Kelly Clarkson Finds Love With New Puppy After Dog’s Death [PHOTOS]

Original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has found love with a new puppy! The newly married mom-to-be lost her beloved “best friend” Joplin, a black poodle mix, back in November. Now Kelly has a new puppy named Wyatt to be a furry best friend for her baby daughter, due to arrive this spring.

2013 CMA Music Festival - Day 3

Kelly posted the news about the fluffy addition to the family on Twitter. She said that while adorably cute Wyatt “can’t replace my Joplin that passed away,” the new little puppy is “pretty great!” She also said Wyatt “loves to be held like a baby, which is great practice for me.

Kelly Clarkson Puppy Photos Gallery: Wyatt, Joplin, and Security
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Kelly also has another beloved dog named, oddly enough, Security. One of the maltese’s most significant traits is his incredibly loud snoring. The former American Idol winner tweeted once that Security’s snoring woke her up out of a sound sleep sounding “like a freight train.”