Sneak Peek: James Durbin’s ‘Stand Up’ video

James Durbin album cover

American Idol Season 10 alum James Durbin‘s video to single stand up is set to debut on Vevo and iTunes on Jan. 24, but you can see  a trailer to the video now.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, you can get a taste of it in the video. It sounds much like you’d expect from James: very 80s/metal. Very nice. The video itself isn’t too fancy, but it’s all about the music, right?

What do you think of the song and the trailer?




  1. i loved him from the first time i heard him sing and i still do…already bought his 1st cd and it is awesome

  2. I loved him from the start on American Idol…He rocks! Love his passion, his talent, everything about him. He will go far in his life. As Steven Tyler said…”I don’t think you’ll every be selling hamburgers”. I’m 56 years old and a die hard ‘Beatles’ fan…when he sang Paul MCartney [and didn’t totally kill it, like most do], I was sold on him and have been ever since. You go James!

  3. James you were my favorite last season. I just love this song from your CD. which I have worn out playing…LOL….I would love to see the whole video so I’ll just have to tune in to see the premiere of it…

    To the people who have is CD….Do you just love “May”….I choke up everytime I hear it…

  4. I am not a big fan on that type of vocal, however I have to say James does it very well, and I can imagine a lot of people loving his music.

  5. James will be going far in his career! He has come from a small circle of friends, to the world of his fans! I love James voice, his humbleness, and his genuine passion for music! I love James new CD, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster! It’s an awesome CD!

    • James, I am so happy for you! I loved you from the first too. I just know you will have a good long career. I am looking forward to your CD.

  6. I always looked forward to see you each week on American Idol. Congrats on your CD and your wedding too. Im very happy for you.

  7. So ecstatic that James Durbin (American Idol Season 10) has a CD & his song & video “STAND UP” to debut 1/24/12 rocks!…Beginning with his audition on American Idol, JAMES DURBIN grabbed my heart with “his story”, his deep passion for his music, his love & appreciation 4 his wife/best friend, & child, along with his absolutely INCREDIBLE performances last year…I rooted for him all the way & am SO HAPPY he is going in the directions of his dreams…JAMES DURBIN is just getting started, and I am certain his name & music career will increase similar to that of CARRIE UNDERWOOD…thank You AMERICAN IDOL for the meaningful difference you make in this world, such as for the performers, the audience & viewers, the charity work, etc…I look forward to another memorable Season…AMERICAN IDOL & JAMES DURBIN ROCK!!! 😉

  8. i loved the song  keep up the great work  i cant wait  tell james cd comes out iam gettin it

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