Jennifer Lopez Confirms She Is Leaving American Idol

Looks like that last post came a little too soon. Jennifer Lopez announced today she will also be leaving American Idol.

Jennifer joins Steven Tyler in the exit that leaves only Randy Jackson’s American Idol 2013 fate up in the air. JLo made the announcement today on  Ido host Ryan Seacrest’s radio show.

“I really have been torn,” she said. “When I signed on to ‘Idol,’ I signed on to do one year. I ended up doing two years … It was just such a lovely surprise in my life to do it. It gets more complicated as the kids get a little bigger. It started feeling like it was a lot. Something had to give … that’s where I am right now.”

Ryan asked Jennifer if that means they will no longer be working together. She said yes.

“I honestly feel like the time has come that I get back to doing the other things that I do,” she said. “We had an amazing run.”

How do you feel about  Jennifer and Steven leaving American Idol?




    • American Idol doesn’t need Idol hopefuls this year. What they need are Idol Judges who are technically and commercially expert in music  industry. 🙂

      Audition for Idol Judges is now open! lmao.

  1. Sad, I loved them both and thought they were so encouraging to those young people.  They always seemed to have something good to say to them.  I will miss watching them, besides I will miss seeing what they wear each week.  That was a highlight.

    • I agree Conny.  The encouragement some of those contestants deserved and got from them.  They were excellent judges because they were in the same “hot seat” on their rise.  No need to batter someone when they’re down. 

      • If these kids had to go through the ropes like every other singer does, we wouldn’t know any of them.   They get critiqued for two months.  Big deal.  If they can’t take the heat in a Hollywood studio before judges who usually kiss their butt, they are not meant to be a professional performer, imo anyway.

  2. They were not judges.  They were best friends to the contestants.  The show needs real judging like that from Jimmy Levine.   Like him or not he provides critical analyses.  

  3. I nominate Melinda Doolittle, Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic and Jimmy Kimmel. 

    I think that trio would do a great job!

  4. They accomplished what they needed to do and that is to revive their careers and they did…..Best of luck to both……

    • Hello dear friend…I agree 100 %…Am hoping that all the changes bering talked about will be for the good. 🙂

  5. I’LL miss them both, they each had something to offer.  I wish Randy would leave, he hasn’t had an origional thought in years !  He is so boring !

  6. I will miss Steven Tyler he was a soft spoken judge that gave good advice.

  7. Good Riddance!!!  I love how she claims she is getting back to the other things in her life, like films, but she had NO career until American Idol came along.  What a joke!!!!!

  8. I will miss Steven but not Jennifer. Her career was revived and now she’s going. Rather that than holding out for more and more millions. How many can one have for Pete’s Sake.

  9. Case settled!  Home…JLo used Idol as a platform for the revival of her dying career and it worked for her.  Now there is speculation Mariah will do the same thing.  Musical chairs at American Idol.  At this point who cares who the judges are, the show is dying a slow death, let it go in peace.

    •  The show has been dying since Simon Cowell left.  Maybe not always agree but he was serious about his job and offered great critiques most of the time.

      • @JezSaying’..Absolutely.  He was American Idol, he could and did pick the allstars from the ordinary.  Some judges or people for that matter can’t be replaced.

      • Actually, the ratings were going down before Simon Cowell left. JLo and Steven revived it back up. 
        Simon could not even get half of AI’s rating with his new show XFactor. 
        He was “replaced”. 
        Rudeness is not a substitute for effective communication.

      • @Aileen:  Simon’s last Idol was Lee.  Steven and Jlo gave us Scotty and Phillip.  They pick the kids to sing, but I am still not convinced they get credit or fault for whom is chosen.   Jimmy gave the best critiques, but who knows if the kids listen to them or not.  Phillip didn’t and he won the contest.

  10. I am so sad :(( I really have enjoyed both steven & jennifer, & i will miss seeing them in american idol, but im sure i will like who ever replaces them too !!, their is lots of cool people  ready to take their spot i bet !!!…

  11. Hopefully she will be replaced with someone who can give constructive feedback instead of all the airey fairy flimflam that was displayed last season, Adam Lambert would be my choice!

    • NOT ADAM!! this will ruin the show for sure. if they want someone that has been on the show pick a past winner, not — loser

  12. Steven’s and JLo’s exit happen at such an opportune time. AI wants to revamp the whole show so AI got its wish. This is their chance to bring in some new and exciting ideas while getting rid of old and tired ones. 
    Good luck to Steven and Jennifer for whatever new career plans they have! 
    Here’s hoping that AI have some creative minds in their production staff who will come up with new ideas and not recycled ones.

    • A class act? LMAO! I love Aerosmith’s music but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I have heard Steven Tyler called a class act! Did you hear the comments he was making to the young girls?

  13. I hate it, I will no longer be watching the show, those two were wonderful and the show just won’t be the same. Ratings are gonna go right down!

    • You have got to be kidding.  Steven Tyler could barely get a critique out of his mouth because he basically said everything was “beautiful” and by the end all J Lo could say was “blah blah blah…baby.”  I, for one, am completely thrilled they are gone.  Now if only Randy would go……

  14. I’m fine with the changing of the guard.  But, if TPTB want to revive the show, they need to limit the voting.  That is, more than anything else, responsible for the decline in ratings.  Limit it to, say, 10 votes per device and that will put an end to WGWG.  People get interested in a certain talent only to see them overwhelmed by power voting.  It’s just wrong.

    • Smartest thing I’ve heard. We need to stop the power voting. I agree, 10 votes per number. I also think if they would get a couple of record producers, maybe Stevie Nicks, Bret Micheals, Sharon Osborne, Myriah,Defintly need someone to judge fairly. I really thought JLO maid a fool of herself(Ohhh. Baby)If their had been different judges, and limited voteing,  Haley Reinhart would have won hands done .

      • E News just reported Tyler didn’t want to go, got booted, JLo wanted more money so left and Randy doesn’t want to be last man standing.  So as it stands now, the judges are Mariah, Adam and gag gag Miley Cyrus.  If you’re over 16, better find a new show to watch.

    • Agreed~!!! I very rarely got on this blog last year and when I did comments such as I voted 500 times just made me wonder…seriously…

  15. These are the judges that saved Jessica Sanchez.  Golly.  Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you..I know JButt wanted to leave, but wonder if they asked Tyler to go.

  16. Seems many of the people that are glad JLo and Tyler are gone want them replaced with more critical judges. Really think that if you want to get judges that are more critical then you then need to increase the minimum age of the contestants up to 18-20.

  17. Personally, I am glad to see JLo go.  Idol had become the Jennifer Lopez show from the glitzy entrance (just for her-I mean look at the guys) to plugs for shows, CDs, announcements of achievements, and her very lengthy airhead critiques.  She had become so wrapped up into herself it was disgusting.  As for Tyler, I always liked him but this last year he looked like he would rather be somewhere else; was detached and did NOT offer any helpful advice or judging comments.  Idol will hopefully be much better off without those two.

  18. Wow no more “beautiful” or  “goosies” I’m so sad, NOT!! Now they can get rid of Mr “In it to Win it” and life will be good. Though if the rumors are true then Randy will be taking on a different role on the show and not be returning to the judges panel.

  19. i think Jlo make a mistake by going she has an something to offer but i really don’t know what is her reason of going, secondly Steven is one of the best judge i have ever see and lets see if the new judge can have the ability to perform like pass judge, all i need is the best for the show because i really spend my time to watch the show 

  20. I’m glad to see them leave. When is Randy leaving? It is time to clean house! Their time is up. We need some fresh blood in the house, if they want American Idol to survive! Good luck to all of them in whatever they do next.

    • Randy will not be a judge next season, but instead a mentor, Mariah is taking his place.

  21. I`ll be sorry to see them gone but , as I commented when everybody was wringing their hands and saying “it`s all over…..” when Simon ( who??!!!) left. It`s not really  about the judges at all, it`s the new talent that makes or breaks this show. There are plenty of great performers who would be great as judges and would have lots to contribute. No comedians , no actors, just musicians.  And it will be best for the show if they too stay for only a season or two . I wish Steven and JLo all the best in their future projects and thank them for two great seasons.

  22. As I reported earlier in the week:

    And the new judging panel will be:
    Raven-Symoné, age 26
    Adam Lambert, age 30
    Mariah Carey, age 42

    Mariah is definitely in very serious talks as is Adam and Raven. If any of these talks fail, Miley Cyrus and Fergie are next in line. Randy is Mariah’s manager and wants her to take his place as a judge. Randy will likely stay with the show, but in a mentoring role. Katy Perry is an absolute no, thank god.

    All from a very reliable source, but all is still in negotiations.

    Not really my picks, just passing on gossip from an associate that is at AI. My understanding is that none of the negotiations are completed, so it can still change from what she told me as I explained above, The demographics and the experience of the Judges were AI’s main criteria for selection.

    Please if you don’t know her work, Google “Raven-Symoné” and read her wiki page.

    She did more, and was bigger than Miley (which by itself isn’t saying much). Miley is trash IMO. Raven is currently on Broadway staring in “Sister Act” in the lead role. Recent rumors are, she is a lesbian.

    My associate at AI has told me she has JLO’s spot if it all works out. The problem is getting her out of “Sister Act”. If she can’t get out of SA, I’m afraid we are stuck with Miley. For whatever reason, AI wanted a Disney alumni and after Britney, many consider Raven the biggest after her, and then Miley. I really hope it isn’t Miley.

    Raven is also up for being the host of X-factor, Simon likes her. But Raven does not want to be host, she wants to be a judge.

    • I hope not Miley.  She talks like she has a fence post stuck in her teeth.  I have no opinion about Raven as I’m unfamiliar with her work.   If Mariah comes on, I’ll need to mute her responses as I can’t tolerate her. 
         IMO any of them will cause the ratings to take a serious hit.  The flyover states are Idol’s core audience.  They need to add at least one judge with some connection to country music.  But if they are serious about boosting ratings, they need to limit the voting.  That would put a stop to the WGWG.
          You mention only one male judge candidate, Adam.  Does that mean you think the panel will be two women and one man?  That seems unlikely.  I believe the viewers are more female than male, so, two men would be a bigger draw.  Rumor has it that Nigel’s head is also on the chopping block.  No remorse there.  

      • IDK…just spreading gossip from my AI contact.
        The 2 women/1 man panel may be AI’s way of shaking things up.

        I’m surprised you don’t know Ravens work, she’s has done all kinds of movies and TV, maybe you just don’t realize who she is. 

        If you had a teen in your house in the last 15 years, you would have to know her, she was very big with Disney, just before Miley hit. I would think she would be much better known than Adam and bring a strong “family values” vibe to the show.

      • @Templar:  Ditto to all the Miley/Mariah comments.  I have two 4 yr olds and have no clue about Raven’s talents, aside from Cosby.  I thought we were trying to get away from teenagers!  Well I’m sad, have a cold, family is in Montauk and I’m worried about AI judges.  Fun weekend so far!

      • VanessaRaven’s fans would now be hitting 18-25, the group AI wants back.

      • LC:  I know what they want..same thing Simon is doing with Britney…but average age of AI viewer is 50.  I don’t know why that surprised me but NONE of my friends watch and I’m 30.   I’ve never been one to follow the pack tho!

      • Vanessa
        LOL…I too am a youngster in the AI audience. AI has gotten so much criticism about WGWG , I think they are trying to change the demographics to change the results. I don’t think it will make any difference.

        It’s funny the teen girls get blamed for it, but I don’t think it is them. I had 2 teen daughters and they would never waste any time with something like power voting if they even watched the show at all. Once a preteen/teen girl gets a cell phone…she’s into her own world, not AI.

      • LC:  Hey Now!! At this point, not sure judges make a diff.  It’s like putting a new coat of paint on an old house.   Come January, avid fans will watch no matter who is there, but will stay if the talent is good, not if the judges are. I’d rather look at John Mayer than Mellencamp…but realistically that wouldn’t happen.  The ratio works btr with 2 men tho, AI shouldn’t forget their old audience just bc they want a new one.  Awwwwwcomeon, I just see you that you said Mariah is articulate….that’s just a little bit of a stretch!

      • IMO, Mariah Carey is better singing than speaking or sitting still as a judge. I may be wrong, but I noticed that she is too self-absorbed. I have watched her during an interview with Regis and Kelly. She couldn’t take her attention off herself. She was constantly looking at the tv monitor to make sure no hair is out of place, or her lipstick is not smearing or her makeup is not melting under the studio lights. She had to check out the way she was seated to make sure her abdomen is not popping out. It was just one self-conscious move after another. Her interview was less than 10 minutes. Imagine that scene for 2 hours! Good luck to AI!

    • I talked to my friend from AI last night. she’s says everything is still up in the air, that no one has signed yet. Apparently all of them are…demanding.  She said there is another on the list, Joe Jonas.

      She said lots of other changes are in the works including voting. However, much is on hold until Nigel’s fate is known.

      • The judges cast the characters before the show goes live so I say it does indeed matter who the judges are. If you have bad judges you will have mediocre talent when the live shows start.  

        Get someone who knows talent when they see it or the whole thing will be a bust! 

    • I used to watch Raven’s show on Disney with my daughter. I think she’d be an alright judge. That said, I think Miley has been given a bad rap. She isn’t trash. I don’t think she has done anything to warrant that label.

      • Hi Pally:  I am nursing a cold so home and saw Raven on Good Afternoon America…she was actually quite boring..can’t imagine her at the judge’s table.  I don’t like Miley at all, hate voice, speaking and singing and she seems off…like all the cut marks on her arm and the various videos of her with bongs and what not, seems like a mountain girl.  Whatever, I want more mature people, not old, mature, although I’m sure the teenaged girls would like them both.

      • @Vanessa. I do think she is too young. I agree with you on that. I don’t remember seeing any pictures of her with cuts on her arm. Demi Lovato, yes..Miley Cyrus no. The bong pictures don’t bother me. She was what…18? She was just trying to grow up. 

      • @Pally..I’m Home Alone!  Feel like Kevin in the movie.  TMZ and other sites have posted her with cuts on her arms.  She’s denied it, hope it isn’t true.  I guess I’m turning into an old lady but I can’t see how these young girls would be of much use as judges other than they can relate to young performers.

      • Vanessa..that’s too bad if she really has been cutting herself. My daughter is studying psychology and people that cut themselves are very sad people. 

      •  You must of missed the last year:
        -Billy Ray Cyrus says the Disney TV show “Hannah Montana” destroyed his
        family, causing his divorce and sending daughter Miley Cyrus spinning
        out of control.
        -Miley Parties Into The Morning With Friends & Can Barely Walk Or Stand from being so wasted.
        -Video footage of his daughter smoking from a bong at her 18th birthday
        -Billy Ray Cyrus said he is scared for Miley and compared her current path to those of other stars whose lives ended tragically
        -Miley rips on skinny girls and anorexics
        -Miley admitted she’s a “stoner” to her godmother, Dolly.
        -Dolly Parton,  “I hope she holds it together…”
        -Miley’s nude pics
        -Miley on video, said she was a “stoner” and “pot head”, when friends presented her with a Bob Marley cake.

        Ok…maybe I’ve done a few of these things too, if not all, but not when I was only 18 and certainly behind closed doors. It seems like she is a train wreck currently and AI is not going to want that.

      • @Lord, I think a lot of Miley’s stuff was just growing pains..acting out. She seems to be back on track. She’s engaged. She looks fantastic. I’m not going to rip on anyone for smoking some pot at 18 or tipping back a few too many. I remember being 18 and I’m sure people could have taken some videos of me I wouldn’t want out there! I have to question her choice of friends really. Who does that to someone? Let’s sell this video of my friend to the highest bidder.

  23. I did not like how Jennifer Lopez treated Haley Reinhart at all last season. Not sorry to see her go.

    • Haley Reinhart was as annoying as 100 degree heat, stuck in traffic.  They were too kind to her and she should never made it as far as she did.  

  24. I don’t think Randy is leaving just yet. I mean, he wasn’t given a farewell tribute like Simon had back in Season 9.

    Randy (unfortunately) is here to stay.

    • Randy is a very talented guy…I think he will do great as a mentor and maybe he was tired of being a judge. It would get old after a while. How many cool phrases can one person have?

  25. Tough to be torn when you were canned. Nice try JLO. Your next tough decision will be play with your kids or your boy toy.

  26. I’m sorry to see Jennifer and Steven leave and hope they keep Randy in any capacity.  Although I felt they were a bit “soft” on the contestants, Jimmy Iovene added a nice touch to the mix.  I certainly did not miss the unwarranted criticisms of Simon Cowell.  It is nice to see we still have a tender side to people even when they are telling somone they are not good enough.  As far as Adam Lambert, I’ll never watch the show again if he is on it.  There I draw the line.  I’d rather see Ellen Degeneres come back who in my opinion, even without a musical background,  voiced the opinion, of the general audience who watches and keeps these shows on the air. 

  27. finally…the goosies are gone.  here’s looking to a much better replacement.  and one with talent

  28. Goosey Goosey Gander where shall JLO wander
    Upstairs and downstairs and in JLO’s chamber
    There she met many young men who wouldn’t worship her in prayers
    So she took them by their third legs and threw them down the stairs

    • There was a young man of Devizes
      Whose balls were of two different sizes
      One was so small
      It was no ball at all
      But, the other won several prizes.

  29. Honestly…good riddance.  I just heard this morning on the radio, that talks are serious with Mariah Carey. Her husband might be saying that Idol can’t afford her but according to Mike Evans…it is in the works.

  30. I just read on Dlisted that Aretha Franklin wants to be a judge on AI!  Cracked me up :>)

    • Ok Calv..I’m in the midst of reading trash sites.  Celebitchy says Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz and Kanye West(?) srsly are in the running.  Ask your friend if she knows.  They also claimed Jlo would have stayed 4 more money but wasn’t offered it, and that poor Steven’s contract just wasn’t renewed.   Do tell.

      • Now you are on the right track @4ec3bd33676f446f3aab340ba2012aea:disqus . I very much believe this to be the truth. JLo and Steven dared to go against the grain with TPTB during the season to save the reputation of their own brand and keep from hurting their own careers. That is the reason for the shake up I think. I could name the times that things were done that probably were against what the producers wanted but I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself. 

      • Okay..I NEVER say this..but..if Kanye West comes on the show..I will never watch again. I’m all for Lenny Kravitz and Mary J Blige but no no no no no to Kanye!

      • @Pally @CK:  I didn’t say Kanye was the man, for God’s sakes he’s dating Kim Kartrashian, his name was mentioned on the website.   Ick..and Taymaro, srsly, JLo and Steven did not pimp P2 until the very end so they wouldn’t look like morans for damning the winner.  Their big play of the season was the phony baloney outster and SAVEEEE of little Jessica, that was their proudest moment of the season.

    • Hey give her some RESPECT….she’s not Rodney Dangerfield reincarnated.

      Mariah is their number one R&B soul pick, they won’t go after Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz or Kanye West if they can get her. My friend has not mentioned any of them at all as possibilities. True about JLO & Steven.

      BTW, I tweeted John Mellencamp about AI….he tweeted back..”it’s beneath me, I not interested”

      • Manipulating the public into voting for their predetermined winner is the agenda. It’s the same agenda they have every year. It’s not about defeating one contestant. It’s about defeating all other contestants besides the “chosen one”. This year it just seemed like the judges might not have been on board as much as in past seasons.

        For JLo and Steven, maybe it was due to protecting themselves with all of the other things they had going on in their personal careers or just maybe they actually felt a little sympathy for some of the contestants and decided that they weren’t going to throw them under the bus.

        You see, most of the time they don’t have to manipulate the vote after it is cast because if everyone sticks to the script we will vote the way they want anyway. And if for some reason that doesn’t happen they always have the option of throwing out votes to achieve the desired goal. 

        I know LCRK, Sir, that it is hard for all of us intelligent individuals to accept the fact that we are that gullible and malleable. Our self respect and pride won’t allow us to wrap our heads around that but it’s true nonetheless.

        Just sayin…..

      • Taymaro, you are crazy if you think they wanted Phillip to win. They wanted Jessica or Joshua. The 8 thousand standing ovations should have been your first clue. I think they gave up when Phillip was just getting way more votes every week than anyone else. TPTB (as you put it) would not want another so called WGWG.

      • Taymaro

        Had Joshua or Jess won, you would have me convinced of overt manipulation.

        I felt Randy and JLO were pulling for Joshua and Jessica the entire season. I think Steven appeared more open minded. Because of the judges obvious favoritism to Joshua, I think there could have been an anti-Joshua vote going on. Because of the Judges and her crazy obnoxious fans, I think there was a strong anti-Jessica vote. The standing ovation thing made no sense to me. They would say someone was the best of the night and not give a standing ovation to them, but still would give one to Joshua.

        My guess is that AI wanted Jessica to win to stop WGWG. So I tend to think…the one who won, was the one the viewing audience voted for.

        As far as earlier departed contestants, I think two were treated unfairly by the judges. Hollie and Elise. I think Colton’s departure seemed odd and suspicious, but really that’s it.

        I’m still not understanding what you are implying. I’m interested in what you’re saying and I promise not to be ill mannered, just come out and say what you mean/think.

      • LC:  U r goofing on me right?  I am the most gullible girl in the world, so I would actually believe you that he tweeted :>)!  Boo hoo on Mariah…she has that stink face, ya know, that never changes when she’s happy or crying about Whitney.  Don’t like her Calv, so Mimi change the look up, practice in the mirror!

      • @LC:  Since the drunken hag Kathie Lee is publically dissing Aretha, it makes me root for her!

      • Vanessa 
        He tweeted…I tweet celebs all the time and get responses…I tweet you not

        LOL…I’ve met Kathie Lee and she was drunk on her *ss at her husband’s fraternity reunion.

      • @LC:  I met them both at party in E. Hamp two summers ago.  He is an arrogant SOB, he’s very old now,  is like a rock just sitting there next to her.  Not a fun Midsummer’s Night Dream wth the Giffords :<( but amusing nonetheless to watch.

  31. American is dying…. If the show cannot afford music producers that hold a stronger value of opinion to those going through the contest, anything less reduces the value of the show. Hire individuals that seasoned artist. Example: pay to have artist like Dolly Parton, Elton John, Eric Clapton, are a few examples of mature artist that would be well respected and viewers would tune into the show.

    • Seasoned, yes.  Passe’, no.  All due respect to the artists you suggest, but all of them are past being an audience draw for a show like Idol.  IMO they should go no further back than the 80’s for judges.  Jon Bon Jovi, Prince, Darius Rucker, Alicia Keys, Cher [She’s had top 10 songs in the 90’s and 00’s], Garth Brooks, etc.  A producer like Babyface would also be great.

      • One of two things absolutely have to be known before we will have an idea of who the judges may be. We have to know what the goal for season 12 is:

        1.)  Do the producers want to finally turn AI into a legit singing competition?

        2.) Do the producers just want year 12 of a drama filled reality show that keeps us all enthralled just like the last 11 seasons?

        We have to know the answer:

         If the answer to number one is “Yes” then they need truly credible judges that have an extensive back ground in music, and the performing arts.

        If the answer to number two is “Yes” then they need anyone who will go along with the process and spiel the scripted lines that will further the objectives of the production throughout the season without hesitation. 

        The past season was the most transparent I have seen of any season yet. The judges seemed to be rebelling against TPTB at times and then pulling back and playing along at other times. I think this is why they seemed so schizophrenic at times in their comments. It’s almost as if they were torn between trying to be nice and honest and trying to stick to the script and do what the producers wanted them to do. 

        That being said, I don’t think that Steven Tyler’s little gaffs were a mistake at all. I also think that JLo acted on her own when she was pleading with people to vote for DeAndre. And now that I think about it, I am almost sure that all the standing ovations for Joshua were a part of the judges rebellion as well. That is why they had to discuss it before they did it. They wanted to act in unison for protection. They couldn’t all be ousted at the same time in the middle of the season. That was the purpose of Jimmy Iovine being there. He could offset the judges and be the last line of defense to uphold TPTB’s agenda. Everyone knows that he is a weasel and will stick to the script and walk over anyone to line his own pockets.

        I think the answer to number two will be “Yes” and that the unpredictability of these judges is what caused the big shake up. With that thought in mind, I am almost certain that a former AI contestant will be on the panel to lend the appearance of credibility. After all, someone who has walked in their shoes surely wouldn’t act in a dishonest way just to make sure the desired outcome is achieved. It will have to be one who is willing to prostitute all of their integrity and values and do what ever the production wants them to do without regard for how it affects the contestants personal goals and lives. With that thought in mind it very well maybe Adam Lambert. We already know that he will do just about anything to “make it” in the world of entertainment. 

        Just some thoughts…….

      •  Taymaro
        Exactly what was TPTB’s agenda last season? Let me guess, defeat DeAndre?

    • Dolly Parton? Love her but seriously..she’s a ditz! Why does everyone keep coming with these older artists?

      • ITA and if they really want to shake things up and fix the show = LIMIT THE VOTING!   That IMO is the main thing that’s causing the decline in the ratings.  

  32. jlo will be missed and so will steven. i think the rating will go down.. they brought the show back to life after simon cowell..

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