American Idol Winner Carrie Underwood to Sing the National Anthem

This year during the AFC and NFC games, we saw and heard Jordin Sparks and Kris Allen grace us with the National Anthem but for the big game, Super Bowl XLIV, they called none other than Carrie Underwood, season 4 winner of American Idol


Carrie has outsold all other previous winners and contestants on american idol and is a four time grammy winner.  This marks the third straight superbowl where an idol contestant has sung the national anthem, the previous two being Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Hudson.

Being the football fan that I am, I was already getting geared up for the game but now I will make sure I’m there for the start because Carrie has an amazing voice and I know she will do America proud on the song. 

Will any of you watch the game now that Carrie is singing?

Photo By David J. Philp-Pool, Getty for USA Today




  1. I will absolutely watch Carrie Underwood sing at the Super Bowl! She’s awesome! Her voice is extraordinarily beautiful. I think it’s extra special that Carrie will be singing at this historic game!

  2. Carrie ‘s great. I love how she always compliments American Idol. She’s a class act and an all around great performer. Anyone see her Holiday special? She was really funny in it. Did a bunch of AI skits in it. Click on my name to watch one on youtube.

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