David Archuleta to star in Phillipines prime time soap

In some kind of strange news, “American Idol” alum David Archuleta will apparently star in a Phillipines prime time soap opera.

According to reports, Archuleta is scheduled to arrive in Manila on Jan. 13 to start filming the show. Who knew he could act.

“The signing of an international star of Archuleta’s youth and talent, arguably in his prime, is bound to shake up the Philippine entertainment industry,” the source said.

This news comes shortly after Archuleta’s announcement that he was going to step away from his career to embark on a two-year Mormon mission. No word on how long the filming will take and if it interferes with his mission plans.

We’ll keep you updated on where and if you can see Archuleta in his new role.





  1. This is VERY EXCITING news but David is all grown up now..the picture you used is 4 years old. WAY TO GO DAVID!

  2. David is quite popular in southeast Asia — he did an Asian tour last summer with stops in Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia playing to quite large crowds. He also released an Asian Tour Edition of his album there in conjunction with that tour (released with Sony International, after he left Jive).

    The tv show will not interfere with his mission. He’s scheduled to be in the Philippines for about 3 weeks and will not be leaving on his mission for several months. The show has been in the works since last summer.

  3. What’s really strange is that this blog doesn’t know how popular David is in the Philippines and Asia. Estimates for his indonesia show were 35,000 in attendance. As noted by “All”, the info is all there if you look. And yes, the 4 year old pic gets old.

  4. Who knew he was so popular in all of SE Asia? I thought Idol blogs like this I would know haha. He’s been to Asia many times including several times in 2011 with a big SE Asia tour and some of the venues were very large. He also had an extended album released in Asia, 2 new singles and a music video.

    David will be there about 3 weeks starting Jan 13. It’s a mini-series. His mission starts “first 1/2 2012” is what David said so we are guessing he leaves some time in the 2nd quarter 2012.

  5. Anybody who knows anything about Archuleta knows he’s a huge in SE Asia, and has a massive latino following.

    Only in America was he — ummmm — crushed. And that was by industry politics…

    Whenever your own label is telling the radio stations not to play your CDs and singles, even when there was still a big request for them…. and when that same label puts out the false story that you’ve been “dropped” when you voluntarily left in frustration (only months before that label melts down and expires) then it’s politics.

    Hopefully, after David’s two year mission, he can start fresh without that same industry junk.

    • Well put Chuckie888! One day I went onto my top 40 radio station’s website and every request was for Something Bout Love (and NOT by one person multiple times but many different people). The station NEVER played it.

      Radio play in the U.S. depends upon how much the record label is willing to pay the station. Daughtry once said it cost him $350,000 to get radio play. I’ve stopped listening to radio and now listen to online stations that actually play requests.

      Also agree with other posts that this blog shouldn’t think it’s strange that David is VERY popular world-wide. If you search his tweets (he has >805,000 followers, btw) many are in spanish, japanese, etc.

  6. David is beloved all over the world. You go David and we,ll be waiting in the US,Sa,Europe,CA,Australia,NA for your return with open arms.

  7. That’s telling them, Chuckie888. I just hope when he gets back, someone in the US will realize what all these other countries already know. And this is what we’re missing here because somebody just doesn’t get how really GOOD David is. Please, God, after David has served his mission, help him realize his dream.

  8. Personnally, I always liked David. I was one of those voting for him on AI (nothing personal again David Cook) I bought his christmas CD and I love it. Bought it last year and played it this year again…..He is still young and has a great career ahead of him, whether it’s here or abroad…..Good Luck David….!!!!!

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