American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Find Out Which Girls Make It In Hollywood Week

Girls Week on American Idol

Tomorrow night on American Idol 2013 the ladies take their turn at proving why they deserved to win a Golden Ticket back at the auditions. While more than a hundred girls traveled to Hollywood, only the Top 20 will leave there happy. Here’s a sneak peak at those American Idol spoilers.

We’ve been lucky to see most of these girls perform as part of the auditions phase, but now we’ll get a closer look as they perform both solo and group acts in the next few days. Each round should provide similar cuts in the way we saw last week, but if our information is correct then all of the names below will survive round after round.

Here’s the full list according to the spoilers plus links out to their audition performance if it was made available. Any favorites for you so far?

American Idol 2013 Top 20 Girls:

  1. Adriana Latonio
  2. Amber Holcomb
  3. Angela Miller
  4. Aubrey Cleland
  5. Brandy Hotard
  6. Breanna Steer
  7. Candice Glover
  8. Cristabel Clack
  9. Isabel Pasqualone
  10. Janelle Arthur
  11. Jenny Beth Willis
  12. Jett Hermano
  13. Juliana Chahayed
  14. Kamaria Ousley
  15. Kree Harrison
  16. Melinda Ademi
  17. Rachel Hale
  18. Shubha Vedula
  19. Tenna Torres
  20. Zoanette Johnson

Get ready to watch them all compete on Wednesday and Thursday night this week on American Idol 2013!




    • I’m black so don’t get upset people, but randy did anger me when he critique isabelle who is white that she picked the wrong song (black song) god bless the child, I think she sang that song with the right amount of soul, and she went home because of randy, did you hear the audience boo when she got cut, shame on you randy!

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