Haley Reinhart and Stefano Langone are dating

Well here’s a pairing I sure didn’t expect: Haley Reinhart and Stefano Langone.

According to other “American Idol” Season 10 alum James Durbin, the two are indeed a couple.

“Stefano is now dating Haley,” says James, “They’ve been dating for awhile, so she was [at his wedding] with Stefano.”

Apparently there have been rumors of the two being an item, but this is the first I’ve heard. I thought Haley was possibly with Casey Abrams. They’re the ones who seemed close and have actually done duets since the show ended. Weird.





  1. Well, I just hope that all caps post above mine is deleted. Pretty inane view of things.

    Any female could have predicted that Haley would never have anything more than a friendship and admiration for Casey. Just never could be. What boggles my mind about the pairing between Haley and Stefano most is my vague memory of Stefano comment about Haley . . . when it was time to “describe” or “tease” that particular contestant? Stefano said something (I can’t quite remember what, but it was rather ambiguous) that led everyone to say, “See, even Stefano doesn’t have anything nice to say about Haley either.” This was about the time of the supposed Haley smiling as Pia was eliminated incident. Goes to show you how much people read what they wish into anything and everything they see on TVl

  2. And why is it weird? I think they make an adorable pair. How they were portrayed on the show aside, in real life they seem like a couple of fun-loving goofballs (I mean that as a compliment) who love life, love to laugh, and love music. I wish them lots of happiness!

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