Does Former Idol Judge Steven Tyler Have A New Girlfriend? [PICS]

We love us some Steven Tyler and if the former American Idol judge is happy then we’re happy for him! DailyMail is reporting that Steven might have found himself a new girlfriend in his much, much younger personal assistant.

Steven Tyler on American Idol
Steven Tyler on American Idol – Source: FOX

According to Daily Mail, Steven Tyler, now a youthful 65 years of age, has a budding romance with his assistant who is close to forty years younger than him. They’ve got a run of paparazzi pics on DailyMail that were obviously arranged (remote beach location and no one else around but Steven, the girl, and a photog…) which certainly makes the couple look rather cozy.

The pair has shared pics before on Facebook from Halloween, with singer John Mayer on his Instagram account, and another of them with Lady Gaga. Looks like they’re having fun! Check out their shared pics below.

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Our real question is, when’s Steven Tyler going to come back to American Idol and perform for us? Come on Steven!

Image source: Facebook, Instagram/John Mayer, & DailyMail