James Dawson VIII American Idol Audition: Along For the Ride! [VIDEO]

James Dawson VII is a 23 year old musician from Orinda, California featured on Thursday’s episode of American Idol. James kiddingly refers to himself as “James the 8th” which we see Idol using here in the name of his audition clip. He was never really even supposed to audition this year, he just came along for the ride to support a friend.

James Dawson VIII auditions on American Idol 2016
James Dawson VIII auditions on American Idol 2016 – Source: FOX/YouTube

From our preseason spoilers we’ve been waiting for a chance to see James perform and so far it’s interesting. Not necessarily my favorite performance here, but these audition rooms aren’t always the best venue unfortunately. All the same, this performances looks to be working for James VIII. He lands a Golden Ticket and so does his friend, Amber Lynn, who convinced him to audition with her.

James sings John Legend‘s “Sun Comes Up” in his audition video below so give it a watch and see what you think. Can’t wait to find out if James Dawson makes it to the next round on American Idol 2016? Check out our spoilers page.