American Idol’s Heejun Han Auditions for Korea’s K-Pop Star 3

Remember quirky American Idol finalist Heejun Han from season 11? We haven’t heard a lot from him over here in the states since he was eliminated, but Heejun has been very busy over in Korea. Despite failing to win two reality TV competitions so far, he’s not willing to give up on his dream of becoming a household name — in Korea at least.

Heejun Han on K-Pop Star 3 - Source: KNN SBS
Heejun Han on K-Pop Star 3 – Source: KNN SBS

Heejun seems quite determined to become the next big thing in his native country no matter what he has to do to get there. After failing to to win American Idol, Heejun headed to Korea to try to make a name for himself there. He auditioned for the the Korean reality competition The Great Birth but was eliminated. Now Heejun is back in the spotlight again as a contestant on K-Pop Star 3.

“But no matter how well things worked out for me, I’m a Korean person who eats Korean food, who talks about Korean, and whose first language was Korean, and yet, why don’t the Korean people know me?” the former American Idol contestant said, according to

Heejun reportedly passed the audition for his latest reality TV venture with flying colors and three yes votes from the judges. According to a translation of Heejun’s audition video by, one of the judges said Heejun came across as a professional but needs to work in the mindset of starting with a blank slate. Another judge said Heejun is “very polite, your words are bright, and you make people feel better.”

We wish Heejun all the best in his latest musical endeavor and hope he makes it all the way to the end this time around!




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