Jimmy Iovine’s Thoughts On American Idol 2013 Top 4

Jimmy Iovine - American Idol

American Idol’s Jimmy Iovine is back with his next round of critiques on the Season 12 Top 4 as they took the stage as a group for the second time in two weeks.

On Angie’s choice of “Diamonds” by Rihanna, “it just wasn’t the song she needed it to be. I think Keith was right. She tried to take this song somewhere where the bones of the song just didn’t have enough meat on it.”

Amber’s performance of “Just Give Me A Reason” raised mild support from Jimmy. “She’s a great singer with the wrong song,” said Jimmy. “It could have been the right song if she had more time to prepare for it.”

High marks for Candice from Jimmy. “She did a magnificent job on both songs. It wasn’t the best she’s done so far, but she was head and shoulders above the rest,” he explained.

Kree disappointed Iovine. “In my opinion, Kree just hasn’t lived up to her full potential in the last two weeks.” Jimmy felt Kree did “well on both songs” but thought two average performances is worse than having one great performance coupled with one poor one.

Watch Jimmy’s feedback to hear what else he had to say on this season’s final four ladies.

Jimmy Iovine on American Idol 2013 Top 4:

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  1. Not so sure Mr. Connick would make a great judge, he seems overly meticulous. with what he considers perfection for the singers. and maybe a bit intimidating. with his intricate knowledge of music. I agreed with Jimmy’s analysis. Candice was in her element with the songs she chose. Loved Amber’s MFV best. Also agree that Kree’s song choices, especially this week, have not shown her potential, and its been frustrating. because she has a beautiful tone, if the songs are right.

    • I agree. HCJr. has his own style of singing, and I’m not sure he can relate well to other styles. I felt he was harsh with Amber. She already told him she was still learning the lyrics. He put her in an awkward spot when he fired questions at her about interpreting the lyrics. I think it was really coming from the previous week’s MacArthur Park and interpretation of those lyrics. And, getting into an argument with Randy while Kree was on stage put her in an awkward spot. After all, Connick was a guest mentor/performer. He didn’t need to make a big deal out of it and try to be a judge, too. There needs to be a separation between mentor and judge. One person should not do both on the same show. Keith shouldn’t have gotten into the middle of it, either. Sometimes these judges don’t act as mature as the contestants.

      • I think I agree with the above, but would add, these girls have more talent than the judges, I hope they one day realize that. I’ve never bought any of their music, it does not appeal to me. I like Harry Connick, but more as an actor than a singer.

  2. Jimmie… You’re the only “Judge” that actually tells it like it is.

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