American Idol Weight Loss Stars: From Ruben Studdard to Jennifer Hudson! [PHOTOS]

Former American Idol winner Ruben Studdard lost 119 pounds on The Biggest Loser 15, but he isn’t the only contestant to lose massive pounds since leaving the show. Other American Idol weight loss stars include season 7 finalist Jennifer Hudson, season 6 winner Jordin Sparks, season 5 finalist Mandisa, and more!

American Idol‘s Mandisa weight loss before and after
Sources: FOX & Twitter
Not only has American Idol been a jumping off point for many singers in furthering their careers, but apparently it’s been an inspiration for weight loss as well. Since being on the show, many contestants have lost tremendous amounts of weight, including the show’s most recent winner, Candice Glover. Check out our amazing gallery of American Idol weight loss before and after photos for some amazing transformations!

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Photo sources: FOX, Instagram, Twitter

Candice Glover Weight Loss

Since winning American Idol, Candice Glover has dropped 30 pounds and couldn’t be more pleased. “Over the course of the show, from January to May, I probably dropped 20 lbs. And I’ve lost about 10 more since the finale,” Glover said during an interview with People magazine. “It is always good to be healthy, so I am happy about it.”

Ruben Studdard Weight Loss

American Idol winner Ruben Studdard signed up for The Biggest Loser 15 as the show’s first ‘celebrity’ contestant to finally shed the pounds that he’s been fighting his whole life. Although he was eliminated pretty early on, Ruben lost 119 pounds by the finale!

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Oscar-winning actress, singer, and mom Jennifer Hudson signed on as a Weight Watchers spokesperson and became one of their biggest success stories. She lost over 80 pounds and looks absolutely amazing!

Jordin Sparks Weight Loss

Last year, former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks showed off her 55 pound weight loss on the cover of Women’s Running magazine. Looking fit and fabulous, Jordin told the magazine that hiking and a Latin dance fitness class helped her to lose the weight.

Mandisa Weight Loss

When gospel singer Mandisa auditioned for American Idol, former judge Simon Cowell remarked they were “going to have to build a bigger stage” to fit her on. It was one of Simon’s cruelest remarks ever on the show, but Mandisa decided getting healthy was the best revenge. She’s since shed over 120 pounds by dealing with her food addition issues, hiring a personal trainer, and enjoying Zumba classes, according to Essence magazine.

Of course, these are just a few of the fabulous American Idol weight loss stories over the years. Let’s not forget that some of the judges have also dropped major pounds as well, including ‘Dawg’ Randy Jackson.

Even host Ryan Seacrest has a long history fighting hard to keep healthy, going from a heavyset, overweight kid to one of Hollywood’s most fit and eligible bachelors!