American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks Guest Stars on CSI Tonight! [VIDEO]

Jordin Sparks will be guest starring on CSI on Wednesday night and you’ve never seen the American Idol winner look like this before! In her role on the suspenseful cop drama, Jordin will be up to her ears in blood and gore. Far from being grossed out, however, Jordin said she loved “getting down and dirty” for the role.

Jordin Sparks on CSI - Source: CBS/YouTube
Jordin Sparks on CSI – Source: CBS/YouTube

In an interview with, Jordin Sparks said she was doused in fake blood for her guest spot on CSI and but that’s okay because she loved every minute of it. “I couldn’t believe how sticky it was,” Jordan said, “but it made sense” for the role.

Jordin plays a high school teacher who gets involved in a murder on this Wednesday’s episode of CSI on CBS. In a preview for the show, Jordin is shown running out of a motel room with her shirt hanging open, covered in blood, with a knife in her hand. She looks confused and dazed as she holds off a crowd of concerned people with the blade.

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We don’t want to spill any more about her role with spoilers but we think you should totally tune in and watch the episode to see more! CSI “Check In and Check Out” airs Wednesday night at 10PM ET/PT.