton, etc without any problem.

    • Itunesdeveloper, I just went to the Itunes website just a minute ago and I’m pasting here the message I keep on receiving:

      Purchase of this item is not currently available.


      This item is being modified. Please try again later.

    • Itunesdeveloper, I just went to the Itunes website just a minute ago and I’m pasting here the message I keep on receiving:

      Purchase of this item is not currently available.


      This item is being modified. Please try again later.

  19. i hope jessica’s album will soon be available here..a lot of us are eagerly waiting for it to be released. we can’t download in itunes.wondering why?????

    • me likewise, i’m waiting. hopefully, her album would sell big time. i was told by a mexican friend that her album might include a spanish song or 2. i can’t wait to hear her spanish song in a cd album. i heard the one on youtube and it was good, much more so in a corrected cd with the accompaniment and all!

    • Meowmeow, check the Walmart website and you can pre-order Jessica’s album there.

  20. Wow 157 comments all told so far with about 45 commentators, of whom 10 are clearly in favor of Phil (of whom 5 are very vicious and nasty in their attacks against Jessica and/or her fans). 32 of these commentators are clearly in favor of Jessica, quite a few of whom are very audacious and articulate and can write at length. 3 of these 45 commentators are unclear whose side they’re in. As for me, a few of my candid comments highly in favor of Jessica were “sequestered” by the administrator, and I hope the administrator would have done the same to the very nasty comments below against her. To the administrator of this site, I hope you would remain a neutral arbiter. Thank you all and Good night. 

    •  Christopher, this just means that Jessica Sanchez is a STAR! Yes, there will be rocks and bumps along her way but as SURE as the sun rises, Jessica will reach the top. And we will all be so lucky to hear and appreciate by the musical gifts she (and her group) will bring. Up Jessica!

    • You must not have a life of your own if you took the time to work out those figures.  Go out into the sunshine and break this obsession.

      • why must you be so mean to a fellow commenter piers? some people have more time than others and they’re following jessica’s story very closely as you probably do phil’s story. let them be and chill out yourself dude.

      • @Carlos5118:disqus The only way I would follow Phil is if he was exiting a burning building.  He’s not my cup of tea.  But, when you read the timeline of many of these posts, you realize that some people spend all of their waking hours on this site.  That cannot be conducive to mental or physical health.

      • still, it’s really none of your business dude. or is it? who can judge a person just by mere discerning what he does in a blog site? seems to me that you’re the one without a life by being nosy with what people do with their lives.

      • Piers I work in a hospital and I take care of the dying patients. I don’t need to work for more than 20 hours a week to earn that much of a living, unlike you I surmise. Yes, I have the leisure of time which some people like you don’t have. Too bad if that gives you much of a headache to think that some are smarter than others.  There is hope for people like you Piers, especially if you learn the art of minding your own business.

    • a brilliant observation christopher. yeah, it seems like this site has more fans of jessica’s than phil’s, and phil’s fans are so unlike him as they are not cool but nasty.

      • I have to agree. Phillip seems like a very cool, laid back kind if guy. But, too many of his fans are vulgar and crude.

      • @Carlos5118 & Foxstar. Where were you guys when I was being called stupid, a b*tch, tone deaf, retarded, and a racist for being a Phillip fan and not a Jessica fan? The reason you think the Phillip fans were so bad is because a lot of the Jessica fans post were so bad they were deleted by the moderators!

    • You are asking the moderator to remain neutral.  That would imply that he was neutral before , which is not the case.  Branden has been biased against Jessica all season long, and if this comment does not get posted, then it will just be another confirmation of this comment.

  21. so I’ve tried for two weeks to buy jessica’s itunes album and it prevents me by saying “Album being modified”.  If it is not some type of conspiracy, it is definitely manipulation by some other reason.  You can buy some individual tunes by JS but not the ones that you want.  Someone or something is manipulating the results.  

    • guest, quite a few people have said this before. i hope americanidolnet TPTB would pick it up and bring it to the fore of the mainstream media. 

  22. Jess cant sell??? then why the hell’s her itunes are always in error,  people can’t buy her music… sounds odd to me.  

  23. JESSICA is still the “TALK OF THE TOWN” …. “)  keep it up Jess …!

  24. pally45, i don’t know what you are writing about. i haven’t read anything like that at all. if those types of comments were deleted by the moderator, then why didn’t the moderator delete similar comments posted by phil’s fans against jessica? you’re either telling a lie now or the moderator was playing favorites then.

    • I am not lying. I was called a b*tch, a retard, tone deaf and many other things. I don’t believe they are playing favorites. I didn’t see Phillip’s fans calling people names like that.

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