American Idol 2012: What to Expect This Week

This week on American Idol, we get four hours of fun. First up on Wednesday night at 8 pm, is the two-hour conclusion of Hollywood Week. Those who move on from Hollywood Week will take part in the Las Vegas Round on Thursday, which is also a two-hour show starting at 8 pm.

The Las Vegas music theme is the 1950s (way to make Idol fresh and young, producers!). At least we might finally get to see some actual singing and less people running around frantically trying to form groups. And less throwing up and falling off stages. Nothing like exploiting teen agers.

So be sure to come back for recaps and previews. And as always, be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest American Idol 2012 news.




  1. wowie zowie!!  maybe we’ll actually hear some music!!  will record tomorrow and thursday and watch sunday night – a.c. this weekend for valentine’s day  celebration.  happy valentine’s day to all

  2. To be honest…..two hours is one hour too long.   If its truly going to be singing, YAY, but if its all this rehash of the night before its just a waste of my time……….
    Pr63……Have a wonderful weekend…..Your going to one of my favorite places……Have fun…..HVDay!!!!

    • thanks.  and you’re living in one of my favorite places!!  hopefully i’ll win some bucks to get me out there!!

      • Then we can meet face to face and discuss Idol, the Rangers, and all NY things…..LOL

    • Of course not! I mean, American idol, actually doing themes that they aren’t rehashing from past seasons? Unheard of! hahahahaha

  3. Well at least we get to get hollywood over with this week. Maybe we will get to see them pick some of the t24 on Thursday! I sure hope so! 🙂

  4. All the Idol shows that have been shown so far this season have been totally
    boring and to the point of ridiculous! Who gives a hoot about who gets to
    be in a group or who can’t get anyone to help form a group… that is not
    very good entertainment! A load of crapola … I hope the rest of the season
    improves tremendously!

    • I agree Rog… personally, I find it hard to get into it until the top 24. Those are the people you vote for.

  5. And, I would hope that with today’s technology…there would be a way
    to limit the number of phone votes that could be placed from one phone
    number …  I think some really exceptional talent gets lost because of the
    humungous number of votes  that each viewer can cast as long as their
    fingers don’t get tired of pushing the Re-Dial button on  their phone.
    There has to be a better elimination process.

    • It isn’t a question of not having the technology.  DWTS limits text voting.  AI is partnered with AT&T, so that’s $ plus they love it when Ryan announces 35 million votes.  They don’t care who wins or what happens after they stop making money on it. 

      • Good to hear from you again Templar, and I agree 150%. I’m not blaming them at all, but what to us is a fun talent show to watch and get invested in is to them, quite simply, a job. I mean, like at mcdonalds, what to us is a food place to get while on the road is to them a way to get money. The only difference is Nigel Lythgoe is a multi-millionare. lol

  6. I hope they get on with some singing
    last week was rediculous and a waste of time
    get on with the ones who will move on so we can start seeing
    some good talent and pick our favs.

  7. I have been watching Idol for 10 years and now my 11th…last weeks Idol was the worst I have seen…you could tell us about the illness and the nerve jitters and whatever in 2 minutes…watching Idol, is to watch and hear music, singing of contestants and not their throwing up and disagreements. PLEASE, lets hear them SING…thank you

  8. I’m looking forward to the singing as well, as a 37 year musician/songwriter, I like to critique like the judges. It’s kinda fun actually.

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