American Idol 2013: Candice And Kree’s Singles Selling Worse Than Lee DeWyze’s

American Idol 2013 Top 2

It comes to no surprise that American Idol 2013 winner Candice Glover and runner-up Kree Harrison’s singles aren’t selling as well as Phillip Phillips’ “Home” did last year. But to be doing worse than Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze’s cover of U2’s “Beautiful Day” is just OUCH. Way  ouch.

Candice’s “I Am Beautiful” first-week sales were at 54,000 downloads. Kree’s “All Cried Out” came in at 24,000. Phillip’s “Home” last year fetched a whopping 278,000 downloads. Lee’s “Beautiful Day” rounded out at about 100,000 in 2010. So to be that much lower than Phillip and still almost 50,000 less than Lee is not good news.

To make things even worse, Candice was also beat by Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina’s “Like My Mother Does” who had around 122,000 downloads during that first week after the 2011 finale.

Below are  how all the winners first-week sales went:

  • 1) Ruben Studdard, “Flying Without Wings” – 286,000
  • 2) Phillip Phillips – “Home” – 278,000
  • 3) David Cook, “The Time of My Life” – 236,024
  • 4) Kelly Clarkson, “A Moment Like This” – 236,000
  • 5) Taylor Hicks, “Do I Make You Proud” – 190,147
  • 6) Scotty McCreery – “I Love You This Big” – 171,404
  • 7) Fantasia, “I Believe” – 142,141
  • 8) Kris Allen, “No Boundaries” – 134,458
  • 9) Carrie Underwood, “Inside Your Heaven” – 131,504
  • 10) Lee Dewyze – “Beautiful Day” – 95,000
  • 11) Jordin Sparks, “This Is My Now” – 74,303
  • 12) Candice Glover – “I Am Beautiful” – 54,000

So we can’t exactly predict success based on those first-week sales. Look where Carrie Underwood ranked. I think “I Am Beautiful” just isn’t a song that stacks up to others like “Home” and “A Moment Like This.”





  1. Seemed like every time Candice appeared on a show after she won, she was singing “I Am Beautiful.” Maybe the viewers were saturated with a song that was good, but not so good that there was the desire to keep hearing it in addition to the many TV appearances. I liked both Candice and Kree, but I wouldn’t download either of those songs.

    • I haven’t bought a CD since Adam Lambert!!!!! I downloaded “Home”. I just love THAT song. I might buy Candice’s CD but not Kree’s (I’m countried out)…Except for you giselle, I don’t recognize any of the past bloggers. We lost a lot after Season 8 and the rest this season because of the judges!!! I really hope that AI does something to revamp this show.

      • Me, too, Phyllis G. Idol doesn’t do everything right, but contestants on the show do not fade into oblivion as do winners on other reality shows. Granted, not all of them are super successful, but we can name many who went on to greatness. Many some of past bloggers changed their “names” to start out fresh the next season.

  2. That isn’t too surprising given the percentage drop AI had in viewers this year.

  3. I don’t think it has to do much with American Idol’s lower ratings. People just don’t watch as much TV as they used to in the past, so they don’t know about the contestants and don’t buy their music. Ok, this season had problems, but even if next year AI puts up a fantastic show, I really doubt the ratings will get any closer from its golden years.

  4. I love Candice’s voice. I do not go to I tune to buy songs I buy CD’s.

  5. Phyllis Gebby, I think American Idol has had it’s run. Maybe they should think about packing it in! Look at all of the problems with the judges ~Except Keith Urban! He was really a good judge. He kept giving them good advice.
    I think Candice has a beautiful voice. Are her song choices right? Is her agent or who she is signed with picking her songs? No good! Get someone else Cancice because you have wa whopping good voicee girlfriend. Don’ turn out to be another looser because AI is telling you what to sing. This is the chance of your life! Hang in there as long as needed. And be like Kelley Clarkson! Get out from under AI having anything to do with your career as soon as possible! I love your voice Candice. Wanted you to win. Now be stubborn and go for it girl.

  6. Overall it was a bad season were both runners up were great singers, but still kind of boring..

  7. Yeah I think Angie Miller is going to be the one that sells the most. Out of all the contestants she is the one who is more current and is a lot like other artists out there who sell good.

  8. I am not surprised to hear that Candice Glover and Kree’s songs are not doing that good. I enjoyed the show this year.But I would like to add a little tidbit about the show. There is an excellent writer in our news paper that comments on TV shows,.He is very good too. Of course he said Randy was leaving. No surprise. But then he went on to say ” Nicki Minaj was a pleasant surprise with her Candor and insight. The reason I am putting this on here is because I liked Nicki. My husband liked Nicki. And I don’t know why so many posting seem to hate her?? Yes she did say some sexual things I did not like. I think they gave her a talking too. Because that was toned down a great deal. He also said ” But for the life of me I can’t understand what Carey brought to the table thaat was worth paying her $18 Million! ” Wow. I feel the same way. I never did like any of her responses. She acts like a real Diva! And just went on and on with her mostly useless comments. I got bored before she got through talking!! So the two judges who were the best were Nicki and Keith Urban. Supposedly the show is going to be on next year again.I agree with our writer that there are just too many singing shows on.And Idol is 12 years old.. I am surprised it has lasted that long. But it was really good for a longtime. I think they should shut it down. And Simon’s X/Factor is probably going to be a bust too. Of course all of this is JMO. I hope everyone has a nice summer! Sherry K

    • Simon is trying to revamp the X factor also. 3 women are on the judges panel this year. I expect to see many surprises this year on the X factor. Limited votes and more influence (power) from the judges panel for contestants to move on. Just speculating?

      • Champion, I do not expect Simon’s show to be any better than it was last year. And I definitely agree with some of your comments about changes on his show this year. I am getting a bit burnt out on singing shows anyway. I mean Idol was a big thing when it started. But it has been on now for 12 times? I do like the voice. One thing I liike about it is the jugdes really do seem passionate about their teams. It is a fun show to watch because of all the camaraderie between the judges. They cannot see the contestants before picking them. Therefore looks do not enter in to the decisions. Just listening to their voices.The only thing I do not like is that once the judges have their final team america picks the winner. I guess that is only right though! All of the other singing show do the same thing. Do you ever wonder if the audience picks the right person to win?

      • The two idol winners that I dislike winning the most were No.1 Lee Dewyze-sang off key. No.2 Taylor Hicks-A spazy sort of dork that gained popularity but an average voice.

    • Someone like Mariah can command that kind of salary because of who she is. Presumably the producers thought her immense talent and worldwide, long time success and popularity would translate into a good performance at the judge’s table. Well they were wrong, but it was too late to do anything about it.
      The initial mega feud between Mariah and Nicki made for good television for some viewers, but the novelty of that wore off quickly.

      They couldnt fire Mariah Carey during the season because of the bad press they would have got from her legions of supporters. All they could do was try to coach her and hope for the best. She sat next to her friend, Randy Jackson so he could give her pointers on what to say when she was at a loss for words. The camera often caught her looking to Randy for help during the season.
      They may want to consider auditioning the new judges before offering them a position, but someone like Mariah Carey probably wouldnt participate in an audition.

      • Jett, I think you are right! If they are going to pay judges 14 million dollars like Mariah Carey they need to audition them! And yes I saw her lookiing at Randy waving her hands around because she was lost for words! That is a great idea you came up with! And if they won’t audition then move on to another person for being a judge!

  9. Marian Carey was boring, Keith Urban was even more boring, Nicki Minaj was butt clenchingly appalling and made made me switch off on more than one occasion. Randy tried to soldier on against the odds but even his experience and professionalism could not make a silk purse out of a pigs ear; he looked tired and beaten but who wouldn’t if they were working with three other judges who are less interesting than watching paint dry. To top it all off, what a diabolical bunch of contestants. Where have all the Adam Lamberts, Taylor Swifts, Jennifer Hudsons gone to. Why is everyone overweight?

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