American Idol Winner Caleb Johnson: Listen to Full Album ‘Testify’

American Idol winner Caleb Johnson is set to debut his new album Testify on Tuesday, August 12. If you can’t wait that long to hear what the season 13 winner is dishing up on his new CD, you can go ahead and take a listen to it right now!

From now through August 11, you can listen to the full stream of American Idol winner Caleb Johnson‘s debut album Testify on Overall we think it’s certainly a good listen, but we’re not feeling very confident that it’s going to be a chart-topper like albums from previous winners like Phillip Phillips or Carrie Underwood.

Caleb’s album is a little less hard rock than perhaps we might have wished, but there are certainly some strong, rocking tracks on Testify. We hear plenty of that old rock ‘n’ roll classic sound as well, which we certainly loved from him on American Idol season 13. However, the album just seems to lack a modern edge or unique identity to be a big hit. Of course, we can always hope we are totally wrong about that.

Give a listen to the album here (pop-up window) and tell us what you think! Or listen to a sampler in the video below:

Testify Album Tracks:

  • Sailing Away
  • Save Me
  • Let Me In
  • Only One
  • Fighting Gravity
  • Devil’s Daughter
  • Another Life
  • Change
  • Testify
  • As Long As You Love Me

Testify will be available from online retailers and in stores on Tuesday, August 11.




  1. Quite agree. The post-grunge rock on this album is going to have a tough time finding a place on today’s charts. Good luck to him.

    • You nailed it Idol Girl! When Daughtry’s latest album, Baptized, came out, initially I was a little upset about the change in style. The album has grown on me since. I’ve come to understand why they had to change it up. The music on Baptized fits with current trends, which keeps the band relevant.

    • I think it sounds more outdated than even post-grunge. The vibe I get is a parody of a 70′s Bad Company album.

      • Yep. You’re right. Now that I think about it, it does sound more like a 70s-80s throwback album than post-grunge.

    • Ha! Ha! Caleb takes the crown as Idol’s lowest selling winner! Not surprised about this at all!

      www. mjsbigblog. com/ american-idol-caleb-johnson-testify-sales-prediction. htm

      • Not surprising to me either. The main things that are hurting Caleb are that AI is no longer popular, and he competed during a bad season, when the talent pool was incredibly boring and not engaging, and that would include Caleb.

  2. LA Reid & Co. would “not’ present Melanie Amaro’s Album-for she wasn’t successful with any of her single attempts. I believe in his philosophy too that you don’t try pulling the cart first without the horse. Caleb’s horse (in my opinion) is his “Fighting Gravity” song. But producers are rapidly trying to recoup the $million-even if they repress (no charting) of Jena’s single. so as not to hinder Caleb’s and of course “THEIR” recouping. It’s always about $$$!

    • Note: Bastille has been around for “years’ before “finally’ getting a hit (POMPEII). So only thereafter did Bastille present their album “BAD BLOOD”.

    • Fighting Gravity without Jena, Majesty,Jessica, & Malaya voals backup?- Is “TOO BLAND”, thus “NO HORSE”! What a let down!

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