EW Refutes THR American Idol Rumors, Adds Some Of Their Own


Entertainment Weekly is striking back at yesterday’s rumor list with a list of their own featuring details straight from American Idol executive producers.

Those music videos we heard the Idol Hopefuls would be allegedly cranking out to show they’ve got the marketable goods? Not anymore, says executive producer Cécile Frot-Coutaz. That idea was shot down and won’t be in this season.

The Top 24’s 3-week elimination round is gone. Instead we’ll have the Las Vegas round where the Top 60 will be cut to Top 40. Following that elimination the Idol Hopefuls will return to Hollywood for another cut, leaving us with the Top 20 for this season. Long, drawn out Top 24 replaced by waves of eliminations? Yeah!

A big improvement is being referred to as the elimination of “gender parity.” In past seasons the cuts were made to keep an even number of boys and girls. Now the cuts will be made based on talent, regardless of sex. This is a great change.

Sadly, perhaps the seemingly simplest change probably won’t be happening. Online voting. EW’s source says its unlikely that we’ll have online voting this year, but hopefully that leaves the option open for future seasons.

EW promises more details in their upcoming publication, but for now these will have to tide us over. With just two weeks to go, it won’t be long. Are you ready?

Source: EW




  1. I think that #3 is the MOST exciting bit of news! The "NO FISH OUT OF WATER Theme idea is MY PERSONAL FAVORITE! In seasons past AI had the POOR contestants singing EVERY music genre and it "did some of them in"! It was DEFINITELY NOT FAIR to them or the American public!

  2. I really feel that EW probably has the inside scoop on what is really happening on the show this season…..I'm totally upset about the voting….As well we all know…that is a very important change that should take place!!!!!!

    I totally like the top 20 instead of 24…..and if its true about the gender ticket…..I agree….in the years past I felt they let go of some good singers because of the 12/12 theory…..Now the best of the best should be heard…….but lets get this show on the road….Enough with the rumor mill but thanks MATT for all the updates……I truly look forward to them and will continue thru the season…..YEAH!!!!!! Jan. 19th…..

  3. Just a wait and see….more rumors, dismissing rumors followed by more rumors….Tune in on the 19th to see what’s what. Hopefully the rumor of online voting will come to fruition…AI definitely needs a different and better voting system… 🙂

  4. @Rose, and Phyllis holla! I agree with both comments!

    I am getting over bronchitis, it's trying to stick around but, I am fighting back hard to keep it moving!

  5. this is my opinion… this is rediculous. American Idol has ran itself right into the ground. I miss Simon, Paula, and Randy. it was three people with different opinions. and 2/3 votes got u to hollywood. now it can be 2 want he/she to go and the other two dont. Then what?! tie breaker? uhm no. this is terrible. the only one who stayed was randy!….

  6. @Angela……Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well…..Glad your feeling better….

  7. @Angela…..8 days to go and counting….I'm so looking forward to starting our discussions based on what we feel and our judgement of the contestants………

  8. Sorry, you've lost a fan. The auditions this year are nothing like years past.

    Bring back Simon or someone like him, that will add controversy and a sarcastic edge that this year sooooooo lacks.

    The audition shows have become just so blah, blah, blah …………….

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