American Idol 2011 Judges Talk Life After Simon Cowell

American Idol 2011 judges

Simon Cowell’s departure from American Idol to pursue his new show, X Factor, has many fans worried that the void he’s left will never be filled. But the new panel of American Idol 2011 judges don’t seem nearly as worried.

EW sat down with the new judges and got everyone’s perspective on Idol after Simon and how they’re working together for the new season. First up was Randy Jackson, the only original judge, with his take on who will bring Cowell’s trademark snark:

“Look, it’s definitely been interesting. We definitely miss [Simon], but it’s a different kind of vibe. It’s a different kind of energy now… People have been saying to us, ‘Who’s mean?’ We’ve all traded off on that because I think you have to always give people the truth, no matter what.”

Jennifer Lopez thinks the panel will make more group decisions which is fine by me as long as we don’t get a repeat of Kara saying whatever Randy just said.

“We’re more of a collaborative judging group,” adds Lopez. “We’re always leaning over to each other and saying, ‘Oh my God, I think she’s good.’ ‘Oof, I don’t get it.’ ‘You don’t like it?’ I mean, not in a way where it becomes disrespectful to [the contestant’s] moment, but we discuss things. We just have a totally different style than any of the past judging tables.”

Then there’s Steven Tyler who seems to wander off the judges topic, but sure seems excited about the talent they’re seeing.

“It’s just astounding,” he says. “We throw the drift net out and look what comes up? Gold. [I’m] crying, honestly, from someone who hit the notes so sweetly and beautifully, not just that it’s the end of the day and thank God this motherf—er is the last one. Not that.”

We’re less than two weeks away from the premiere of American Idol so it won’t be long now to see how it all comes together!

Source: PopWatch EW




  1. Seems that the judges are very positive about the new Season (minus Simon)…..Well in 8 days we'll be the judges of that……Right fellow judges???

  2. Great choice on the new judges! Steven Tyler is great and Jen gives a sweet touch. Tyler adds so much to the show. He is so credible. I was over grumpy Simon!

  3. I was determined to quit watching AI after Adam was only 2nd place, Kara and Simon would not be his usual direct self anymore. It was too much disappointment. However others in the household are watching this year, and I found myself watching this past week and to my dismay, I like it a lot. I'll tune in this week –


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