American Idol 2014 Spoilers: Hollywood Week Details Leaked!

The American Idol spoilers for season 13’s Hollywood Week are finally starting to trickle out! We don’t have a lot yet but we can tell you that Golden Ticket winners from the auditions are reportedly scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles around December 15. They should be taking the stage on December 16 for Hollywood Week and hopefully we’ll get some tasty American Idol 2014 spoilers from the performances for you like we did last year.

American Idol 2014
Another bit of American Idol XIII news coming out is a confirmation that singers will be able to choose some fresher songs for this season’s Hollywood Week performances. Old songs are reportedly being removed and the new list of choices will reportedly contain at contemporary tunes from the last two decades. This detail was apparently included in an e-mail sent out to contestants who will be headed out to Hollywood Week, according to mjsbigblog. We’re very excited about this and the news that the show will have an updated song book in general for season 13.

At the end of last season, American Idol spoilers leaked from TheIdolPad that there will be an eligibility rule change for 2014 that will allow any former contestants from previous seasons to audition again — unless they made the Top 12. So this time around we could see even more familiar faces in Hollywood Week again, including former semi-finalists.