Who Should Replace Simon Cowell?

The rumor mill is flowing with names of Simon Cowell’s possible replacement next season on American Idol.  There are those petitioning to become an idol judge and those we, the viewing audience, hope to see sitting in his chair. 

The first rumor was that Sir Elton John was in negotiations with the show however this was dispelled by John’s representative who told Gossip Cop, “He he is not going to be a judge.”

Cowell was then reported as saying that Ryan Seacrest had interest in serving as a judge and the host if he could get off the stage quick enough and into the judge’s chair.  This doesn’t make much sense to me because Ryan is good at what he does and why try to rush from the stage into the judge’s seats and back up to the stage.  I hope Simon Fuller is not seriously entertaining this idea.

La Toya Jackson has talked with Nigel Lythgoe about coming in as a possible replacement for Cowell.  She released a statement saying, “”I would love to be a judge on American Idol. I would love to have a chance for the public get to know the real me. I would be thrilled,” I’m not particularly sure how Jackson would fit into the mold with the other judges.  I’m thinking one Jackson on the show is enough.

I think we can also check off Piers Morgan, Christopher Ciccone (Madonna’s brother who started a petition on facebook to become the next judge), P. Diddy and anyone else who is busy acting, recording or performing.

As my good friend Killer K told me, you can’t get someone with a budding music career because they will be too nice.  They don’t want to get booed by the audience and will be concerned with their own record sales etc.  So who do they bring in? 

Extra TV is reporting Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Lovine (co founder of Interscope Records) as strong contenders citing an “idol insider” as their source.

I still think they need a Gene Simmons or Ozzy Osbourne type because someone like them has been around a long time.  They don’t have to worry about being critical or even downright harsh to the contestants because that is what the public expects from them anyway and their music and record sales will not be in jeopardy because it has stood the test of time.  My husband wants to see Howard Stern and my mom wants it to be Sir Paul McCartney.  Who do you want to see sitting in Simon’s chair next season?




    • I think Harry Connick Jr…he is funny, handsome and really knows his music…he was the best mentor they had during 2010 …

  1. Ozzy is my pick. He is not afraid to voice his opinion. I also live Clive Davis but he is too clean cut and not edgy. Quincy Jones would be great too but again not edgy.

  2. gene simmons all the way. He would bring just as much and simon and probably more. Simon and Jean are made of the same mold. Both very successful business men, both know music industry inside out, and both are very frank and to the point. I would say Gene even has the edge on Simon when expressing his feeling. He would be great and very funny. No way on Ozzy. Love him but it he was to replace anyone it would be Paula.

  3. Hey, if Ellen docent work out, what about a past contestant. What past contestant would you like to see take Ellens or Kara seat?

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  6. Give me Rod Stewart! He knows all types of music and has been around long enough to know what will and will not work! He is popular and it would bring in another strong viewing group! It’s a win/win situation! We love and want Rod Stewart to replace Simon. I’ll miss you Simon, but bring on our Rod!

  7. GENE SIMMONS all the way! He could replace simon because he knows all about music from experience. Gene simmons, shania twain, and randy jackson should be the 3 judges.

  8. My opinion is that Simon Cowell should not leave the program, for he is the “soul” of the show. No replacement for him.

  9. If you want a fresh face. Someone who’s been in the music industry more than 20 years. Someone who knows what it takes to be successful. Someone who’s honest, straightforward and opinionated. Someone who’s entertaining, knows and understands talent. Someone who can get great ratings. Pick me. You will not be disappointed.

    Lew T.

  10. Love ozzy to take the seat of Simon Cowell, He is funny down to earth, and Cool !!! No one could ever be a better judge than Simon Cowell though. He is straight forward, tells it how it is, and lets face it he knows what he is talking about!!!!! Ozzy to take the chair

  11. Ozzie’s brain is fried! Too much dope. Can’t even speak right. Can’t understand him half the time. And Gene Simon’s is a narcissist and an ass! THE SHOW WON’T MAKE IT WITH OUT SIMON!

  12. How about Sting!! He’s been around forever, and has had a popular following from all age groups. Plus he looks great in a t-shirt!!!!!

  13. Simon’s replacement ought to be Quincy Jones. He has a good ear and he is strong enough to handle any negative criticism for what he says as a judge. Also, he has an amazing record producing career. It would also bring in a new audience to american idol if Quincy were there. Please Simon’s replacement should not be Ozzy, cause i dont understand half of what he says. I am not a fan of Gene Simmons, but i am not opposed to him as a candidate. I am definitely against LaToya Jackson, she is too weird and half the time, she lacks perspective and also she in my opinion, has NOT been as successful as the late MJ her brother nor her babysister Janet. La Toya is a loose cannon and she would embarrass idol. Just look at her interviews following MJ’s death.

  14. I’d like to see someone with musical background that isn’t going to be afraid to be brutally honest…Dee Snyder or Alice Cooper. Both have TONS of experience and quite an edge!

  15. I do not know what qualifies Ryan Seacrest as a judge. He should just stick to being host. The man has not had a singing career at all. As for Rod Stewart, I am a huge fan of his music, but again, Rod Stewart, has only had a great singing career and in comparison to Quincy Jones, Rod Stewart falls short on my mark. I am sorry that Piers Morgan is not available; Piers would and can handle negative criticism for the decisions he makes plus he is very honest, but but, Piers has NOT had any recording career or any recording experience, so comparatively to Quincy Jones and even Rod Stewart, Piers falls even more short. For me, hands down, Quincy Jones all the way.

  16. Yesterday, a rumor started that Rosie O’Donnel may replace Simon. If that happens, I will NEVER, EVER watch the show again; nor will several of the people I know. She is an evil person and makes me sick.

  17. Katy Perry should. Did you see her put Kara in her place?

    My advise… kick Kara to the curb, bring back Paula and when Simon leaves, replace him with Katy. That would asolutely make the show 100000000000-times better.

  18. Well ok Hugh may not have any singing experience but he say’s it like it is…lol.If they want to keep fans glued to the T.V they should get RICK SPRINGFIELD…I know I’d watch every night 🙂

  19. i agree with Gene Simmons. you need someone that can offer advice and opinions without holding back. but my favorite choice is Neil Patrick Harris. He was good as a judge on the road, and already has that arguing with Simon thing going, so we know he’s not afraid to put himself out there.

    he doesnt have the cynicism of Simon maybe, but he’s been so great on the award show(s)he was on, and he can sing and dance, so this is not completely out of his league.

  20. I think Dick Clark would be perfect……..He knows the business and is a gentleman. Too bad and sad his health issues would prevent him being a judge.

  21. Simon Cowell should replace Simon Cowell! The show will soon be off the air once he leaves anyway!

    • I think Harry Connick Jr. would be terrific…he is funny and really knows music…and not bad on the eyes either…I really enjoyed him as a mentor…

  22. Ok, I think ”I” could replace simon because my family is in the music scene; I have the attitude of Simon, so I am told. So how do I apply?? I am serious..I could do it. Just one chance and I will make you not regret it. I would love the chance to be a judge. Hey, if they tried to get Howard Stern, I know I could be The One. Get Back To Me…Maryann.

  23. I think Rod Stewart or Rick Springfield would be great for the ratings. Anyone who has been in the music business for a very long time and has had success with it.

  24. Stern is a pig. Anyone with some music experience and a moral compass would be my pick. I heard once AI was considering Paul Mcartney – excellent idea.

  25. If Howard Stern spends even one minute on American Idol, I will never watch it again. That’s a promise.

  26. I am a big supporter of the show. I watch even through the first few weeks of nonsense. I am in awe of all the talent in these young people. If Howard Stern becomes part of this show it will be a huge disrespect to these performers and I will not watch the show. It’s the worse idea AI ever had. I thought you learned your lesson with bikini girl!

  27. If Simon Cowell leaves the show!! I will not watch the show. If someone has to replace him, I sure hope it will be someone with good taste. Howard Stern is a jerk? Shouldn’t be alowed on TV or Radio.

  28. If Howard Stern replaces Simon I will no longer watch the show. He is arogant and quite frankley a morales pig. I feel that these singers deserve a better judge than Stern. We need a person who has been in the music industry and can actually do what Simon does, spot great talent!

  29. I think Gene Simmons would be the best fit. He is a tough but fair evaluator of musical talent. He would have enough edge and ego to keep the show interesting but would be smart and honest in his approach. I think Howard would get so irritated with some of them he’d flip out and then they’d have to bleep out most of what he says. Gene all the way.Besides, his show rocks!

  30. I don’t wanna see a damn jackson on the show comparing every person to michael,maybe Paul McCartney isn’t to bad he has been in the music business longer than anyone else I’ve heard so far

  31. Americans may not be familiar with singer/songwriter Jann Arden from Canada – but she used to guest with Canadian Idol and is one of the best judges I have ever seen. Not afraid to say what she feels, she’s very funny and a tad crass. Check her out at http://www.jannarden.com

  32. Who is kidding who? ~ NO ONE CAN REPLACE SIMON! This is the end of American Idol. JUST WAIT AND SEE!

  33. Woops, I see a Shery K on here! I AM SHERRY K FROM KRIS ALLENS AREA of the country! I don’t know the other Shery K. BUT SHE IS RIGHT! THE SHOW WON’T MAKE IT WITH OUT SIMON!

  34. simon is the main reason i watch AI,love him,i doubt i’ll ever watch again if he leaves. and i doubt anybody would dare to replace him.randy,paula,simon and ryan,not only are they perfect together,they look extremely comfortable with each other

  35. I’d like to see Nick Lachey. He’s a successful musician and, he’s hottt!

  36. Gene Simons is what Idol needs. He would not only pull the ratings way up (which is needed to survive years to come) but, also give “sound advice” that can be useful to that not so perfect Idol want a be! He does not have to worry about his reputaion…he already has one that everyone respects and adores. So, I say Gene Simons is our replacement and if this happens fans will soon say “Simon who?”

  37. I’d quickly tire of Howard Stern. He’s blunt and rude alright, but he doesn’t have the loveable and charming quality of Simon.
    My replacement wish list – Justin Tmberlake (funny and knows about music.

  38. I agree with ~Astrid Vanuzzi

    March 28,2010;
    My opinion is NO ONE can replace Simon Cowell!
    I am glad for Simon! He is tired of doing AI after 10 years. He doesn’t need the money!! AND HE CANNOT BE REPLACED! PERIOD! The show MIGHT make it for one more year with out Simon. And then it will be gone! Love you Simon! It has been fun darling. Have a very happy time with your new show x~Factor. Bye to an old friend! Simon Cowell.

  39. You cannot replace Simon so don’t bother have a guest Judge from the audience each week or have a competition and select a member of the public each week ,you may this way find a new star judge by the end of the season

  40. ” Gene Simmons ” WHO IS GENE SIMMONS?” Can’t hold a candle to Simon Cowell. Simmons comes off as a pompous ass! Personally I don’t know anyone who respects, or adores him. He is obnoxious. A Braggart and a pure D bore! He acts like he is crazy or something. Simone Cowell knows what he is doing. How about Leona Lewis? She is FAB. And who found her? Simon Cowell. Who has Gene Simmons found? Just exactly what has he done other than a stupid reality show? Good grief. I hope they will shut down the show before considering Gene Simmons. PS, Don’t know who Shery K is? Hence, The Arkansas being on there. ALSO THE SHOW WON’T MAKE IT WITH OUT SIMON COWELL.I think most people know it too! and as for Howard Stern, are they going to bleep out every other word he says. Howard can’t talk with out cursing. Or talking nasty. Blah to him too!

  41. With Ellen already adding some touch of humor, I could see Gene adding a lot of strength to the show….speaking from the hip as Simon was known for doing….and, adding the same…”I’m the greatest” attitude. Simon & Gene have so much in common with their EGOS. Both can dish it out, and they don’t have to saddle with any of the other judges. Perfect replacement.

  42. I don't think too many people are posting on here anymore! That's cool. Everyone is tired of talking about who will replace Simon Cowell ~ ( THE MAN ) But I agree with several people on here who named " DAVID FOSTER ~ THE HIT MAKER ". I know he would not take the job anyway! Just take a look at some of his clients. Celine Dion, But just google DAVID FOSTER~HIT MAKER. And you will see he has made a lot of musicians stars. Also Quincy Jones. These are the only two really qualified for the job. But neither one of them would take it . So the point about them is moot. I think American Idol is doomed!

  43. They should take american idol off the air since it caters to the lowest common denominator in our society.


  45. Replace Simon with Gene Simmons, replace Kara with Ozzy, and replace Randy with Timbaland.

  46. Howard Stern??? I would never watch again…need someone with a music background not just someone rude and obnoxious! Has everyone forgotten about Neil Patrick Harris? He was great as a guest judge for auditions last season…My vote would be for him. He has the musical background and is straight forward. Polite, but yet not too polite and will tell the contestants just what he thinks…I wish he would be seriously considered for the judge spot.

  47. David Foster ~ the hit Man. Harry Connick Jr , Quincy Jones, Shania Twain.If Simon has to leave. And darn it he is gone. Lets stick with reputable people. People who have been with the music industry for many, many years. Google David Foster and see how many star singers he has brought along. He probably wouldn't take it though. Doesn't need the money! And doesn't have the time to spare! If American Idol is to go on which I doubt, we need class not trash and potty mouths to be the head judge.

  48. I think Gene Simmons would be great. I can't say that I'm a big fan of his, but he's very opinionated and I think he would do just fine, as long as he understands that the show is not about him.

  49. I think Simon cowell was the best judge ever! He can't be replaced! Keep jlo and Steve…bring Simon back…

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