Chris Daughtry Working on New Album, More Acting Gigs

Many Chris Daughtry fans believe he was robbed of being the American Idol winner during his season, but it’s obvious that he didn’t need to win the show to forge his career in the entertainment industry. Former American Idol star Chris Daughtry just released a greatest hits album, and he’s already working hard on new record. Not only that, but he’s also hoping to use his co-starring role in the TV version of The Passion as a stepping stone into more acting gigs.

Chris Daughtry on American Idol (FOX)
Chris Daughtry on American Idol (FOX)

Former American Idol star Chris Daughtry was among the many alumni to participate in the season 15 finale. Revisiting the stage where his career really took off was a great experience for the singer. “It was cool because a lot of the producers and crew [were] still there,” Daughtry told the Huffington Post. He also got a chance to meet up in person with other contestants from his season on the show. “We kind of kept in touch anyway throughout the years despite our busy schedules,” he said.

Daughtry hopes he and his band will be starting to work on tracks for their new album this summer. “We probably got two [songs’ that are 100 percent yes,” he told Huffington Post. “WE’re going to be hitting the studio and getting on the writing train back in LA. We’re just putting in the legwork now and hopefully we’ll start tracking in June and July.”

When asked if he was interested in doing more acting after his appearance on TV as Judas  in The Passion, Daughtry said he was totally into that idea. “I’ve had the acting bug since I was like five years old,” he responded, adding that he wanted to act even before he wanted to do music. “I’m definitely putting in some work to make it happen.”




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