American Idol 2012 Aspen Callbacks

American Idol 2012 Aspen callbacks

American Idol 2012 Aspen callbacks were held this week and from the sound of it, the pickings were slim. Over 120 singers were invited back to perform for the judges, but after two days roughly 20% were put through to Hollywood. That number seems high when the judges describe the talent they saw, as reported by Aspen Times:

On a scale of one to 10, Jackson ranked the caliber of Wednesday’s group of contestants as a five and the group he’d seen so far Thursday as a seven.

Wednesday’s group had put through 13 singers from the approximate 60 performances. This is the very same group Randy rates as a 5 out of 10. Average at best and they’re putting through one in five of them? Yikes. Remind me to skip Aspen auditions night next January and if you’re an Idol hopeful, then remind yourself to go to the Colorado auditions next year for your best chance at success.

Only one more round of callbacks is left for the American idol 2012 auditions and that will soon be held in San Diego. Hopefully they have better performance turn outs than a rating of “5 out of 10.” Keep your fingers crossed.




  1. I know I’m not alone in loving American Idol and that I’ve never met Jennifer Lopez or Randy and am not likely to ever meet them, but I blog about the show.

  2. I guess so far I need to avoid the Aspen and the Pittsburgh auditions.(Since I heard the Pittsburgh auditions didn’t go well either) Looks like those will be filled with deliousional people and joke auditions. Good thing about the X-Factor is that it focused more on the good auditions and less on the bad ones.

  3. They didn’t show all the candidates.  They wasted about 10 minutes with some idiot that told pointless jokes and couldn’t sing and we didn’t even get to see Michael Miller who is extremely talented.

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