Katharine McPhee Performs For New Series ‘Smash’

Katharine McPhee in Smash

If you’ve missed Katharine McPhee on television since her time on the fifth season of American Idol back in 2006 then you’re in luck. NBC is about to launch “Smash” starting on February 6th and they’ve got a new promo video out featuring McPhee performing “Beautiful.” The video (watch it below) includes scenes from the series to help you get a sense of where the story is going.

Katharine McPhee is showing up as third billing on NBC’s cast list, but it definitely looks like she’s the lead character. Hopefully the series will last and continue to give McPhee a strong push in her career.




  1. I’ve watched several promos for this. I’m so looking forward to it. The all-star ensemble cast looks like a winner!

  2. good for her. always loved her “somewhere over the rainbow”. crystal bowersox was on primetime tv last week, forgot the name of the show but her little acting job was first rate. there’s another contestant who should have won. but like so many others, she’s doing better than the winner

  3. She was awesome. She was definitely better than the winner that season. I believe that was Taylor Hicks…..I think that was Daughtry’s season too. Like I said before….the cream rises to the top….(Please correct me if I’m wrong).
    I am so looking forward to the show. Your right Matt she looks like the star but there seems to be big names on the cast list. This could be her breakout roll. I hope so, I liked her in Bunny House too.

  4. Meant to say Breakout role…..Doing too many things at once…Sorry about that….

  5. I’m SOO looking forward to this… I think Katherine will probably share the main role with the other blond woman?
    I doubt that this will take more than 1 season.. If it is about creating a musical about Marilyn Monroe, it cannot take too much to reach a conclusion.. Otherwise sticking to the same small subject for seasons would be VERY boring…
    Anyway… I will watch this!

  6. I like her too, looking forward to that show… Crystal Bowersox was in Body of Proof… she has potential in acting… though her role was short but it was a marked role… good for her an to My Mcphee…

    • Aquilles…Thanks, I’ve been trying to remember if it was Body of Proof or Castle.
      I thought the role was short but effective. She definitely has potential…..Personally, I liked her acting better than her singing…LOL..JMHO

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