Megan Miller Auditions On American Idol 2013 — ‘Something’s Got A Hold On Me’


The American Idol 2013 talent was strong during last night’s auditions in Baton Rouge. Among the standouts was pageant girl Megan Miller.

The reigning Miss Baton Rouge has been competing in the Miss America Pageant system with her sights set on the Miss Louisiana title, but now she’s got her eyes on another prize. And that, of course, is the next American Idol.

During her audition, she took on “Somethings Got A Hold On Me” by Etta James and she handled it well. She’s got a big voice and a great presence. Oh and let’s not forget that she’s also quite dedicated. She actually left the hospital to make it the the audition.

Below we’ve got her audition video. Let’s have another listen at her version of “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.”