Jessica Sanchez Talks Upcoming Album

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2012

American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez is in The Philippines with fellow alum Colton Dixon this week for a Valentine’s Day concert and during a press event, the songbird revealed some more details about her upcoming album.

Jessica has said that what was saw on American Idol wasn’t exactly who she really was as an artist. She promises that her album is 100 percent Jessica Sanchez.

“It’s weird to sing about things that I’ve never experienced in my life,” Jessica said referring to the covers she had to do on Idol. “Here in the new album which is already finished, I get to be more myself. The album will be more radio-friendly and will be youthful.”

And she says the album isn’t just ballads, which she caught some criticism from during last season’s American Idol.

“It will show the more fun, more pop side of me,” Jessica said. “While there are a couple of ballads, it’s mostly all about music you can move and dance to.”




  1. Well I’m glad the Jessica is going to be staying true to herself and have an album that will reflect what she wants to do and who she is as an artist.

    Now onto something that is a little off topic, as I meant to comment on this over the weekend but I was too busy over the weekend to do it. I visited a friend of mine last Thursday evening and he had American Idol on. I told him I haven’t watched it yet this season, but I watched it. I honestly could find nothing to say about Nikki Manji surprisingly. In fact I though she and Keith Urban were the two best judges there. They were both honest without being mean. So I was pleasantly surprised by this. I think Mariah is just too full of herself, and Randy is just as useless as ever. I might tune in at some point during the season(probably when the live shows start), but it isn’t as bad as what I thought it would be.

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