Jennifer Lopez Dishes American Idol On ‘The Talk’

Jennifer Lopez on The Talk

Jennifer Lopez went on CBS’ new show “The Talk” (featuring Julie Chen of Big Brother 13) and she raved about how wonderful life was in her new role as an American Idol 2011 judge:

“I’m loving it. It’s so much fun. Exactly what I thought it would be. I did it because I thought it would be fun and I’d get to be in one place. It’s been great. I love everybody. It’s such a machine. It runs like clockwork. I looooove Nigel.

“I love Ryan contrary to whatever you say. I love Steven. I love Randy. Everything’s great.”

The hosts pressed Lopez on what was the hardest part about her wonderful job. She admitted that breaking the hearts of those who weren’t terrible, but just not good enough to make it. Wait, does this mean JLo has a heart after all?




  1. I hope, now that JLO is appearing on talk shows, that America will realize all the stuff about her being a diva is wrong.

  2. I really can't wait to judge for myself but I think this will probably be the biggest opening of AI because of all the publicity and people want to see for themselves….Lets hope they can keep us watching this Season…..

    I almost forgot that Simon used to be on this panel..LOL

    MATT…thanks so much for all these updates. Your site is the best……

  3. So agree with Stormy and Phyllis…I am looking forward to the new season, I, too, have seen Jennifer Lopez on talk shows and behind the scenes clips for movies…all this :Diva" stuff (jmho) is unfounded…she comes off as a very nuturing and kind person…Yes, Matt…your site is great.

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