Keith Urban on American Idol 2014: ‘I Don’t Know Anything’

American Idol Keith Urban

It looks like Keith Urban is as annoyed as we are with all the American Idol 2013 gossip and rumors.

“I have no official information of anything,” Keith told the Associated Press Tuesday. I’m pretty much in the same boat as everybody else here with the rumors that have been floating around,” he said in a new interview on Tuesday, May 28. “I don’t know anything more about what’s happening next season. It was like this before I signed on . . . so it’s not unusual for the Idol folks to be in this place of figuring out what they want to do, then they always pull it together.”

As reported already, Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj are out as judges and Keith and Mariah Carey’s fate is up in the air. Keith has expressed his interest to remain a part of the show, but it’s not up to him.

“I did as much as I could in the environment we had,” the 45-year-old- country star said.  “I love artists,” he explained. “I love the beginnings of artists when all they’ve got is raw talent and nothing else.”




  1. Don’t know why Idol is waiting so long to line up the judges for next season. Don’t auditions begin soon? Unless they have a different panel of judges for auditions, it seems like the announcement should be any day now. The fans have indicated that they want a complete change or keep Keith only. Maybe Idol wants to continue the interest in the show by holding off as long as they can to announce the new judges.

    • Yes the auditions start soon, but the audition process is different than what they say it is on television. The big cattle call of people in stadiums and arenas maybe only about 100-200(just an estimated guess there) get to audition in front of the judges. First the people in the cattle call have to sing in front of a few people. These people could be producers or people hired to do just that, and of the people auditioning only a fraction gets to move on to the next phase which is singing in front of producers. And of those people only 100-200 of them get to move onto singing in front of the judges, and they don’t get to do that until September when taping for the audition episodes starts. So basically Idol doesn’t have to have a new panel in place until September and knowing how Idol works they will try to milk it for all it’s worth meaning not announcing who will be on the new panel until the last minute.

  2. I really like Keith urban. And it is like he said ~ He did the best he could in the environment he was in. I really think he was the best judge on that judges panel. Love you Keith. What a site for these eyes you are Baby!

    • Ms.Sherry K…..long time. How is everything? Did you watch Idol this season? I haven’t seen you on the site.
      I feel like you. The only one I’d keep is Keith. I really like this show for the same reason that Keith wants to stay and judge. The talent….these young kids get a break, win or lose, they have exposure…..Take Adam…thank heavens for Idol!!!!! LOL….Have a wonderful summer.

      • Hi Ms Phyllis G! I haven’y seen you for quite sometime either. and all of the others we used to talk to. where did they go? I feel the same way you do about Keith and the show. Yes there was a lot of talent! I am sure some of the kids will go on and get a break somewhere else. I am watching The Voice now. I like the funny comments going on between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Some of the contestants on that show are very talented too. But for some reason I never see them again after the show is over? I still LOVE ADAM! I always will. I guess that is something you and I and a whole lot of other women have in commom! Take care Phyllis. And have a great summer!

  3. I love Keith and hope he returns as a judge. I feel that Mariah would have been a great judge if Nicki M. were not there to harass her. Keith, Mariah, and the new and final judge is……
    How about Barry Manilow or Harry Connick, Jr. or Michael Buble’ ?

  4. Keep Keith Urban! He was the best judge you had there! Hi is a nice polite person. He told the contestans what they were doing wrong! And there is nothing annoying about him!

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