American Idol 2014 Spoilers: Different Reasons, Same Dream Promo [VIDEO]

The American Idol 2014 spoilers videos so far have all very clearly focused on the contestants for season 13, rather than the judges. From the promos we’ve seen so far, it seems obvious that producers have gotten the message that the fans want to go back to the good old days when the contestants were the stars, not the American Idol judges.

American Idol 2014 - Source: FOX
American Idol 2014 – Source: FOX/YouTube

In the latest American Idol XIII promo video, we are once again given a peek at some of the future hopefuls who will be auditioning when the show returns in January. Various smiling faces scroll across the screen in soft light set to emotive music designed to tug at our heartstrings. Some of the contestants hold up signs giving their reasons for auditioning like “Hope,” “To Be Free,” “Love & Life,” and — from a mother holding her son in her lap — “For Him.”

The video closes with contestants holding up their numbers and sticking them to their chests and the tagline: “Different Reasons, Same Dream.” We are guessing the creators of the video would really love to have you tear up just a big while watching all those young men and women glow with hope that their dream is about to come true.

What do you think about the very contestant-focused promos and press for American Idol 2014? Are the producers finally getting it right again or are they pushing the ‘return’ to focusing on talent rather than judges a bit too hard?




  1. I’m glad AI will be about the contestants, but how about taking it one step farther and make it about their TALENT, not their tragedies. One mention at beginning of season, like Gokey, but am sick of talent second to tears, especially with drama queen JLo back. Sniveling has no place on a SINGING competition. Don’t remember any of that crap during AI 8.

    • I have to agree with you, Lets focus on the music and not the sad stories, everyone has a sad story to tell….enough! Season 8 was about talent. Adam Lambert for example….Pure talent….not drama!!!

  2. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME OF THIS SONG. I have been looking forever now for the title to this song with no luck. It’s the song to the promo with the lyrics “…dreamy dreams come true…”. Can someone help me out?

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