Karl Skinner Auditions On American Idol 2013 — ‘I Feel Good’


American Idol 2013 has really thrown me for a loop. This season, so far, is so weird. There have been so many people start out with crazy — sometimes terrible — auditions, then they get turned around into something good.

It happened again last night in Oklahoma City with Karl Skinner. At first I just thought he was going to be another joke audition with his rendition of “I Feel Good.” And then he grabbed his guitar and performed an original song. And it was much, much better. He’s got a soulful, folksy sound. He totally turned my opinion around, which as I said earlier, has been a trend this season.

We’ve got his audition video below so let’s take another look and listen to his original song. You can skip the “I Feel Good” part. Ha. Do you think Karl Skinner has what it takes to be the next American Idol?