Lee Jean American Idol Audition: A Hard Road to Hollywood [VIDEO]

American Idol 2016 hopeful Lee Jean lost part of his heart when his brother died in an accident in 2012, but he’s had music to get him through. It’s been a hard road to Hollywood, but landing a Golden Ticket would be the biggest thing to happen in his life, and would mean a lot to his family. Before he goes in for his audition, his mom tells him to do it for his brother, who believed he would do great things when he grew up.

Lee Jean American Idol Audition

Lee Jean’s American Idol audition is absolutely gorgeous. His voice is beautiful and judge Jennifer Lopez says he isn’t just so cute, he’s incredibly talented. Harry Connick Jr. also says Lee Jean is tremendously talented, but he does need a bit of work on his pitch. Keith Urban agrees there are some pitch issues, but Lee Jean has “so much god-given talent.” Despite needing a little work on his pitch, all three judges give him a big yes!

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