American Idol Voting Mistake Floods Pizzeria With Calls

A massive American Idol 2014 voting mistake sent a flood of calls to a pizzeria in Port Angeles, Washington last Wednesday. For two hours, Gordy’s Pizza & Pasta fielded a slew of phone calls from fans trying to vote for their favorite American Idol 2014 contestant.

American Idol voting

Although 71 million American Idol votes did make it through properly on Wednesday night, an unknown number of calls were apparently routed by mistake to the Washington pizzeria. So far there is still no official explanation for how the votes went astray.

“We apologize to Gordy’s Pizza & Pasta,” a spokesperson for American Idol season 13 said in a press statement about the snafu.

Randy Sexton, owner of Gordy’s, told the Peninsula Daily News that most of the calls seemed to be from the East Coast. He believes that there was possibly some kind of mistake made when calls were routed through AT&T and hopes it won’t happen again.

This is not the first time American Idol voting phone numbers have gotten messed up over the years. Back in season 8, contestant Alexis Grace’s phone number went to an adult services number. In season 4, some of the phone numbers for the contestants were mixed up when they were shown on TV, resulting in votes going to the wrong contestant.



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  1. It seems I also recall a million or so votes got lost somewhere in Indiana at the end of season 2.

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