Lee DeWyze Dropped By RCA

Lee DeWyzeSome stars climb while others fall. Or in this case, some stars get dropped.

Lee DeWyze, winner of American Idol, has been cut from RCA Records due to poor performance with album sales. His debut album, Live It Up, sold only 168,000 copies. Not very good for an Idol winner.

Lee’s option for renewal came up in September was allowed to pass. He will continue to be managed by 19’s management arm, so we’re likely haven’t seen the last of him just yet.

At least he’s still got his engagement, right? DeWyze’s rep also reminded THR that he’s got several projects on the way, though no details on what those might be.

Anyone surprised by this turn of events?

Source: Hollywood Reporter




  1. I’m happy to hear he has other things in the works. I’m a fan and will continue to buy his music.

  2. Surprised? I don’t think so…..Now I waiting to hear that Kris Allen is being dropped…..These two were never Idol Winner material…..JMHO

    • Not at all surprised. Zero personality. Definitely was not qualified to be an Idol winner. In the same class with Ruben, Fantasia, and Clay, much less Adam or Carrie or Kelly. Pleasant guy but a lightweight in that world.

      • You are exactly right. I never understood how he won in the first place. Maybe people get really drunk when they watch the show!

      • He won because teen girls text like mad. Idol’s voting policy is the worst thing about the show. Say what you want about judges, song choices etc. But the unlimited voting is what hurts the really talented contestants who aren’t unattached young guys. Limit the voting and it would be a whole new ballgame.

  3. Templar..Totally agree with you about the voting system, teeny boppers and middle america…..Nothing against anybody but it is unfair voting. I agree…limit the number of votes per caller or phone line.

  4. While I don’t agree with most about Lee. I really did like him and am sad that his sales were bad. I didn’t even know he had a record.
    Voting… one vote or let the judges make the final decision.

  5. I have always liked Lee … one company’s reject can become another company’s saviour! Still hard for me to believe that this year’s #1 and #2 winners will go far… country western has its different styles…and
    I cannot believe that Scotty’s teeny bop kind of western music will spiral into the galaxy of stardom forevermore! Nor will Alaina’s… Sure Scotty is good…but his sweetitude needs to attitude into full grown manhood…not the teeny goop that he loves to drizzle.

    • Let me reminde ya’all that Scotty is a teeny bopper…are teens still called that…I don’t think so! Anyway…he really needs to have this type of song and the wonderful and sincere attitude that he has right now. It suits his age, his fans, and him. He has years to grow up and sing the “grown-up” country!

      • @Rog Scotty turns 18 this month and acts age appropriate for a kid who doesn’t think he’s some ghetto gangsta. He’ll upgrade the maturity level of his material as he goes along. Even Elvis was singing songs about Teddy Bears and class rings when he started out.

  6. Templar I agree with you about the Idol voting system. It’s in a serious need of an overhaul. If there were a more restricted voting system on Idol then perhaps Pia wouldn’t have been voted off in 9th place, and James Durbin wouldn’t have had to go out at 4th place. Crystal Bowersox would have won season 9, and Adam Lambert would have won season 8. The Voice had a restrictive voting system, and so does Dancing with the Stars. If those shows can do that, then why can’t American Idol? Oh yeah they love saying that they got 70 million votes.

    • Shawn…..I definitely agree with your predictions of what would have been if the voting was limited. Your right AI likes to say that they have millions of votes but in reality it SUCKS…….I’m waiting to see how X-Factor’s voting goes. So far that show has a lot of good talent….Should be interesting…..

      • Yeah I’m loving the X-Factor. Loved last nights show when Simon told Stacy “more is less” when she was clearly just showing off. I think Simon should go to American Idol to train the judges.

    • A bit off topic, but what is the latest on sales for Pia, Haley etc? Does anyone have up to date numbers?

  7. I think everyone is forgetting how much Simon pushed for Lee. I liked Lee’s voice though I didn’t follow his career post Idol or purchase his music. I thought he would blossom more when he won. But I guess his personality is his personality. (It’s like the advice given to newlyweds: Don’t expect your partner to change after marriage. What you’ve seen is what you’re going to get.) So I guess there really is more to making it in the music world than simply having a good voice.

  8. No neck Lee was a time bomb ready to explode and hopefully this should put an end to his career. American Idol needs to do something about the voting because this guy had no business winning this contest. X-Factor will prevail.

    • I’m sure X-Factor will get there, they just got to build up the audience I think most viewers are paying more attention to the sitcoms right now, I’m sure that will change soon.

  9. love lee hope we see more of him . season 10 was doomed. ready for changes. things would have been tough for whoever won .never doubt simon!

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