Auditions continue this week on American Idol 2010

This week we travel to Los Angeles and Dallas with American Idol 2010 to see which lucky contestants make it past the judges to come to Hollywood.  Our guest judges in LA are Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne.  I’m hoping these young stars will bring some fun to the judge’s table.  It is going to be interesting to see how they critique the hopefuls and see if they are able to give some good feedback.  I’m thinking not.  Maybe they will surprise me but I just don’t see either of these ladies stepping up to give constructive criticism. 




Wednesday we move on to Dallas where Neil Patrick Harris will join Simon, Randy and Kara.  I have high hopes for this man as a judge but don’t expect him to come on full time because he is way too busy.  Besides having the starring role on “How I met your mother” he also hosted the emmy awards this past year and has an upcoming guest role on glee.  He is all over the place. 

So here is who you can watch for in these auditions that have supposedly made it to the Top 24.  Andrew Garcia, Alex Lambert, Lacy Brown, Casey James, Vered Didi Benami, Michael Lynche (he may have been disqualified for breaking the confidentiality agreement).  Michael was supposedly the favorite of the season so if the rumors are true and he really is disqualified; it will be a disappointment to all us idol fans.

Which of these judges do you think can offer the best advice to the competitors?




  1. Even though my 14 year old daughter is MAD at me for not thinking Joe Jonas could be the best judge…

  2. Neil Patrick Harris has my vote on giving some good positive comments which should help the contestants.

  3. My soon-to-be 17-year-old daughter sings beautifully. I want her to audition, but cannot find the audition cities and dates, even when searching the American Idol website. Please help!

  4. avril lavigne as a judge…….get real!!!! She sat there with her horns on her head. What does she know???? She is a baby. Get some real guest judges!

  5. I don’t like Avril’s attitude toward some of the singers. She should be judging them on their singing abilities, not their circumstances or their occupations. Everyone knows the sacrifice it will take if they make it to Hollywood. Avril comes across as “too good” for the people she is judging.

  6. I thought Avril Lavigne demonstrated significant lack of tact and prejudice when she questioned the contestant who was a worship pastor. Since when does Idol reject tryouts on the basis of occupation? Was not last year’s winner a worship pastor (as well as third place)? What gives??

  7. I think Avril is most qualified for being a judge cause of her expirience in the music bizz
    Go Surinam

  8. Some of these guest judges need not to to return. Avril at the top, she may have a voice but not the “voice of reason” for judging. That was really, really bad. More than half of Americas’ Singer’s and Super Stars have a families and manage just fine. I see nothing wrong in wanting to better yourself and your family ever, “if you got it you got it”, no matter what you do or how big your family is. Maybe he was inspired by his family and thats where he get his drive from… I have been a Idol fan since the beining, watch it every season and have even gone to most all the the concerts when the show ends. Last nights
    judge’s were not so much for judging and maybe just to say they were a guest judge for America’s most popular TV show. Maybe its that Avril is young and has not been in the bussiness long enough to judge a talent show of this nature, she should stick to singing and maybe get a little better fasion sence when you are asked to be panel of judging people you should “Lead by Example”. At least when sitting at a judges table for all America to see, show some maturity and Class. Wearing devil horns are people going to take your word to heart? it was obious it the comments the singers were waiting for were for Randy,Kara, and Simon a fourth was not really needed. Maybe Joe Jonas, will act and have more mature way of judging. Avril, should be embarrassed she presented herself that way, if she would have been differant she may have picked up a few more fans who have never heard her music but this was a turn off sorry!!!! Ms. Twain was a Class act and would fit the bill for the rest of the season if need be. Seroiusly what did Randy,Simon and Kara think? A small request please do not invite Avril back she just too young imature and may not have what it takes to discover true raw talent she is not at that level yet. Us long ,long term show fans may have been able to come across in a more professional manor. There were some stand out singers last night including the one who was a family man…

  9. After all these guest judges, am I to understand that Ellen D. will be the permanent replacement. Please correct me if I have misunderstood. Fav so far is Shania and I’m not a Shania fan, but she displayed the elegance of a competent judge. Kati and Avril really got on my nerves. Too young to be so boisterous. Just my thoughts.

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