Scotty McCreery’s ‘I Love You This Big’ video debuts

“American Idol” Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery’s video for his first single “I Love You This Big” debuted today on CMT and in case you missed it, we have it for you here.

It’s not the best video, but Scotty sounds great. For such a great story-teller singer, the video tells no story at all. Who is he singing too? The man in the white beard? The crowd? God? His career? Himself? Who knows. They could’ve done better with the video, that’s for sure.

What do you think of the video?




  1. Its not so much the song, as that we all know Scotty is a genuine person, who will always make the best of everything in his life because of who he is. His love of family and God comes threw in every single word he sings in his music… Im 52 and think hes amazing for being so young, hes got his life together… unlike so many at his age… WAY TO GO SCOTTY! From a Canadian who things your song is “THIS BIG” (arms held as wide as can be)

  2. To me Scotty is singing to a crowd – and all the lovers in his audience — He’s a really good singer.

    • I think the video is great, but most of all Scotty is great. It feels to me like he loves everybody “THIS BIG” and the video shows a little bit of everybody. He really draws good feelings out of me. I can’t say enough good things about him.

  3. I thought the video was refreshing! Scotty is such a genuine person and I truly hope he will be a good role model to young and old alike. I sure hope we will see a lot more of him!

  4. Wow!! Scotty was awesome in this video. What a wonderful young man, with such a wonderful heart, and a beautiful voice. Loooove Scotty. Love his video!!!

    • Only for Country music fans!
      Pia has much more mass appeal for the music fans and not limited like Scotty to Country music, definitely a ONE TRICK PONY.

      • Ok. But it’s a good trick and I don’t know how he does it. I’m sure it’s a trick Lee DeWyze wishes he knew. As for Pia, time will tell. I don’t believe her single is setting the woods on fire, or the charts for that matter.

  5. i love Scottys voice and his heart, i hope he stays who he is and Knows how truly blessed he realy is and to stay humble he could touch many young lives in a wonderful way im not young old enough to be his grandmother and he touched mine to know thier are young men out there with his heart i pray he keeps that convicsion



      • I love Scotty. He makes me feel all warm and cuddly. He is going to to real good in country music! His music is just so good. I love the sound of his voice. Love you Scotty. Keep going because you will be around for a long time! Sherry K. 🙂

  7. Wow, had I missed out resonant and thoroughly wonderful his voice is all season? I was never a fan, and I hated that song. I got lost in his voice in this video. The video felt like a throw-away to me; it didn’t add a thing to the song, imo. But his VOICE is just so wonderful, it’s truly amazing. I am no country fan, and I am really liking both Scotty’s and Lauren’s sounds. What is happening to me??!!

    The video does feel generic; I am thinking it was meant to be seen as a song for couples . . . rather than a personal tribute from Scotty to anyone in particular. It is easy-going, but it would be forgettable if not for that VOICE.

    Beautiful singing, Scotty!

      • Hi Pup! Really beautiful singing! I love that song. His voice does sound real good. I can’t wait until some more of his music comes out. Have a nice week! Sherry K 🙂

  8. Video is awesome; however, I would have liked to have seen more of Scotty partake with other people in video..

    • LOVED, LOVED Scotty’s music video. This song represents all types of LOVE. Family love, female/male love, friendship love and community love. All of that is represented in this song by the subject matter of this video. It doesn’t have to represent HIS LOVE of A GIRL. It’s to represent all kinds of LOVE. A perfect video for him at this time of his life. LOVE SCOTTY SO BIG. GREAT JOB SCOTTY.

  9. Wow, He sounds great, and looks so sweet. I think the video matches him. His love seems more generic than for a specific someone.

  10. Whoever can’t figure out who he is singing too is a bit of a moron. He is obviously performing for a group of people and occasionally looking to God. This is a great video. I am still so happy that Scotty won. He has a great voice, good looks,and charisma. Way to go Scottie!

  11. I agree with Valerie. I loved it and felt he was singing about life, family, lovers and, yes, God who has blessed him with such incredible talent. It was simplistic, yet showed him as the wholesome young man he is. Scottie, you are THIS BIG and the skies the limit!

  12. Scotty can do NO wrong!. I love this song but,you’re right
    they could have done better with the video.

  13. it was a great video i don’t think scotty could make a bad one still gives me the goose bumps

  14. HE is a great singer. A young man with a matured mesmerizing voice. From his first audition, I hv the strange feeling that he will the season Idol and was proved right.

    Just tune in to his songs during the ‘off moods’ and will surely soothe you.

    I long to hear more of his own songs.

  15. Branden! I agree with you! The song is very pretty. I liked it. But the video was kind of disoriented! I don’t know who he was singing to either? I read your critique. Then watched the video.Who ever is doing his video’s needs to ramp it up a bit!

    • You know a comment I finally like! Scotty only won cause Country music fans have no lives = More VOTES. Pia and Haley were and are Way better!

      • You know every time you open you mouth and shove food in it, you can thank a country person with “no life’ for growing it for you.

      • Okay Templar the food I like and Country people are fine, just not that big on the music!

  16. “I love you this big” by Scotty is dedicated to Scotty’s fans young and old. Scotty is ever grateful to his numerous fans for their unwavering support to him. Despite the very high bar set by Lauren that night in both her dressing and performance, Scotty’s fans stood by him and voted him in. These are the people Scotty was singing to. In his humility, he never knew he would emerge a winner after Lauren’s performance that night and for this he is telling us that he loves us “this big”. Scotty was singing to no particular person, in fact, he made it clear that he had no girl friend and rightfully too, I think. Good job Scotty!

  17. Scotty! is singing about perfect LOVE!! love for each other,love of a parent, love of a brother, love of a sister,love of your family, love of a friend, love of grandparents and yes when he looks up the LOVE of his GOD . GOD’S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE I saw the review of him makeing the video he had a smile on his face the whole time with such joy in his heart and all he talked about was how many great people where their to make the video. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THEM!!!! HE HAS A BIG HEART WITH A LOT OF LOVE FOR HIS FANS AND OTHERS. IN THE VIDEO HE WOULD CLOSE HIS EYES JUST TO SEND YOU A FEELING YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE HE WAS SINGING TOO!!!!! BLESSINGS TO YOU SCOTTY !! THANKS FOR BLESSING ME WITH YOUR MUSIC AND YOUR VIDEO.

  18. I wasn’t able to watch Idol this last year, so this is the first time I’ve heard this kid. I have to say, Wow… He is good, That’s a big voice coming out of that little guy. Definitely country. I have to say though, as good as he is, He sounds like many other male country singers, not a new sound.

  19. @Jodi Yes and no. He sounds a lot like Josh Turner and/or Chris Young and has been compared to a young George Strait or Garth Brooks. Maybe/maybe not. The magic lies in the fact that he’s 17 years old and the music business is heavily youth oriented. Girls from 10 to 20 years old are falling in love with him.

    • Lauren….what kind of comment is that? You would be best not to comment if that is all you have to say. You are offensive.

      • Annie I do not like that comment of Laurens at all. It is totally disgusting!! And Matt, or Branden should take it off.

  20. What a voice!!!!! I am so happy for Scotty, who cares about the scenes on the video, when you hear his voice that is what blows you away!! Way to go Scotty!!!

  21. Oh! my God! What a voice. What a way to send a message. I love the way you sing scotty. God bless you.

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