American Idol 2016: Auditions Sneak Peek – Round 4 [VIDEOS]

When the American Idol Judges return to Denver & Little Rock as part of tonight’s fourth auditions episode we’ll have two hours of performances filled with Golden Tickets. Here’s a sneak peek at some of those performances.

American Idol judges hand out Golden Tickets
American Idol judges hand out Golden Tickets – Source: FOX/Michael Becker

We’re expecting to see some standout performances from the likes of James VIII, Terrian Bass, and Leann McIsaac. Okay, well maybe not all three of these will get a trip to Hollywood. Check out what each of them delivered to the Judges ahead of tonight’s episode of American Idol 2015 and see if you can pick out who has a shot at making it to Hollywood and beyond.

Terrian Bass audition on American Idol:

James VIII audition on American Idol:

Leann McIsaac audition on American Idol:

We’ll be back here tonight at 8PM ET for our live coverage of the latest Idol auditions with more on who got a Golden Ticket and who was sent back home empty handed in their last chance to make it to the American Idol stage.