Lauren Alaina’s “Like My Mother Does” video set to premiere

American Idol Lauren Alaina

“American Idol” Season 10 runner up Lauren Alaina’s video for her almost-winning song “Like My Mother Does” is set to premiere on CMT Tuesday at 10:30 am when the network actually shows music videos for five minutes.

But we have the video here and now (watch it below). It’s a pretty good, but sappy, video fully equipped with images of Lauren’s childhood from way back when in the early 200os. Ha.

I didn’t know “American Idol” contestants’ first singles ever made it to video format. So this is pretty cool. What do you think?




      • Sooner watch paint dry followed by watching the grass grow than listen to garbage disguised as music like this! Really just insults my intelligence.

      • Again, This is the first I’ve heard of this young woman. I like the song and she has a good voice. Is it original enough to take her to the top? I will have to wait and see. That is why Adam Lambert impressed me so much, something original, something new. I do feel that munkispankt comments are rude, if you don’t like country, Don’t listen. You knew ahead of time that both Scotty and Lauren were country. Your comments insult my intelligence.

  1. Ok, I watched them. Lauren is a sweet, talented girl, but IMO she’s a clumsy, insecure girl too. She seems to be a train wreck ala Judy Garland or Lindsey Lohan. Believe me when I say, I hope I’m wrong. Lauren has health issues, voice problems and seems to be accident prone. These are probably due to stress and nerves. She may get pushed too hard and fall apart.

    • Please. Give the girl a break. She’s HUMAN, and that makes her all the more precious.

    • No jealousy or malice intended. I’m not the only one thinking this. Read Brian Mansfield article in USA Today.

  2. There is not a Mother on this planet that would be so proud to listen to their daughter sing that song. I predict a HUGE success. Naysayers, go back in your hole!!

  3. She is a great singer and shes also going to make it all the way.Good Luck in everything you do !!!!

  4. She is true to the sound of Country. Love her and can’t wait to get more. God bless the people in her home town that suffered during the tornado’s.

  5. I loved it..she is amazing and so is Scotty. Great choice, but they should have been co-winners, but that is not possible. Thrilled with them both. Anyone know anything about James? Is he going to do an album or what?

    • Kathy from PA…..I’m waiting on James too. Hopefully it will be soon…..I’m thinking after the Tour…..

      Lauren is going to be bigger than Scotty because I feel she can sing all kinds of songs, where Scotty is just Country……

  6. I think it is fabulous, and it makes the song so much more palatable to me, which I previously thought was too corny. I LOVED it and it was genius to use her own photos in it. Genius! Lauren Alaina, you are just terrific, and if your mom helped you become the lovely young woman you are now, well, this recording is something that will fill both your hearts for decades to come. 🙂

  7. An amazing song, from an amazing girl, Shes beautiful and grounded, and she will do amazing things with her voice, I cant wait to hear more from you Lauren, your an inspiration to all young girls out there. Your very blessed to have a mother who adores you… God Bless

  8. Beautiful! It is so rewarding to see someone get up and sing without wearing a clown outfit and their face all painted.
    She appears to me to be very talented, values her family and I’m sure her mother is very proud to have her as a daughter.Her background and faith will see her through.

  9. Lauren is beautiful, sweet,and super talented!! Loved her from her first audition. Voted for her EVERY week on American Idol!! love her new video!! Move over Carrie Underwood!!

  10. I noticed that her fame hungry mother made sure she got herself into the video quite a bit.

    • You have to be kidding me, think what is the song about????? Her mother is the rock that she build this career on, why hate on her or her mother, I wish there were more mothers like her mother. I know that this mother has gone through many long hours of dedication to her daughter and the dreams of her daughter, which is much more than many mothers would even consider. Lauren’s mother is a wonderful woman that had a comfortable life without the money that Lauren makes, so THINK before you say something like this again.

  11. Good for you Lauren, you sound and look beautiful. I’m glad they used the real photos, especially since she does look so much like her mother does. I wasn’t so sure about the top two winners,but since the tour I’m sold on them. In fact, I think it was an amazingly talented group all around.

  12. Beautiful! What a wonderful video! I loved everything about it. This girl is headed for a very big career. God bless her and may she find peace with this career. So many do not find happiness in their career path.

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