David Archuleta Launches Christmas Tour

David Archuleta

Former American Idol hopeful David Archuleta is about to launch his Christmas tour, “My Kind of Christmas 2011,” when he lands in New York this Thursday. He’ll jump from coast to coast for a 13 city stop in the run up to Christmas which just happens to be some of Archuleta’s favorite music:

“I feel like Christmas songs are already epic,” he says, “and to be able to have a full choir and orchestra back you up makes it even more epic. You just feel like there’s this amazing field of energy up there.

“Everyone puts a lot into that performance. Sometimes people go, ‘That Mormon Tabernacle Choir, they’re always so smile-y and stuff.’ I guess that’s because they’re loving what they’re doing. That’s what makes them so magical when they perform.”

There are tickets still available in 11 of the 13 cities, so if you’re an Archuleta fan then here’s your chance to see him perform this month. Check out his official site for the full tour listings.

Listen in as David talks about the upcoming tour:

Source: Idol Chatter




    • Why does he have 3 concerts in New York and no concerts in the midwest or south? A lot of fans have been waiting in those states. Dang. Christmas concerts are so limited in time. Will watch Glad Christmas Tidings Christmas Special on PBS TV on Dec 13, 17, 23, 24, 25. I heard it was EPIC!!

  1. Didn’t reply to pr63, but probably I clicked the wrong link. sorry.
    But seriously, why he skipped Illinois?

  2. I too am disappointed that he won’t be in the Midwest but I don’t think its his fault. Perhaps WE needed to call some theaters, arenas, etc. and ask them to schedule great shows such as Davids. His schedule was published with open dates that I’m sure he would have filled if asked. Its our tough luck that these venues don’t contact him.

  3. I’m so disappointed. I would have loved to go to his Christmas Concert. I even have his Christmas CD from last year. No Las Vegas dates.There are so many Local Casinos he could have played at……BooHoo!!!!

  4. Lots of more up to date photos available.

    Excited for the Tour. Us midwest fans need to work on getting David here next tour. Never thought about the Venue issue.

    I’ll be attending in SLC and Beaver Creek,Co.

  5. Right..if a lot of people requested David, perhaps that would make them cognizant of the fact that he’s wanted here.

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