Clay Aiken Slams American Idol 2016 Judges [VIDEO]

Clay Aiken wasn’t too impressed last night with the American Idol 2016 premiere and took to Twitter to bash the judges as “boring” while crediting Simon Cowell as the life of Idol.

Clay kicked off premiere night for Idol by saying he’d watch it for the first time in ten years. Hmm, perhaps that doesn’t give him much recent reference for the rant that ensued during the episode. I’m not sure what he was expecting, but he didn’t like it.

Simon has been gone for a long, long time and Idol has done alright without him, though yes, it would have been nice to hold on to Simon longer. All the same, the current panel is pretty strong when compared to some of the other preceding disasters.

Sure, Jennifer Lopez rarely adds an insightful technical critique, but she’s an entertainer and not a musician like the other two. Harry and Keith can provide pretty strong feedback and assessment of the talent on the talent front which has been more than enough these past few seasons of American Idol.

As for Clay, he defended his slams against American Idol by suggesting it’s because he “really loves” it. The kind of love that makes you not watch it for ten years?

Oh well.




  1. simon told it like it was. if you were brilliant he let you know it. and if you were awful, he let you know it as well. he never babied the contestants or beat around the bush with them. harry comes close but he’s not as blunt

  2. Clay is right about the judges. My problem with his Tweets is this is the show that gave him his start and he sounds so ungrateful.

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