Fox wants to keep Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest

There’s been speculation on whether or not the 11th season of “American Idol” would be host Ryan Seacrest’s last, but according to Fox and Seacrest himself, they hope it isn’t.

Fox Entertainment President said while the negotiations won’t be easy, the ultimate goal is to keep Seacrest on board.

“As we know it is a much harder job than meets the eye,” Reilly said. “I think everyone has come to realize the value of Ryan Seacrest. It’s very hard to imagine [American Idol] without Ryan. We certainly want to keep him.”

And it sounds like Seacrest himself isn’t ready to go anywhere.

“I love this television show… and I can’t imagine life without “American Idol,” he said.




  1. All the years i watched american idol ryan always kept the judges and contestents on there toes even when they were down. He is also funny in his own way! great guy and love the new judges!!

  2. I’m sure if AI wants Ryan S., they will pay for him. $15 million is an awful lot of money to pay for a Host. JMHO…..I do think he does a good job but $15,000,000!!!!!!!!!! If he doesn’t want the job, I’ll do it for less!!!LOL….

  3. well if he think he is worth it then let it be that look at paula she wouldnt even go back till she got the money either and all, I know its al l the money they all think but its not in my book but if thats how it is for them people they can do waht ever the hack they want i could care less. just enjy the show i watch it and plan to al lthe time love it and ill never miss the show who ever goes on it or goes off it to me its the show i love to watch and thats it. so people out there who really cares its there lifes and they want the money who cares i only watch the show for it cause i love the show

  4. All they have to do is watch X Factor’s host to know how very valuable Ryan is. I would hate to see him go.

  5. yeh but I hate the x factor siaom and paula and other, plss all these shows had to copy with the american ideol and its a better show then any of them I think. I like peope singing but im a great fan of american ideol and i vote on them too, much better show then any of them in my book they just copyed the show so im not impressed with any of them but american ideol is the best and always will be, just enjoy the shows you love to watch its great love ameircan ideol and its the best ever

  6. i couldn’t imagine watching american idol without ryan seacrest. he’s what makes it so exciting to watch. he’s a great mc!!!

  7. X-Factor judge…possibly the worst television personality in history. Not sure how he ever was considered for that position….pretty ridiculous.

      • Hi Matt
        100%, Ryan’s hosting abilities compared to Steve Jones is miles away.
        I always thought that Steve Jones was
        a mismatch to Xfactor as a host.
        He should try hosting some of the very
        funny “Japanese Game Shows” he will be
        good at it. I’ve heard of one show where the game is called “Hit In The Nuts” where an all male contestants are asked to recite very difficult tongue twisters, failing to say it means a slapped in the you know what by a fierce slapping machine. I saw
        the clip….ha ha ha ha ha. It is brutal but hilariuous, and Steve should fit in perfectly 🙂

  8. yep ryan will be staying he isnt leaving. he is great would miss him for sure but he isnt leaving. best show ever is the american ideol no other show is worth watching. im excited it wont be long now till our american ideol will be on jan.18th and 19th wow going to be great.

  9. Ryan is worth big money,but not if there is not enough left to provide viewers with a full picture and syncronized audio. Cheapest station on the air! Run by retards or republicans or both! Is it even legal?

  10. yep ryan is worth alot and more plus so he will stay.they have money for everything eles so why not on the people who are worth it like ryan, they can spend all other kinds of money on all other things and women and all why cant they pay him what he wants and what ever it is who cares, just enjoy the show thats all i want love the show ill always watch it who ever comes or goes big deal.

  11. Please, please, please don’t leave Ryan; we need you especially after having to listen to that host on XFactor. Ryan Seacrest is the best.

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