American Idol takes People’s Choice Award

American Idol 2012

Despite all of the competition now out there, the people still prefer “American Idol” as their No. 1 favorite competition show.

Our favorite singing contest and yours won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Competition Show Wednesday night. It was up against “So You Think You Can Dance,” “The Voice,” “Dancing With the Stars,” and “America’s Got Talent.”

Will American Idol 2012 have what it takes to hold on to #1?




  1. Good for Idol!!! I can’t wait until next week when season 11 premiers, watching the X Factor got me all excited for Idol this season.

  2. didn’t see the show. i hate awards shows. you have a bunch of completely overdressed people gushing and making thank you speeches they really don’t mean. and the jewelry is all rented. and half the women hire stylists who dress them up like clowns.

    • DUH! I cannot believe anyone likes the X/Factor better than American Idol. It was a total mess! Booo Hoooing Nicole could not vote! L.A. was a man of principle. But he voted for his contestant Marcus Canty. When Rachel came out and blew him off the stage. Simon better do some tweaking next year, or his boring show will be over!

    • Let us be objective 🙂
      In comparing the two shows, in your opinion
      what if Melanie and Josh was in competetion
      with Pia, Scotty , Lauren , Haley , James , Casey , Stefano , Naima , etc etc. Where would Melanie and Josh do you think would end up? I know I did not include the rest of
      the contestants of Xfactor since I don’t really consider them as good as the final two. My opinion only.
      Too much hype with Xfactor but it did not meet my expectations of a show that will provide what they claim as “Extreme Talent”
      not even close. I am happy for Melanie she deserves to win Xfactor. Josh did very well too, but other than those two the whole show
      was a let down for me.

      • Ed, I just got up so my brain is not quite awake yet. I am not sure where Josh, or Melanie would have ended up if they were against Pia, Scotty ,Lauren, Haley ( Whom I did not care for too much! ) James whom I love. Casey was just OK. Same with Stefano and Naima. I thought they were just average talent. JMHO. I think Haley thought she was better than she really was! And I am trying to be objective even though I have not had any coffee yet. LOL. It should be fun on American Idol this year. I just want Steven Tyler to really show off the great personality he has! As for comparing the two shows I just think the X/Factor was a mess! There was not very much of it I liked at all. Too much pomp, glitz and junk in the show. And when that Nicole could and would not vote that was it for me. Simon should have went over to her and said Nicole you either vote one way or another. Or you are on your way out of here. Then she broke down crying on stage with Rachel. Did she thing the audience was going to save Rachel? Well Thanks. I have to get off of here and get something done. Have a nice week end. Actually my husband and I think Josh shoud have won. He is not better than James Durbin though. That would have been a super run off if those two had been the 2 finalist though! Sherry K

      • Hi Sherry K,
        I can tell you are a true blue rocker,
        this is a neat suggestion, I don’t think AI will consider it but would’nt
        it be nice to see a night of rock and invite alumnis like , Adam Lambert , Chris Daughtry , Carly Smithson , James Durbin and Josh Krajic as guest
        singers. That will be a treat 🙂

  3. I much prefer “So you think you can dance” to Idol and other entertainment shows

    • Nigel. I really love ” So you think you can dance too!” The contestants on that show really have to work their butts off! And only 1 person wins. I wish they would at least pick one girl and one guy!

      • @Sherry K. I definitely agree with you about SYTYCD. They should pick one girl & one guy….that is my only beef with that show….I really love AI but I do like the others in that category……

        Lets hope AI is exciting this year, who knows maybe we will see another Adam L. or James D. Something exciting, preferably no Country….(sorry Country fans) last season was enough….let the two top finishes enjoy country without any more new comers…LOL…

      • I think the US is headed for another period of heavy country as we saw in the ’90s with Shania and line dancing. Remember? The super bowl this year is country [Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson]. Throw the popularity of Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum etc. into the mix and it’s going to be a lot more country for the next few years. This cycles that way on a regular basis, so “Saddle Up Baby”.

  4. @ Phyllis G, My dear friend. Hi there girl! How are you doing? Did you read what Ed said about ADAM LAMBERT, Cris Daughtry whom I think is great, Carly Smithson, and I love James Durbin too.And Josh Krajic who should have won X/Factor!! wouldn’t that be a TRIP!!! I love it. I am also with you Phyllis about no country this year. You know I am a country music fan. But hey I like my Rock and roll too. Love Daughtry. And girl you know I love ADAM!!! See you later Phyllis. I do hope AI is more fun this year too! Totally love Journey with STEVE PERRY of course!! Hi Ed! I am with you! Thanks to Marco too.

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